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  1. I also agree with the OP because I like to keep my cards in the box in which they were purchased. I do not like to put cards into long boxes or other storage options becasue I want the original boxes. FFG should return to the card boxes instead of the plastic, which is ugly and hard to store. Both packaging methods are recyclable, so there is no advantage there.
  2. Here is a deck I have had much fun with and some success with also. Deck Created with CardGameDB.com Star Wars Deck Builder http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/starwars/star-wars-deck-builder Affiliation: Jedi (Core) Total Objective Sets: (10) 2x A Journey to Dagobah (Core) Red Five (Core) R2-D2 (Core) Twi'lek Loyalist (Core) Double Strike (Core) Target of Opportunity (Core) 2x Fleeing the Empire (Core) Leia Organa (Core) Fleet Officer (Core) Stolen Plans (Core) You're My Only Hope (Core) Twist of Fate (Core) 2x The Rebel Fleet (Core) Home One (Core) Y-Wing (Core) Repair Droid (Core) Hidden Outpost (Core) Target of Opportunity (Core) 2x Rumors at the Cantina (Core) Rebel Sympathizer (Core) Rebel Sympathizer (Core) Common Ground (Core) Rescue Mission (Core) It Could Be Worse (Core) 2x A Hero's Resolve (Escape from Hoth) Luke Skywalker (Escape from Hoth) Snowspeeder (Escape from Hoth) Tauntaun (Escape from Hoth) Battle of Hoth (Escape from Hoth) Heat of Battle (Escape from Hoth) Some folks on CardGamedb.com have suggested some reasonable revisions, most of which involve getting rid of "Rumors at the Cantina." I have found "Rumors" very useful, though, so I have not changed the deck yet. Most of the suggestions were to drop "Rumors" and add "The Defense of Yavin 4," which seems like a good idea although it does create a greater possibility of resources being unavailable for one faction or the other. All the cards in "Rumors" have been useful in nearly every game except for "Rescue Mission" because Leia has never been captured by the Sith or Navy decks I have played against. That might change if I played against a Scum and Villainy deck. This deck can end a game quickly if Luke, Home One, and Red Five arrive early together!
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