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  1. So Soontir Fel won the Dutch Nationals? Awesome.
  2. Yeah it's Justin. The two communities are quite close so we tend to go to each other's tournaments. Justin was Top Four last year here. In fact he sponsored some of the prizes too
  3. Super Win Justin! A great ambassador for the Asean community (which still has not official product tournament support for Star Wars game from FFG)! Kudos from your flying friends in Malaysia
  4. Would Advanced Proton Torps work with Expertise?
  5. Most of us from South East Asia can't go because we couldn't secure the entry tickets due to the fantastic online booking system. Plus it costs more for us to go. Oh, and add to the fact that the game is facing some licensing dispute in this part of the world so for us, we didn't get the official national kits. I still love watching the Worlds and seeing all the players getting together. It would be a dream to finally meet or talk with the "famous names" there. We were all supporting the players from South East Asia especially from Singapore (since they had the biggest contingent from this part of the World). That said, I wonder if FFG would be bold enough to hold Worlds in other parts of the world in the future. Perhaps in London, or Tokyo, or even in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Until that happens, it's not really, a world's "World"
  6. Jax is basically Icarus. You fly him as close to the sun as you can until his wings burn off. The key is to enough that the two defenders can win you the game. If you have Jax and you're not using his ability you should have just brought Palp I agree. You need to fly Jax aggressively sometimes (but not reckless). I need PTL on my Jax because the option of tanking up or to boost away or barrel roll in vice versa. Of course it's a challenge with Snapshot now in the picture. I disagree about Jax's attack being weak. 3 attack and 4 at Range is quite good. His ability counters a few other builds and ships but of course the thing about the game is match ups. sometimes you can be lucky, sometimes you get all the bad matchups.
  7. coincidently, the X Wing Rogue One Mission for Battlefront also gave the callsigns as Blues - Blue Leader, Blue Five etc so you could be on to something here
  8. not sure if Merrick flies the Partisan X Wing as from the Celebration footage the thrusters doesn't look like the same Partisan colours interestingly one of them is also at the meeting what about this guy? same uniform, different helmet
  9. I think the players in Malaysia are probably the only community in the world who are not severely affected by this. Because of the Asian embargo we didn't get that much Jumpmasters in so only a few bought more than one. Triple Js didn't exactly catch up here hehehe
  10. I'm uncertain about the debrief. During tournaments, and unless playing against close mates I don't like to debrief or be debriefed. I came to the realisation that maybe some people don't like or appreciate being debriefed. So unless they ask me or I ask them (which I don't), I usually keep the post match comments to the minimum depending on the level of the tournaments. But a good guide for players nevertheless!
  11. The video from the Top Two match
  12. I think those flying Jax and other Tie Interceptors now need to be aware of Snap Shot and how it will force a slight change of approach for Interceptor players
  13. I don't know if both Stealth Device and Hull Upgrade together is good. I think Interceptors should have Autothrusters (usefull against Turrets, and also if you barrel roll and boost out of front arc a lot). Depending on your local meta, if there are Autoblasters, Crackshot etc need to be careful with Stealth as they can easily be lost.
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