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  1. The only problem I ever see with women in gaming is that they end up beating the men:)
  2. I am willing to wait. Mostly I just wanted to see if this sort of wait was typical - which it obviously is. Thank you everyone for the feedback. Sometimes I wish Qui-Gon were here...
  3. This Christmas I got a Rebel Transport as I was looking forward to getting into epic play with my son. However, the box did not include the epic-sized pegs, so I could not use it. One of the things I loved about FFG was the praise I read in this forum about the quality of their customer service. So I filled out a request and had to wait about three weeks before I got a package in the mail. I was okay waiting this long because I assumed the delay was due to the holiday season and them likely getting swamped with requests. Sadly, the package included two large-ship pegs, instead of two HUGE-ship pegs. I e-mailed customer service (instead of opening a new request) and waited two more weeks for a reply from FFG, in which they told me to open a new request. So I have opened a new request. It is still "In Process" after a week. I guess my question for those of you with positive experiences with FFG customer service, is it normal for them to take this long to get back with you? Am I crazy to be expecting more prompt responses?
  4. We’ve all been wondering what the holdup has been with the Raider and I think I’ve finally figured it out. I believe FFG caught wind of Darth Vader tearing apart Phoenix Squadron in the season two premiere of Star Wars Rebels. They saw him fly backwards and shoot with more firepower than 2 or 3 dice while simultaneously rolling tons of evades – he was doing some crazy stuff! As a result, they decided that just fixing the TIE Advanced was not enough - instead they would have to make it OP, such that Darth Vader could be his own squadron of 99 points (for initiative, of course). Naturally, this meant FFG needed to add new upgrades and abilities to the ship. So, since we all seem to love speculating, what ridiculous new abilities are we expecting to help Darth Vader become a one-man fleet?
  5. Yeah, dumb. It would be like having a turret that could shoot your own radar dish. No ships like that in the Star Wars universe. Maybe it will come with an upgrade card allowing your gunner to shoot yourself.... comedy gold!
  6. I think the question that really matters is this: Will it fit in my Plano? Quick, someone at Celebration take a measuring tape to the FFG booth!
  7. Glitter Bomb: When this bomb detonates, remove all Cloak tokens from all ships within range 1. I'd think it to disable cloak on any ship that flies within range 1 of bomb token for remainder of game. - Glitter doesn't just wear off. Good point. Maybe it should be "Permanently remove the Cloak action from all ships at range 1." Yeah like even the next day after a bath you can always spot a few. We didn't go out, is was from a birthday present honest. "I don't like glitter... it gets everywhere."
  8. I'm looking forward to more bombs: Concussion bombs Plasma bombs Incremental-sequence bombs Ion bombs Thought bombs Gravity bombs Cherry Bombs Twitter Bombs Glitter Bombs Photobombs (at this point I'm worried the NSA may be tracking my various bomb-related Google searches).
  9. It seems you're just describing the plot of Gandhi II:
  10. Was this a random guess on your part, or were you actually aware that April 17 is when FFG has a panel scheduled (link)?
  11. I suppose there is always this:
  12. As the Pharaoh in The Ten Commandments used to say, "So let it be written. So let it be done." If anyone is ever in Birch Run, Michigan, I suggest you order the BLT at Tony's I-75 Restaurant. I promise you, even if you only see B, there is L & T in the picture below. (If it makes you feel more thematic, you can set your Y-Wing next to your plate). As the menu reads, your sandwich will contain one pound of crispy bacon. Enjoy!
  13. Well, if we're going to stop talking about scum dials, we're going to have the change the topic - probably to bacon (though that does risk pushing this topic into the "Off-Topic" sub-forum). So, anyone visited Little Caesars lately?
  14. Well, that would answer the "Who Will Fall?" question at the end of this trailer (which looks awesome, btw):
  15. This seems like the easiest tweak for FFG to make to the FAQ. They can just define "spend your target lock" as including the ability to use your TL to modify your attack before you have to discard it.
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