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  1. I agree that the ring should not provide more maneuverability. I would drop hard turns, any 1 or two movement. Three strait, banks, 4 forward and 5 forward. All blue. Adds Slam and 1 evade die, but no attack possible. When undocking, 1 and 2 movements only. To me it should be about moving fast to get somewhere.
  2. Blue sucks. Draw, go. Wont let you do anything.
  3. I know two of the games the OP has mentioned. Malifaux and X-wing. These two are not overly comparable. Competitive X-wing had one goal, destroy the opponent. Malifaux, it is possible to win a game with no models on the board. Skill vs. Luck: There is alot less variables in x-wing. 8 sided dice with three possible outcomes. The skill is knowing what your list cand do to the opponent. Can you shoot with out getting shot? Can I modify my dice? Malifaux has base stat, a card deck that can go from 1-14, a possible auto win (red joker) and auto lose (black joker).
  4. This is my favored Nom build. Greedo is not a negative being at initiative 1. New Squadron (38) Nom Lumb [JumpMaster 5000] (6) Ion Cannon (1) Greedo (2) Contraband Cybernetics (5) Punishing One Points: 52 Total points: 52
  5. Here is my thought on 2.0 TLT: (Focus): ATK 3: if your attack missed, you get a bonus second attack against the same target. This gets you tye "feel" of the TLT without the power creep.
  6. My favorite: 75 point build: New Squadron (46) Graz [Kihraxz Fighter] (2) Contraband Cybernetics (4) Cloaking Device (4) Ion Missiles (6) Shield Upgrade (6) Afterburners (5) Lone Wolf Points: 73 Total points: 73 50 points: New Squadron (31) Genesis Red [M3-A Interceptor] (6) Afterburners (13) Proton Torpedoes Points: 50 Total points: 50 Yes, I am a S&V player.
  7. Staph SGT., No. Staff SGT., correct. Staff as in a commanding/planning group. Not Staph, the infection
  8. Are there certain pilots you are looking for? I purchased the pack, but only for the Scum and Rebels upgrades and a few other bits. I know I am not the only one who did this.
  9. I am hoping for a cannon that will require the double cannon slot. Something similar to the old HLC that requires two slots.
  10. When 2.0 was first released, with the x-foils being zero points, as an essential configuration of the x-wing, why was the IG title 2 points. Yes, cost was reduced, but it is an essential part of the ship. I see the point made if you only run a single.
  11. Would a new tactical relay slot help? Not sure exactly how to approach it, but I think there is potential. Something similar to Kracken. I still feel the title should be free. It should have been a built in ability.
  12. This is what I have been playing lately: New Squadron (79) Leia Organa [Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter] (8) K-2SO (5) Nien Nunb (7) Engine Upgrade (3) Hull Upgrade (3) Millennium Falcon Points: 105 (62) Luke Skywalker [T-65 X-wing] (8) R2-D2 (0) Servomotor S-foils (3) Brilliant Evasion (4) Spare Parts Canisters (13) Proton Torpedoes Points: 90 Total points: 195 Thoughts: 1. K-2SO is great. It really help, that extra action. The stress is easily negated. He adds Jam, and I have used that to break a lock or two 2. Nien Nunb and Engine Upgrade open up movement options . Spare Parts Canister: I have yet to use.it to break a lock, but have dropped it on an escape route. Close wings, go fast, boost or Drop canister. It usually adds an evade dice more.than breaks a lock. I have once dropped it onto a stressed ship to just screw it even more. Brilliant evasion has helped a few times. I find I suck again st the multi fang builds.
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