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  1. I like it. It could open up some interesting RP opportunities. Debates, Arguments, even fights. If you had the group almost unanimously decide on one way or the other, make the higher ups think otherwise Or even have the players actually affect real change within the Imperium of Man, break the GW stagnation!
  2. No they wouldn't be able to use something in the power fist hand (they would be able to pick something up, but I'd make them roll a WS check to not crush the object). And I'd say once it's on it takes some significant work to get it off, GM discretion on that.
  3. Ironstrider Ballistarius Type: Walker Tactical Speed: 15m Cruising Speed: 60km/h Size: Enormous Maneuverability: +15 Structural Integrity: 20 Armor: - Front :25 - Side :15 - Rear :15 Vehicle Traits: Enhanced Motive Systems Open Topped Walker Ironstrider Engine: Ironstrider Engines are marvels of technology, even among the relics of the mechanicus. Said to disobey the laws of thermodynamics, once an Ironstrider is running, it essentially powers itself, with no need to refuel. So it is that today walkers with Ironstrider Engines are never switched off, as the Mechanicus is fearful they may not turn back on again incase it’s Machine Spirit fades. Ironstrider Engines run all systems on board the vehicle, if the weapons are not solid ammunition based, the vehicle has unlimited ammunition(This is represented in the stat block for the Twin Linked Lascannon). However, if the vehicle suffers a Motive Systems Destroyed event, roll a d10, on a 9 or 10, the Ironstrider Engine has shut down and stopped and requires a Very Hard (-30) Tech Use test to restart in addition to any repairs needed. The player may also elect to carry out an Challenging (+0) Extended Tech Use test in place of the Very hard test, this takes one hour. Mechanicus Tech This vehicle is exclusively used by the Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial forces do not have access to it or the knowledge to pilot it. Only characters who are members of the Adeptus Mechanicus may operate the vehicle. This is decided at the GM’s discretion. Crew: 1 Driver Carrying Capacity: 0 Weapons Twin Linked Autocannons (300m; S/3/–; 3d10+8 I; Pen 6; Clip 40; Reload 2 Full; Reliable, Twin Linked) OR Twin Linked Lascannons (300m; S/–/–; 5d10+10 E; Pen 10; Clip N/A; Reload N/A; Proven [3], Twin Linked) Upgrades Rough Terrain Modifications Superior Plating Smoke Launcher
  4. If he is Initiated, for the actual inititation itself you could do something like Zahariel's intitiation into The Order in Fallen Angels. A ritual where there are three hooded knights (in this case, I'd go with Inner Circle members) who all discuss the supplicant and his suitability, one supporting, one opposing and one neutral towards inducting him. Most likely the Interrogator-Chaplain, a Company Captain and a Librarian, like Zahariel had Sar Remiel, The Lion and Lord Cypher, it seems like a tradition that the Dark Angels would hang onto. The idea of hunting the Fallen from an Inquisitor's retinue is pretty risky IMO, the Dark Angels have killed Inquisitorial agents and even other Astartes (Black Templars I think) to hide the truth. I think they'd want to keep the Inquisition as far away as possible from anything they are doing regarding the Fallen. Unless that's what you're going for, like a final choice between protecting the chapter by killing the Inquisitor or abandoning it for the Deathwatch.
  5. Cadian 203rd Infantry Regiment 3 Fortress World, Cadia 2 Maverick Commander, Lt. Col. Miranda Nero 2 Line Infantry Regiment 3 Iron Discipline 3 Die-Hards -3 Dishonored Characteristic Modifiers: +3 to any two of the following, Ballistic Skill, Willpower or Toughness +3 Strength. -3 Intelligence Aptitudes: Toughness Willpower Skills: Common Lore (War) Common Lore (Imperium) Common Lore (Imperial Guard) Linguistics (Low Gothic) Athletics Talents: Hated Enemy (Servants of Chaos) Nerves of Steel OR Sprint Bred for War Resistance (Fear) Rapid Reload Seeking Redemption Standard Kit: - M36 Lasgun - Laspistol - Knife - 5 Charge Packs (2) - Imperial Guard Flak Armor - 2 Frag Grenades - 2 Krak Grenades - 2 Field Uniforms (2) - Poor Weather Gear (Environment Appropriate) - Pack - Basic Tools - Mess Kit - Water Canteen - Blanket - Sleeping Bag - Lamp Pack, Rechargeable - Cognomen Tags - Imperial Infantryman's Uplifiting Primer - 2 Weeks Rations - Chrono (2) - Gasmask (8) - Microbead (8) Favoured Basic Weapons Plasma Gun Melta Gun (10) Favoured Heavy Weapon Hadd Pattern Heavy Bolter (Exceptional Pattern, Incredibly Lethal, Small Clip, I actually rolled this and I'm pretty **** happy with it. As part of the backstory for a campaign, before Graia, they put down some separatists in the Hadd system, and the Ad. Mech. gave the regiment the pattern as a reward) The well versed among you will recognise the regiment from WH:40k Space Marine. I felt like after Graia, Captain Titus wasn't the only one under Inquisitorial scrutiny, the 203rd would be watched. The recently promoted Lt. Col. Miranda Nero, and the rest of the regiment, knows the 203rd is being watched. Thus, Dishonoured. Cloud of Suspicion's Enemy talent seemed to harsh, the Inquisition is just watching them, not outright condemning them. So I went with Dishonoured, fluffing it as the fact that they are going to show the Inquisition just who they are doubting. The not wanting give ground or fail to secure objectives is part of protecting the regiment from whatever the Inquisition does with IG it doesn't like. Other than that, they are your bog standard Cadians.
  6. Whoa! Double Negative Though, having a military background, some of the stuff in it is actually (moderately) useful, if you can filter out the propaganda. Especially the thing about using socks to collect dew as you walk for an alternate source of water.
  7. I say just put him up against a power weapon, parry the attack from the servo arm and 75% chance of bye bye servo arm, that ought to make him be more careful. And if he doesn't have a power weapon himself he'll be needing the reaction for dodging attacks.
  8. -Your Imperial Infantryman's Handbook informs you that: A) Orks are weaker than men B) Eldar are cowardly and their antiquated technology is inferior to your Lasgun C) Tyranids are slow and have short blunt claws D) All of the above - When you charge a Stormboy and only just not die - When a Commissar (NPC) whose heresy-sense tingled, detecting a sanctioned psyker loosing control from 8km away and adjusts a Basilisk's aim to execute him. (That's the explanation we came up with, basically, perils of the warp, blood rain, and then a basilisk shell scattered onto him)
  9. On commander's intent, give them 2 up's intent, that's 2 links up the chain of command. So if the squad leader's giving orders, give the platoon commanders intent, the platoon commander will give the company commander's intent etc. That can also be tied in as your overall objective, if the commander's intent is to take Hill X, that would be your primary objective. Alternatively, you may be protecting the flank of a force who is going to take Hill X so commander's intent is to take Hill X, but the squad's objective is to hold Street Y, to give you an idea of how intent can differ from mission objectives. Or you could go with IG standard, do it or the guy in the cap and cloak will shoot you.
  10. Cheers, I always thought it was the same as standard regimental kit ammo. But yes, I'd play medikits need refills
  11. Does that mean the Sergeant has to roll for his laspistol ammo? The Weapon Specialist and Heavy Gunner for theirs?
  12. Also no +10 Medicae from Methodical Care. Master Chiurgeon is Tier 3, Int and Fieldcraft Methodical Care is Tier 2, Int and Knowledge Don't know what you would with the overlap if you had both, 2xIB reduction in damage?
  13. Just recycle Chuck Norris jokes for something more light hearted
  14. Benu5

    That Dark Apostle

    Massive Sacrifice, finding a relic (big one for Word Bearers, they love books by Lorgar), converting more people to chaos.
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