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  1. So I stopped playing right around the release of 2nd edition due to time and family issues. Started looking back into the game and was wondering if anyone still plays with the the resistance/rebellion and first order/empire combined rules with the 2nd edition costs and cards? Or is this way too broken? I really enjoyed sheathapede/t70/alphabet soup lists at the end there and was wondering if this would even be possible to play this still in casual, or would I just play vs nightmare combos?
  2. With gencon sets, points, and proxies all out in the wild it seems like alot of 2.0 games have been going on. What are your experiences and feelings on 2.0 thus far? Except for the general feeling of depowerd, that has its own thread already. So far for me I have been surprised by how good the force is. I was also surprised to see the stress mechanics on Ventress when I flew against her, I had thought those were going away. Blocking is super useful again. I have felt like the game feels similar to when I was first starting out again. Lots of mistakes and strange flying choices. Also action economy means having to relearn how to pick the right actions again now that I don't get free ones. What have your felt about the game now that you have had a chance to play, list build, and/or watch 2.0.
  3. I had the opposite experience with the generic e-wing I flew. 61 points seems a bit overpriced. I will try it again to see how much was my poor skill, but for 1 more point you get the beast that is Luke Skywalker...
  4. Maybe r3-a2 could come back with a cost like spend a Focus or a lock to do it. Assuage ventress feels very similar to r3-a2 with her ability but it requires spending a force. It's awful to fly against in 2.0. I want flight assist astromech back, I love that guy.
  5. Luke is a beast you can fit him with r2d2 and heightened perception, or R3 and afterburners But if you want not use Luke; Jake farrel with daredevil and prockets (57) with another prockets on arvel (7) is 64 Or Kyle katarn with moldy Crow, composure, engine upgrade, and perceptive copilot is 65. You can procket arvel and boost Kyle into range to share the required focus. If you don't want to add the prockets, you can add proton bombs and a hull upgrade to get to 75.
  6. Old obstacles will be valid. Mix of existing rocks and debris in the new core.
  7. This would be a really cool to pull off. If you have ap-5 and a Partisan Renegade. Partisan rotates first and then Ap-5 let's it use an action while stressed to dump the cargo.
  8. I really wish the tactical officer wasn't empire only. It would have been really fun to build with for rebels.
  9. I just saw the rigged cargo chute card and noticed it is available to large and medium ships. That would mean we can throw it on the Renegade U-wing for fun and profit. To those who have flown both u-wings and ships with the cargo chute in the past separately do you think this combo will be useful in 2.0 play?
  10. It concerns me that it looks like all of the escape craft dead man's switch themselves after 3 rounds. I wish there was a "may" mechanic on the countdown or something.
  11. I would not have bought them without the 2E content but am really glad I did. I am actually really tempted but the Reaper. I really dig the way it looks even more in person. One of my favorite ship designs now.
  12. I agree. These were rushed through the approval process in order to go through production early in order to go on a boat in time to arrive now.
  13. Hardest to fly was TIE Interceptor: · Carnor Jax (26) Shield Upgrade (4) TIE Phantom: Sigma Squadron Pilot (25) Sensor Jammer (4) Stygium Particle Accelerator (2) · Rebel Captive (3) TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot (12) TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot (12) TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot (12) -- TOTAL ------- 100/100p. -- I am a rebel pilot through and through. Surprised my buddies by flying this list to victory a few times. Easiest would be YT-2400: · "Leebo" (34) Push The Limit (3) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) · Nien Nunb (1) · Outrider (5) B-Wing: Blue Squadron Pilot (22) Fire Control System (2) B-Wing: Blue Squadron Pilot (22) Fire Control System (2) -- TOTAL ------- 98p. -- Totally lost some fights because Nien is not as good as Kyle or Recon Specialist but those extra greens were really nice. To this day though the most fun to me are 4 ship rebels. Take a mixture of different letters and fly in formation. XYBA was my most common mix.
  14. What pilots and upgrades are you thinking for this 3u2x list?
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