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  1. Here is what I am thinking so far. Watch Commander Mordigael: "The Oath Bound of Squad Invictus, step forward and be recognized" Player Characters: State their names and chapter one at a time Watch Commander Mordigael: "You have been recognized. You have each served your Oath to the Deathwatch admirably and upheld the honor of the Deathwatch, the Adeptus Astartes, and your Chapters. It is with great honor that I proclaim your Oath. . . Fulfilled! In honor of your service, you will each be allowed to wear the silver pauldron of the Deathwatch from heance forth until your duty to The Emperor has ended. Harl Greyweaver, step forward and present your Gift" At this point Harl Greyweaver steps forward accompanied by a servitor bearing a plan wooden box. As the box is opened a Guardian Bolt Pistol for each of the Kill-Team members, each ornatly hand crafted and inscribed with the names of the recipient. Silently Greyweaver presents each member of the Kill-Team with their pistol and steps back into the assembled Astartes. Watch Commander Mordigael: "I must remind each of you that you are hence forth and forever sworn to silence about the missions and actions that you have undertaken while serving with the Deathwatch. The things that you have seen while in service to the Deathwatch are never to be spoken of again outside of this organization. Take your training forward to your respective chapters and pass it on to the next generation of potential Deathwatch recruits. It is now time for you to afirm your vow of silence." Also of note each of the PC's have elements of their chapter active within the Jericho Reach which they will be rejoining. The conclusion to my campaign arc is going to be epic and envolve some trying times for the characters testing their sanity and loyalty. After this point another one of the group will pick up GMing for this squad. Player Characters: Each in turn afirm their vow of silence. Watch Commander Mordigael: "Will those Astartes that are replacing the members of Squad Invictus step forward and be recognized" Narrative Time, a new batch of marines step forward and take the Apocryphon Oath while the Player Characters look on. At the end it is the Squad Leader who steps forward and passes the squads heraldry onto the new Squad Invictus. After a breif history on the Squad and its former occupants and deeds, the ceremony concludes and the Player Characters are given one hour to make final preperations for departure. That is a rough idea of what I am going with. What do you guys think?
  2. Thank you Calgor for your quick response. I was thinking something along this line, I just did not know of and could not find an example of and End of Vigil Ceremony like the Oath of Vigil Ceremony that I found here on the forums.
  3. Hello Ladies and Gentlmen, I have a quick question and hopefully you guys can answer it or give me ideas for composing and End of Watch/Vigil Ceremony. This is playing a key part in my current campaign as the Kill-Team will be going on a brief retirement before being brought back. This will allow our group to focus on our second squad for a time. If you guys could help me that would be awsome. Thanks
  4. ooc- rolled an 80 on 100 for two DoS. Damage 1:20 pen 8 Damage 2:19 pen 8 IC- Cladius switches his fire selector over to one of his magazines of Kraken rounds and leta fly with another burst of shots. As two of his rounds hit he chastizes himself and assigns himself 8 hrs at the firing range when he returns to the Watch Station.
  5. OOC- Lmao sorry I have rules nazi in my group, which is good dont get me wrong. He must be rubbing off on me.
  6. OOC(Shadow)-Yeah i forgot that not like it really matter lol. Location for your hits starte on the location of your BS check reversed. You rolled an 05 which mean you start hitting on body location 50 (flipping the dice). I believe that is either body or left arm. Dont have my sheet infront of me to confirm location. (Mike)- According to Errata Godwynn patter bolters have a Rate of Fire of S/3/- Both Shadow and myself scored the maximum nuber of hits allowed.
  7. OOC-rolled a 27 on a 90 (50 base,+20 size, +10 for Semi-auto, +10 for Half Range). That means 6 DoS for three shots. Damage rolls are: 1st Shot: 28 Pen 4 (Base of 9 +2 from Bolter Mastery and a total of 17 Damage from dice). 2nd Shot: 20 Pen 4 3rd Shot: 20 Pen 4 Edit: 4th Shot: 14 Pen 4 IC- Cladius opens fire with his Bolter his rounds flying true hitting his enemy. With the rightous fury of The Emperor.
  8. OOC- Rolled a ten for Initiative. Claudius trains his Bolter on the Crisis suit as he prepares to open fire.
  9. OOC-rolled an 85 on a 66... I'M OVER HERE! Claudius begins his movement. Hitting ever twig and branch along the way making all kinds of noise.
  10. Claudius keys his vox to a team wide channel. "Contact rear. Possible Tau forces approaching. I have Jet wash in auditory range. Recommend we halt movement and set an ambush."
  11. 17 on a 64 would be five degrees of success. One natural for passing and four on the dice.
  12. Claudius claims out of the wreckage and falls in at the rear of the formation. His Camo-cloak pulled around him and his bolter at the ready.
  13. OOC- I factored the 15 points for the one magazine I have to buy. The second is free because I am a Tactical Marine. And finally because of the Tyrannic War Veteran advanced specialty I also gain a free magazine of Hell Fire rounds as standard issue. Also i am currently uploading all of the player books that I have on digits to a google drive and will share with you guys Edit: Here is the link https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0By-DMtJnP8VLMGpZSFhBYllRY1E&usp=sharing
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