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  1. I don't miss much about 1.0. I do feel that alot of issues were addressed that were the problem. However, I do think power creep will find its way into 2.0. I agree, medium bases were the one thing I was asking for, and it happened. So glad about that.
  2. I would rather run Saw G crew over Saw G pilot.
  3. My current list. 2 ship build is tough to win with. I just like the manuevers D provides when performing the S-loop. Outmanuever is there to capitalize on that anility. IG-88B + Outmaneuver + Advanced Sensors + Contraband Cybernetics + Shield Upgrade + Jamming Beam + Ion Cannon + IG-2000 / IG-88D + Ion Cannon + Jamming Beam + Contraband Cybernetics + Shield Upgrade + Advanced Sensors + Outmaneuver + IG-2000
  4. Jamming beam, more playable than Barriss.
  5. A friend of mine used a t-70 dial, in a list that only had Biggs. Back in 1.0 days. He realized he brought the wrong dial and asked his opponent if he wouldnt mind him finding a correct dial. 1st rou d of a tournament. Luckily he did. His opponent reacted with great sportsmanship. My friend could have recieved a 1st rou d loss but won instead. Ended up going 2nd out of 40+ players.
  6. She is bad. Why wouldnt I just spend three more po in nts for mace. 2+ force. A way to regenerate force faster. Also, the ability on Barris requires bullseye and other factors. Don't know how to fix Barris. Jist not a good option in any way. Even in the vacuum of just Aethersprite pilots, not good.
  7. One issue I have with rebel beef and its varients isnt the points. I will agree the Leia is way too cheap. 6 points sounds good to me. It is the range of the abilities. 1-3 for Dutch and Cassian. And Liea ability = board. It is too much. 1-2 for ranges. Other factions are limited on ability range use. It would chamge alot of the dynamic of the list if they had to stick close.
  8. I like Saw G crew. I ran him on Bethnic Two Tubes along with Leia. I know, surprised it isnt tac officer. Add a shield upgrade too. Saw basicly acting as a super focus. Ot of times I would TL and get a total of 4 hits/crits per shot at a loss of a shield. I think he gets overlooked alot. Mainly a S&V player. But for hyperspace I run Rebels. Saw on 2 tubes along with deadman switch fills the S&V need.
  9. For kicks and giggles, a suicide Z scum swarm. The Unlucky 7: 7bof the following. (24) Binayre Pirate [Z-95-AF4 Headhunter] (2) Deadman's Switch (2) Electronic Baffle Points: 28 Total points: 196 The baffle gives you some control of when you blow up.
  10. 2 Naboo. Pre ordered 2 through my local store. Nothing else interests me in the wave. Least of all those templates.
  11. These look great. Is there a link to it?
  12. Interesting list. I have never thought too much of Krassis. I might give it a go.
  13. Would be interesting if they could make dual faction pilots. A bonus if he is on the board with Dooku as a separatist, but another ability as scum. I see kid boba as a crew card.
  14. Been toying with this. Kavil is just alot of hit points and a threat. I prefer the ig88D with his options to chose what red turn. Keeps options open when blockers move in. I think brobots need the double tap option. I am hoping there comes something like the old HLC, but takes up two cannon slots and will ignore the bullseye requirement. But, here is the list. New Squadron (65) IG-88D [Aggressor Assault Fighter] (1) IG-2000 (3) Elusive (5) Ion Cannon Points: 74 (65) IG-88B [Aggressor Assault Fighter] (3) Elusive (1) IG-2000 (5) Ion Cannon Points: 74 (43) Kavil [BTL-A4 Y-wing] (2) R4 Astromech (4) Ion Cannon Turret (1) Greedo Points: 50 Total points: 198
  15. I like Hieghtened perception on Luke. True, as t I5, he shoots first often enough. But at 3 points I have found it worth while.
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