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  1. Great idea to create a public API! If you're not yet familiar with xwing-data2 I recommend you check it out here: https://github.com/guidokessels/xwing-data2/ It's an easy-to-use collection of all cards in the game and could probably serve as a data source for your API. It's currently used in the Vassal module as well as several squad builders. If there's any data missing feel free to open a pull request! xwing-data2 has dials for every ship in the format used in Vassal and described here: http://xwvassal.info/dialgen/dialgen.html As for question 2: xwing-data for first edition has been around for a few years, so if FFG had any problems with it they probably would've told us already tt Edit: There's another data source over at http://xhud.sirjorj.com/xwing.cgi/pilots2 (click the [json] link at the bottom of each page)
  2. Hey, I was one of the organisers of this year's Nordics. I'm really glad to hear you all had a great time! @Green Knight Congratulations again on such an impressive run; 5th in X-Wing and 2nd in Armada! Impressive!
  3. Once you have the scans, could I use them to update my xwing-data repo so other projects can benefit as well? Thanks :)
  4. GKi

    Meet the locals

    Hey, did you find someone to meet up with?
  5. GKi

    Meet the locals

    Hey! Stockholm has a pretty nice X-Wing community. We have X-Wing Game Nights every Thursday at Dragon's Lair. I'm not sure if anyone's playing on Monday, but you can always ask for a game on the Stockholm Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/469836043053311/
  6. There's nothing in the article that points to this, what do you base this on?
  7. I just updated the Card Viewer extension for Google Chrome with all the cards from today’s preview article. Enjoy!
  8. I've just updated my XWC Card Viewer Chrome extension with all the new cards!
  9. Welcome back! The new damage deck is not required to participate in tournaments. Both damage decks are legal in all tournaments. That said, the new damage deck is considered by many to be the better deck for most lists. I haven't seen an old damage deck in a long time.
  10. Thank You for this. This is exactly what I was looking for for my database I'm doing. I was going to sadly resort to scanning them all in. Haha, glad I saved you all that trouble If you do want to scan something and contribute, here are the images I'm missing: - Rear Admiral Chiraneau (Crew) - Cluster Bombs - Baron of the Empire
  11. If you're looking for images, I have all the card images here: https://github.com/guidokessels/xwing-data/tree/master/images/upgrades If "JSON" means anything to you, you can find all the card data in JSON format here: https://github.com/guidokessels/xwing-data/tree/master/data
  12. Actually it was his worlds list, not his store champs list. But we'll see. Haven't decided yet whether to take it or not.
  13. Same here. I started flying it as wanted to get a feel for how it flies and how to counter it. Now that I've played it a bunch of times I really like the list (and fly it pretty well). I've tried adjusting it but every change I make seems to make the list weaker (like changing Gold+TLT for 2 Bandits). I'm thinking of bringing it to an upcoming tournament but am afraid of people getting irritated as I'm flying that list. Should I purposely weaken my list just to make my opponents happy and not get accused of 'netlisting'? Or should I just ignore them and fly it.
  14. They're not out yet -- He simly printed the card image:
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if a Poe list gets to Top 4. It's such an amazing ship/pilot!
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