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  1. What if you dropped everything but the isd and ran a fighter wing out there?
  2. My biggest problem with your fleet is your fighter screen seems to be just large enough to get you into trouble and just small enough to not do much except against those who lack squadrons. What I would drop is the Raider. Its a great flanker, but against most enemy fleets a Demolisher Gladiator fills that role rather well. I would slot in a Victory MK 1. Which means changing the fighters over to: Soontir Fel Tie Advanced Tie Interceptor 2 Bombers The Raider does a couple of things a Victory cant though. The raider gives you a fast way to claim objectives and harrass. However its lack of a red range die means it only wants to hunt small ships, making it hard to use. The Demolisher can hunt just about anything. Your fighter screen gets worse but a Victory can try and support an ISD better and worry less about heading into two MK 2s. It might be a worse fleet. My problem with the raider at 400 is I'd rather pay the points and run a Demolisher out as my designated flanker. Take all this with a grain of salt though. Edited below this point: What the victory does is let you just make the ISD a brutal gunner and count on the victory to bring the figher commands.
  3. I will say that the Raider with a Single Tie fighter for support ran down a Nebulon and wrecked it. Its a minnow hunter, and the cheapest way to move a fighter or two into the right position as its "long range weapon" However, in EVERY other game I have seen, a Raider gets too frisky and dies in an amusing splat. I am not sold on the Enhanced Armaments on the VIctory IIs, but it definitely make the CR90s less able to dance against my flanks. I was throwing harder dice then they were. I definitely see why squadrons are over looked in a lot of lists, even with only 3 TIE fighters on the board and Grand Moff Tarkin handing out a free token a round I rarely felt like I had enough orders to really use my fighters effectively. That having been said... turn 4 my raider was hammered but had emerged victorious against the Nebulon and my flagship was a mess from turn 4 onward before finally dying on his last shot of 6. So engineering tokens were the order from the Grand Moff every turn in the 2nd half of the game.
  4. Now my plan was when I got to the store I would buy a gladiator. Little did I know it sold since I was last in. So my collection. One starter complete. One starter imperial only. One raider One imperial fighter pack. So I put down. Victory 2 Enhanced armaments. Victory 2 enhanced armaments. Grand moff tarkin Raider 2 Tie fighter x3. I won. My victory 2s werent terrible. What kind of list should I have crafted? Does a victory expansion add more to my build choices than a gladiator. I wanted to go carrier. Demolisher. Raider and have some fun. But models are a limiting factor somewhat locally.
  5. Assault Frigate Mark 2 Rebel Fighter Pack Either a Nebulon expansion or a CR 90. At that point your solid. Tournament lists say that the Assault Frigate Mark 2 X2 plus support is great,
  6. Hello, I look at this and really really want to drop one of the CR90As, for even a small smattering of upgrades or a heavier fighter position. Maybe it works even so. However, I have a hard time leaving the paragon title at home, it adds a good damage boost to the Assault MK2s Also with only four fighters it can be hard to screen effectively at 300 points. At 400 seems even harder.
  7. Hello, What I possess is: Core Assault Frigate MK 2 Imperial Fighter Squadrons Imperial Raider Is there some way to make this a balanced fight considering my lack of model choice and upgrade cards? What would be the best fleet I could put together? Or do I absolutely need to go out and buy some more models? Thanks for your time.
  8. I would consider one other choice. Nera Daniels Bwing FCS extra munitions Roark Hwk-290 Blue Bwing Prototype Awing chaardan refit. You have 14 points to spread around. Against lowers PS squads, Swarm Tactics, Plasma Torp on Nera and a TLT on Roark (11 of your points) Higher PS Deadeye on Nera with Proton Torp and a Twin Linked Turret on Roark (also 11 points) Against a Phantom. Give Nera Swarm Tactics and Flechettes. and Roark an Ion. (even if you miss the phantom is stressed and a stressed phantom is predictable and you can dog pile it with the help from Ion turret) Last few points 3 can be moldy crow on Roark, or if you can shave a point you can FIre Control on the blue and then Autothrusters on the Prototype. That having been said I used to fly B, Fire control B, Fire Control B A A and have fun. So As much as I push Nera + Roark who seem like a match made in either heaven or hell,
  9. The lists were Myself Soontir Vader Mauler Backstabber https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/188967-imperial-tournament-list/#entry1807282 A player who bought my favourite list off of me. Rookie Bwing Fire Control Rookie Bwing Fire Control Rookie Ywing Autoblaster Rookie Ywing Autoblaster Rookie Z95 A player with Chewie 50 points Leebo 50 Points A player with Luke Gemmer Etahn A player with Brath Vessary they had like proton rockets, heavy laser, and were both ps 8 Finally Redline loaded pretty heavy Omega Ace ? Turn all dice to crits if you spend your Target lock and focus PTL 2 Omega Wired F/Os First round I drew double pancake. Soontir goes down in a range 3 ball of fire in the first round of shooting. I battle back gamely losing 125-75 Round 2 I drew the double defender build that had 200-0 redline's squad. The opening pass see's brath go down to focused fire and soontir going down to one hull. Mauler buys it against a Vessary HLC shot. Backstabber, proceeds to be in Vessary's way for about 4 turns letting Vader and Soontir chip away from long range behind him. Even with Tie MK II engines the defenders dial isn't all that good against Vader and Soontir. I win it 183-17. Round three I draw my old list and good friend with the rebel swarm. This game went long, taking over an hour as the cowardly imperials under my command hit and ran rarely coming closer than range 2. Mauler dies in the opening pass, but by the time its over both Bs are either dead or down far enough they have no hope. Soontir is down to 1 hull, Backstabber is tangling with a Z, and Vader is fresh against two mostly fresh Ys and a 1 shield Z. I run away and force him to break formation and attack from three directions. He collapses on Vader. He loses both Ys after a few turns but gets Vader down to 1 hull. The Z is now against a pair of legends on one hull and Backstabber who continues to flit around the board. The Z goes down with SOontir and Vader in Range 1 of him. The key for me, was forcing my opponent to fight three different threats. Mauler Backstabber, didn't work so well losing Mauler early for little. Vader and Soontir just worked the formation apart, hammering the targets who had actions or were threatening. My list on the other hand needed tweaking hard core. I'd drop Mauler to an Academy tie. Because I think I got his 5 point ability to proc once all game. As opposed to Backstabber who was a king all tournament long. I'd have spent that five points on TIE MK 2 engines for Vader or Soontir and Engine for Vader. Probably SOontir because opening up more of the dial to green makes him even harder to block. Vader was golden, ATC usually procing for solid damage after Soontir opened up the targets shields. I think quad TLT Ywings would have eaten my lunch unless my Soontir and Vader dice held up.
  10. For the record I flew Soontir PTL Targeting COmputer Title Autothrusters Vader Advanced Targeting COmputer Predator Title Backstabber and my biggest Regret. Mauler Mithel. I wish I'd taken an AP and spent that five points any other way. I won the tournament.
  11. Hello everyone, I am getting back into the game after a hiatus. The list I plan to run is 2/3rds complete. Its going to feature my favourite pilot Soontir Fel (32) - Push The Limit - AutoThrusters - Royal Guard Title Darth Vader (33) -Predator -Tie/x1 -Advanced Targeting Computer and 35 points. Any suggestions. I don't really have any large ship access. But I do have Tie Punisher, and the new starter and almost everything else. My original thought was to add two Academy pilots and throw engine and some kind of missile on Vader and maybe a hull or shield on Fel. But am rather out of date on what people think is a good mix for those last spaces.
  12. Acheron143


    The Z helps in that it can take away opposing sides actions due to causing bumping. I killed two Xwings last night because my 12 point Z95 got into position and caused both to bump. The rest of my list hammered the Xwings flat as with out focus they can crumple quickly. (Note I wasn't flying BBBBZ) but the key point is the Z is there for bump car work and to make people worry more about it. A list with 4 Advanced Sensor Bs doesn't have that luxury as you don't have a cheap bumper car to fling forward at the enemy. They are better ships, but you lose more when they go down.
  13. I think that an autoblaster turret Y is almost on par with an Xwing or Bwing stock. and the fact you have two points to spend still is just amazing.
  14. Tcsparkie of this forum is running this event now. Please forward all questions as pms to him.
  15. Congrats on running that. I didn't draw you all day. was so glad.
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