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  1. Seriosly the cannons rotate and it would mKe them so much better.
  2. Seriosly the cannons rotate and it would mKe them so much better.
  3. This is nice example but it is very list specific. I don't like jumpys because my rebel lists can't avoid certain doom in the way you just described. My ships woukd be space dust
  4. T70, after performing a 3 speed maneuver you may gain a stress to change the orientation of this ship, placing a different edge of the base against the maneuver template. It must still be between the nubs if a side with nubs is chosen.
  5. How many contract scouts are in attendance?
  6. Tarn+r7+integrated, spend 4 points elsewhere
  7. Hate scouts already. Get your pitchforks and torches ready for some Nerfmob justice. (Sarcasm~ish)
  8. How did that ello asty build preform?
  9. Please, please, please make those mats available to non-attendees. I want one so bad, but like others before me, I love out west and have neither the money for plane+lodving nor the wife points for weekend across the country playing games while she watches pur our child alone.
  10. What about a torp boat ace?
  11. What do you do with the extra point from ion cannon?
  12. Integrated astromech for sure imo. It's nice and all,, but it sure isn't double shot defender, atc, free accuracy corrector, or -2 points with free evades. Also chardan refit same boat, it's nice but you still only have 2 red dice...
  13. I fly thrusters on my t70s for sure. Current list built t accommodate them specifically is T-70 X-Wing: · "Red Ace" (29) · R2-D2 (4) Autothrusters (2) Comm Relay (3) T-70 X-Wing: · Poe Dameron (31) Adaptability (Increase) (0) · R5-P9 (3) Autothrusters (2) Y-Wing: Gold Squadron Pilot (18) Twin Laser Turret (6) · R3-A2 (2) BTL-A4 Y-Wing (0)
  14. I beg to differ, the dial and general squishiness of the ship make it a more difficult run than you would think. The games I saw were interesting to watch, and Julian flew with skill.
  15. List was HWK-290: · Palob Godalhi (20) Twin Laser Turret (6) HWK-290: · Torkil Mux (19) Twin Laser Turret (6) HWK-290: Spice Runner (16) Twin Laser Turret (6) Feedback Array (2) HWK-290: Spice Runner (16) Twin Laser Turret (6) Feedback Array (2) Plus one of them had Greedo Earlier in the stream they were saying no one who went 4&1 would make it to top four so I assumed it was undefeated. Maybe I am wrong.