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  1. I bet if you practised enough it would become a second nature. //B3NDR
  2. I am not looking for realism, I am looking for consistency. Or at least I feel it would be nice to have some. Your mileage may vary, like it very clearly does. //B3NDR
  3. i.e. quietly stare the back of the chair in front of you and hope that your stomach won't flush?
  4. "Sheer elegance in its simplicity." I disagree. There are places where it is either implied or stated outright that vibro-technology can cut through durasteel (force pike is described in this manner I believe). I therefore feel it would be bit excessive if someone could ignore, say, vibro-ax's pierce attribute. I am a somewhat new GM so might be slightly ignorant but I don't see why GM can't just state that any value of soak over 7 is rounded down to 7 (or some other suitable value). I don't expect PSs' soak valuees to pose problems in our games but what I find somewhat odd is Hutt Crime Lord's soak 10. I mean, the dude is basically a slithering bucket of lard, no armor, no nothing. If someone sticks a vibrosword through him, at which point does the soaking actually happen? //B3NDR
  5. Just to be a devil's advocate: bayonet should actually increase the accuracy. It adds mass (i.e. inertia) at the tip of a rifle which makes it less shaky which leads to the rifle being more accurate. //B3NDR.
  6. Generally, what you need to realize is that most things in Star Wars universe are plot devices instead of something that would actually work logically and consistently. HoloNet is a prime example of this. It works when the plot requires it to work and otherwise it doesn't. HoloNet can't work all the time as that would make a mighty boring story (Why would PCs navigate across the galaxy to find out about something when they could as well make a HoloNet call?). On the other hand there are examples when it magically works (Long Arm of the Hutt adventure: Ota can contact PCs at Geonosis when he is in Ryloth. Game Master's Kit adventure: The evil droid can place an order to an arms merchant to acquire some firepower). It is obvious that not even the developers at Fantasy Flight have no idea about the logic of how HoloNet supposedly works (neither do Uncle George or Mickey Mouse for that matter). Overall the problem is that Star Wars is a childrens' tale and when a regular person over 14 years old with an average IQ tries to make sense of it all the requirements for the suspecion of disbelief sometimes grow insurmountable. Ever thought The Force and how dumb concept it actually is? Why is it that The Jedi most of the time do things the hard way, when there would be an easy and elegant solution using The Force? For example a speeder chase, why chase when you could reach out with the Force and turn off the adversary's speeder engines by pulling the key out of the ignition? Why didn't Obi-Wan just Force pinch Django Fett's carotid artery to make him pass out in a few of seconds insstead of letting him escape to cause troubles later on? There are literally hundreds if not thousands of examples of these kind in the movies, tv series and other official productions. From all of the plot devices The Force is the biggest one. My point being: why worry, you decide how HoloNet and other things work in YOUR Star Wars universe and stick to it. Everyone will have good times. Trying to make sense and have things work logically just gives you bad karma. //B3NDR
  7. I would like to allow my players to attach vibroknife as a bayonnet on their blaster rifles. How would I go to implement this so that it would be "realistic" (not under or overpowered)? Also, should the knife be allowed to be modded separately from the rifle to make the bayonet more dangerous? Would the arrangement use hard points from the knife, the rifle, or both? How many? How would the knife's stats change when attached (I am thinking it should be possible to detach a baynet to be used as a regular vibroknife)? I assume stabbing someone with bayonet is more damaging than stabbing him with a plain knife. What I am basically looking for is someone's (preferably playtested) ideas about the matter. Thanks, //B3NDR
  8. And finally adversaries from the Game Master's Kit. I feel I'm done.. until I get a copy of Far Horizons from somewhere. //B3NDR
  9. Suns of Fortune adversaries now included. A lot of proof reading has also been done. //B3NDR
  10. I see no realistic way to change the format since the layout is not done manually. I have created a .txt-file for each adversary. Something on these lines (e-crb-gamorrean-thug.txt): Reference: E-CRB 413 Name: Gamorrean Thug Class: Rival Brawn: 4 Agility: 2 Intellect: 1 Cunning: 1 Willpower: 1 Presence: 1 Soak: 5 Wounds: 14 Strain: - Defense (Melee): 0 Defense (Ranged): 0 Skill: Brawl 3 Skill: Melee 3 Talent: Knockdown Ability: - Equipment: Crude Gamorrean Vibro-ax | Melee | Damage +3 | Critical 4 | Range[E] | Pierce 2 | Vicious 3 From these files the reference cards are generated automatically. It is easy and relatively fast to add new adversaries as I only need to create a suitable .txt-file. All this is done without Adobe involment (I don't have access to any Adobe software). Changing the format would require doing it all over from scratch I am thinking. Also, after making the first test print yesterday, I don't think they can be scaled much smaller or otherwise they'll be near impossible to read without a magnifying glass. Might be my old eyes though. //B3NDR
  11. I am not planning on getting the AoR books myself at this point. So probably not expanding the adversaries from them at the near future anyways. Not that it matters too much. The way the pages are generated results all the adversaries from one book clumped together. When you look at the document as it is now, all the adversaries from Beyond the Rim come first, followed by the adversaries from the core book and so forth. So even if/when something gets added you don't need to print the whole thing again. I am working on Suns of Fortune at the moment so probably worth your while to hold your horses for a few days. //B3NDR
  12. Adversary document expanded as described in the original edited message. //B3NDR
  13. Edit 1: Document now contains an adversary card for all 128 adversaries from the Core Book, Beyond the Rim, and Jewel of Yavin source books. Edit 2: Enter the Unknown adversaries added. Edit 3: Suns of Fortune adversaries added. Edit 4: Game Master's Kit adversaries added. Edit 5: Revision 1.001 2014-08-18: No changes in actual content but reverse fonts changed bold so they'll hopefully be more legible when printed. I spent some time typing and formatting the information for the 60+ adversaries listed in the Edge of the Empire Core Book. I thought it would be useful to have little cards to support my failing memory. Here is the result adversaries.pdf from Google drive. The format is A4 paper with 4 cards on one sheet. Cards are slightly smaller than A6 paper. The actual card size if about 95 mm x 137 mm give or take a few millimeters. If anyone spots any typos or other silly errors I'd be grateful if you let me know. Any suggestions are also welcome. I don't see myself incorporating the data from the other books anytime soon though: typing all the data in was a miserable job. On the other hand if someone volunteers.... Cheers, //B3NDR
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