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  1. sedarine

    Acrylic Hotness

    I like the white too...has that sweet imperial feel!
  2. Lol..in tweaking a build I swapped one card for another, then proceeded to forget to pull the one I was swapping out and ran a 103 point build vs not 1, but two of my friends. When I figured it out I told them both and apologized! The teased me about it for weeks lol!
  3. Tie pilot nailed it...practice those formation moves alone a bit... You have to remember who uses what turn/ bank to avoid an 8 tie pile up lol
  4. I like it! Hardcore mode: start in a Y or Z...save those points for upgrades or a better ship
  5. Outmanuver may be tough points to get use out of... You could try 4 APs and a seismic charge by dropping the ties you have? I'll admit this opens you up to the predator rampage, but it gives more head to head firepower I'm guessing you want the ties as the joust force and having outmanuver doesn't fit with that unless you aim is to set up a Fett -> rebel -> tie pursuit situation.
  6. Swarm and mini swarm are probably more forgiving initially than ace lists like 4 interceptors. Any unshielded tie is susceptible to being one shotted...so 8 ties is a bit more forgiving until you can make the interceptor shine. Those boot camp and flight school posts are great; lots of info on how to predict where your move will land you exactly. Being able to move and understand where you'll be in relation where you opponent can move allows you to deny him moves, decloaks, firing and actions. Great stuff!
  7. You probably won't get much mileage out of determination either. I like the Stabber and night beast suggestion: Beast can focus evade which is great for defense or double focus which helps on offense and defense. Stabber: potential for 3 dice attacks is a real plus for a TIE
  8. sedarine

    Anyone tried this?

    No problem! Predator on the two Z's in my list are so it's less sucktastic after the missile volley lol. I fought a 4 royal guard interceptor ptl list with this and won. My opponent was a good player so I know the build works..however, next time we played I asked if I could try it against another he runs a lot which had a phantom and Rexler with an HLC. That time I had Z's one shotted left and right lol...so I also know it's not the be all end all list either! Not that I really expected that anyway lol Other things I've messed with are PTL on Cracken, drop the homer for a second assault, make Tala a bandit for an initiative bid I even jacked around with opportunist on Dutch via R2-D6 I enjoy tinkering!
  9. sedarine

    Anyone tried this?

    I've messed around with a similar idea that maybe you can find some use in... It's fun to play, fares well against most opponents. Don't time launch right and you lose, so it's gimmicky in a way. Cracken: cluster missile, predator Blount: assault missile, predator Tala: homing missile Dutch: R7-T1, ICT IF you can, set it up so Cracken focuses as his action, Dutch hands Cracken a lock. Cracken dumps the cluster (you have a focus and predator to make it hurt). Each of the two cluster attacks will grant a free action per his card text. Blount and Tala should now be focus locked and Blount can't miss anyway.. Put Dutch to the best use you can; a lot of times I try to select a target that'll live through the turn as the ICT target to weaken his next turn options. Not gonna lie...it's a fun list, but not easy and when it fails, it fails hard.
  10. I love the game, I screw around with builds a lot, so win or lose I have fun..I'd love to try a few larger tourneys before I decide if I'm any good lol
  11. Hey Sadowsk, Drop by The Game Store on 92nd and Howard! Lots of X-Wing Saturdays and Thursday nights, Saturday being your best bet though. Thursday is mostly an if you can make it sort of deal. They have a closed group on FB, but we can get you in easily.
  12. A friend runs a VI Wes to strip the defense, Opportunist Wedge to lay the hurt on and a recon spec Katarn to make sure Wedge is focused and TLed when he fires. Tough build..but fragile.
  13. The shuttle is a great ship, but you'll get more mileage and less initial frustration out of the Firespray. Cool as the shuttle is it can be a pain to fly. Can't go wrong with the Firespray!
  14. TC is an odd page to navigate, and AFM, just seems slow... just my opinion. TC is a bit odd to navigate because it's less a forum and mostly blogs with commentary and replies; lots of good ideas there but not as easy to find vs a forum.
  15. Waffles. Tasty Waffles! I much prefer 4 eggs, medium, over a pile of hashbrowns with 6thick cut strips of bacon... toss in a couple decent sausage links and some sour dough bread with a good jam, or jelly.. I disagree with this completely....not so much because I actually disagree..sounds tasty, but more so because you disagreement with Ribann was so disagreeable as to cause him to plea for likes to leave the forum..I know, makes sense right? Now this poor Crabbock fellow has been made to feel so horribly that he has to apologize for everything wrong, be it real or perceived in x-wing. Lastly oneway iI'd pull that jelly; it's to many points and biscuits and gravy fits better with that list and leaves you a point for an initiative bid. It Is quite tasty, and I sometimes have it around 4am... and again later in the morning.. lol As for the Jelly initiative bid, I like the way you think here.. just in case that scum trues to steal my rightful initiative, I could use the edge... Crabbok will be fine, he's obviously feeling some guilt.. hence the HUGE Who eyes at me.. lol.. It's sad that that thick cut bacon shifted the meta like it did to the point the fat sausage builds just get stomped at the breakfast table since the last wave and thus heralded in the age of apologies lol If I get 6743 likes on this post I'll kidnap Crabbocks X-Wing stuff along with all the FFG staff and hold them hostage until C3P0 is banned, all other offensive ships get retconned and each and every one of you gets your favorite ship made..even if it's not from Star Wars.
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