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  1. So, I've never run a game before and I understand that this game kind of leaves it up to the GM on how to handle things but there are a few things I'm not quite getting. 1. Features for NPCs. For example, one of the four horseman has mutiple positive features and some negative. How do the negative features work? Do they apply to that creature or towards the PC when encountering them? I know that PCs could encounter these creatures without combat and I don't know how to resolve that either. 2. When to use opposed checks vs actual combat or non-combat checks? That is my biggest question. I understand combat and everything else, just that confuses me.
  2. Thanks! That helps! Since you have all of them. Are they worth it? Is the game still fun or does it get old after awhile?
  3. Hey guys! Is this game possible to be played with all expansions? Or how does that work? Considering the small expansions don't add scenerios, I'm wondering what can be mixed together. I'm new to this game but own all Talisman expansions and most of the Arkham Horror expansions.
  4. Hey guys! So, I own all of the expansions and the usual way I play is with all of them at once. I know some people say that's too much and it gets confusing but I have never had an issue. Mostly because if there is some confusion, either I have a house rule that solves it or we can discuss and come up with a solution on the spot. But, be that as it may, I was wondering if there are some creative ways that Talisman can be played. Perhaps dividing the cards up a certain way or playing with only a certain expansion, etc. Help me out! Thanks!
  5. Hey guys! So, I've been playing Talisman for awhile and I have all of the expansions except for The Deep Realms expansion (which I will soon be getting). But I was wondering: Is there anywhere I can buy the miniatures painted? I am not an artist and wouldn't dare try it myself. Lol It'd be much easier for me if I could just buy them painted. Help me out!
  6. If a character is moved to a new location due to a cards effect, does he have an encounter there as well?
  7. Hey guys!I am new to Arkham Horror and fell in love. I have begun playing table top games like this with Talisman, in which I have all the expansions out. I was wondering if, like Talisman, Arkham Horror can be played using all expansions?
  8. I have a question on spells. Are casted spells resolved in order of casting or do they fall into a stack such as in Magic the Gathering? For instance, if a player casts a spell and then I instantly cast another spell that removes all spells from that player, is the original spell removed before its effect happens? Thank you!
  9. So, I'm sure this has been answered somewhere but I want some actual clarification. The bow is not a weapon, therefore, it is used "at the start of battle" to roll one die and add it to the attack score. Then battle happens and with regular battle, another die is rolled for the attack score. Meaning, a character using the bow can roll two dice? Am I correct?
  10. Hey guys! I would just like some clarification. I now own The Highlands ds, The City, The Dungeon, The Blood Moon, The Reaper, The Nether Realm, and just got The Dragon. Can these all be played at the same time? I'd really hate to have to separate my adventure cards. Lol I know the rules say they can be but just wanted to make sure! Thanks!
  11. Awesome! Thank you guys so much! This helped out a lot!
  12. Hey guys! I'm actually new to this forum but I figured this would be the perfect place to get some questions answered! The thing about this game is that it almost has to be taken literally when it comes to cards. My friends and I are usually good about talking things out and coming up with house rules for it but there are a few that we can't seem to agree on. So, here goes! 1. Followers. Do Followers only give you their ability while you have them? For example, if I have the Unicorn (Add 1 to your Strength and 1 to your Craft) and I lose the Unicorn, do I also lose the Strength and Craft? Cause some cards specifically say when to add to Strength and Craft. 2. The Reaper. Does the Reaper work in the same way the Werewolf does? Meaning, if the Reaper rolls a 5 but encounters a character, does he stop or does he have to land on the character? Cause with the Werewolf, if it's night, he stops on a character he encounters regardless if he has moves left. 3. Expansions. Can Talisman be played with all expansions? I have The Highlands, The City, The Dungeon, The Dragon, The Bloodmoon, and The Reaper expansions and I plan on getting the others! Will I be able to play with all of them? 4. "Land here" cards. There are some cards that say when you land here the effect takes place. For example, The Marsh says "The Marsh will remain here for the rest of the game. Whenever you land here, if your Strength is less than 5 you must miss one turn." Does that take effect on the person who drew that card or is it when someone lands there the next time? Cause The Magic Stream says, "Place a total of four Strength here when revealed. You may drink at the Stream once per visit and increase your Strength by taking one Strength from the Stream. When all 4 have been taken, the Stream vanishes to the discard pile." So, techinally when that card is drawn, you're already visiting it and can take a Strength. I realize these questions may have already been answered a thousand times and I apologize for that. I wouldn't say I'm new to this game as I have played it tons of times and absolutely loved it! But if I could get these questions answered that would be great!! Thanks!
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