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    ROLE: Player LOOKING FOR: Group (Deathwatch) TYPE OF GAME: Online SESSION SPECIFICS: Voice-Based and/or Roll20 preferred REGION: US Midwest (Chicago) SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: US Central Time (GMT -6), Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri 6pm-12am, Sat 12pm-12am GAME STYLE: Any GAME SPECIFICS: Any COMMENTS: This will be my first time playing a game of Deathwatch, though I have played several D&D 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 games in the past and am very familiar with WH40K lore. I'm flexible and don't mind adopting house rules, though the less there are the more smoothly I'll be able to transition in. I have two characters ready, one made straight from the Core Rulebook and one with a custom chapter as outlined by Rites of Battle. My best contacts are by email and Skype, which are listed below. (Please cite this post if adding me on Skype!) CONTACT: Skype ( bladeron_dc ), Email ( bladeron_dc@yahoo.com )
  2. Absolutely! I'll take anything and everything I can get in addition to watching a game unfold.
  3. That sounds excellent. Most of my Saturdays are open, the nearby exceptions being November 1 and 8. If you want a new player I'll have a character sheet generated by the end of the day, but even just watching would be welcome.
  4. I'm a little shaky as to posting this thread here, as this might be better left for a LFG sort of area, but for lack of better direction (or even any direction at all), I find myself placing it here. I've not yet had the privilege to actually play a game of Deathwatch, at a tabletop or over any of the bazillion online mediums that exist to play tabletop games across distance. I'm also finding that the harder I look into finding a game the more frequently I stumble across the reality that any games I find are specifically looking for a Gamemaster and not additional players. I find it reasonable that it would be the case, but at the same time it places me in a rather difficult position: I would not mind being a GM, but in order to GM I need to learn the game, but the only games that have any openings are ones that require GM's already familiar with the game. It's quite the Catch-22, and without much other recourse I look to here for advice and/or help. Would anyone running an online game be able and willing to let me join them as an observer? I would not interfere or comment during the live game, but would watch to see how the gameplay works and how the GM constructed the game session and, if possible, consult with the GM between sessions to learn how to build an effective game. (I would not turn down the opportunity to actually play in such a game, but I'm setting the bar to what I feel is bare necessity.) My contact information and availability will gladly be provided to anyone that is interested in taking on an observer/apprentice/player/newbie/etc.
  5. I was aware of all the homeworlds that have been lost-lost! I'm just looking for Chapters who settle in and establish roots in a new one after losing their first. I also don't tend to count the Traitor Legions, since the Warp can do a bunch of stuff not otherwise possible in the Materium.
  6. If rumor (ie, 1d4chan) is to be believed, the Silver Skulls are supposedly a Loyalist splinter of the Iron Warriors given cover by the big G. That would have some interesting implications.
  7. Another fluff-related question regarding Space Marine homeworlds, but I was curious if there was a precedent for a Space Marine Chapter acquiring a new homeworld? More specifically, is there a story that relatively holds to the following pattern? Space Marine Chapter is founded and established on its homeworld, complete with a shiny Fortress Monastery and all the goodies that come with it. Through a series of unfortunate events, deliberate or otherwise, the Chapter loses its homeworld and all its shinies but otherwise survives and is forced to become fleet-based. After X amount of time and Y amount of events the Chapter successfully claims or is given by edict (or both) a new homeworld and is able to re-establish itself on it, complete with a brand new Fortress Monastery with all the trimmings and treats. I've been pondering such a thing in writing the fluff for my own Space Marine Chapter, but was unaware if such a thing had happened before, or whether it was even possible. I am aware that Chapter homeworlds are significant investments for the Imperium and not lightly or frequently made.
  8. *grumble grumble* ...could still get the Tau and Chaos to fight each other... *grumblecake*
  9. No no no, you have this stuff all wrong. You're thinking about things like logistics and alliances and weapons and armies and--no no no. There is a much simpler solution to all of this and it kills two birds with one stone: You all need to think with PORTALS. Open one on the incoming Tyranid Hive Fleet, open the other on the Chaos front lines. Everybody wins! I now gladly await a bolter to the face. It was entirely worth it. (In seriousness, the only way I believe the Imperium to make progress is to get two of their enemies to fight each other in total war. The engineering for this scenario would require a good deal of resources but would be a significant boon.)
  10. I never knew what Warhammer: 40,000 was until I saw an advertisement on Filefront back in 2004 for this game called "Dawn of War." Being a strategy fan I said, "Sure, let's give this game a try." I got my own copy and played it, finding it very interesting if a bit linear. I didn't think too hard on it until I played "Winter Assault" and saw that there was even more expanding universe. So then I started reading some stuff, but got sidetracked. Then came along "Dark Crusade" and just about everything in it made me go googly-eyed. So I went back to the incredible edible internet and dug as much into the lore as I could. By the time I started trying to make my own Space Marine chapter I knew I was a fan and have subsequently played every other Relic-made 40K game, eventually stumbling onto Deathwatch by dumb internet luck and word-of-mouth recommendations. Granted, I have never played the tabletop wargame. Ever. Every indication pointed to it being too expensive (and how!) for me to pick up. Heck, I'm still flailing around trying to get into a Deathwatch game somehow and had to be loaned the core rulebook and Rites of Battle! But as far as the fluff is concerned, been into it since 2007.
  11. My thanks for the amazing work done on this!
  12. My understanding of Custom Chapter Creation (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) is that as much of the content as possible is meant to be utilized. Specifically regarding geneseed purity, having pure geneseed means you don't have to worry about rolling for chapter flaws, missing zygotes, mutations, etc. As for abilities, you can absolutely have those two bonuses (attributed to either exceptional genestock or practices). Being an Ultramarines Successor, even one that's codex-compliant, doesn't mean the chapter doesn't have differing experiences. Unless you're the Genesis Chapter and are glorified carbon copies.
  13. One question on the technical side of things, since I could not find a completely clear answer by other means: is there a fully working Deathwatch module for Fantasy Grounds? I've been trying to figure out logistics for hosting, and perhaps GM'ing, an online game of Deathwatch for myself and some friends since meeting in realspace isn't a possibility. I've been humoring getting an Ultimate key for Fantasy Grounds so we could all play, or possibly finding another medium for playing online that would be relatively easy to use.
  14. Thanks, a lot of my curiosities have been answered and some of my sillier "what ifs" are laid to rest. I doubt the Dark Angels or the Unforgiven would want their top secret jet fighter engines falling into wrong hands, anyway. With any fortune I'll be able to put some of this knowledge to play before long, but that will depend on how quickly I can get into a group. First-time player and all that, despite pouring over the rulebooks again and again!
  15. There are a few things I've been wondering for a while, most of it is involving the fluff. I do not own all of the DW books, so if there is something I'm asking that's in one of those books I'm more than glad if I get pointed towards it. Without further ado... Would a Dark Angel (or any of the DA successors) be afforded a right to bring a Nephilim Fighter into service for the Deathwatch? If so, how would those statistics pan out in-game? How much of the Omega Vault has been catalogued in the present day, and what is the strangest thing to come out of it (whether in the books or from anyone's game)? In "Rites of Battle" Hive Worlds are classified as a potential Space Marine homeworld and that Space Marines on them have access to a (virtually) unlimited supply of munitions. This raises the question...who exactly supplies Space Marines, and how limited are supplies to chapters that don't have direct manufacture? Also relating to homeworlds, have there ever been any dragon-like creatures on a Space Marine homeworld (excluding Salamanders or chaos beings)? Game-related, have there been any STC hunts in the Jericho Reach?
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