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  1. The metagame thing is annoying in general, and it can be done with just about every game you can think of (including EH and even roleplaying games). One way we have solved farming the Unique Item deck in Arkham is simply to shuffle in all the expansion cards for the Investigator Cards (Unique, Common, Skill, Spells) -- makes farming the Unique Item impractical. The Bank Loan exploit can be annoying as well, though fortunately no one at our table tries this. IMO, metagamers and system breakers are a player problem, not a game problem.
  2. I think there are 2 things that make EH more luck-based than AH: Drawing Research encounters that contain no path to gaining the clue, and Gate encounters that contain no path to closing the gate. I call these “SOL” cards. There are quite a few of them in EH. Also, if you happen to guess the wrong stat for the investigator for an encounter, you are left often with only being able to roll 1 die, and possibly a couple Focus or Clue re-rolls. Guessing wrong about stats often ends with a “you’re screwed” encounter. The chance, when building the Mythos deck of drawing lots of Tentacle cards. If you happen to shuffle and draw badly, you can end up with an EH game that is very, very short. As of now, there’s only 1 card we have evicted from our EH games (shuffle a Mystery back into the deck), and we are using a variant that ensures mostly equal distribution of snowflake, normal and tentacle cards, and with these tweaks we’re enjoying the game more. We also don’t like the fact that there is no trophy mechanic, but this is just us, and we have a variant that we enjoy that adds this (and fun).
  3. Frankly, it would be near impossible to win EH without being able to trade clues. They are much harder to get in EH than in AH, as you usually need to have a successful Research encounter to obtain one. There's other ways too, but clues are much more precious in EH.
  4. Don't get too attached to your investigators. Expect random cruelty Investigator synergy is incredibly important. Don't choose a lopsided team. It's just as fiddly as Arkham, just different fiddly (looking at you, Reckonings and Omen track) It's a meaner game. The things that are similar but different: You can trade clues monster surge is from only gates for the current Omen There is no trophy mechanic You can more easily evade monsters. One round of combat and then either defeat it and do more, or stop (and no penalty to leaving the space) You can do partial damage to monsters, and both investigator and monster can take damage simultaneously Mythos deck is a timer You can have multiple Rumors Dual sided spell and unique asset cards The Mystery and Condition mechanics are pretty cool.
  5. The only time a flying monster will be in a location is the first time they spawn from a gate, and happen not to move. When they do move, they will either move to the street in the current neighborhood, if an investigator is there, or to the sky, if no investigator is there. Once in the sky, they can move to any street area with an investigator, but never back into a location.
  6. I like Yig as a nice contrast to Azathoth. There's a much better chance you'll end up in the Final Battle with Yig (as opposed to no chance for a final battle with Azathoth), and it's a good test of playing out those mechanics and rules. Also, good for a short game! My two cents.
  7. Ithaqua or Yig. Yig for a slightly harder challenge.
  8. I think Julia may have guessed it -- it sounds like you were incorrectly removing doom tokens when you closed or sealed gates. The only time you are allowed to remove doom tokens is if you use an Elder Sign unique item to seal the gate (and these are pretty rare). If you are using clues to seal, you do not get to remove a doom token. If you close a gate but do not seal it, doom is not removed in this case either, but doom also has a good chance of increasing if another gate opens on that location. You may just want to re-read closely the rules on opening, closing and sealing gates.
  9. Ah, right, also an easy mistake to make. Remove doom only with an Elder Sign unique item -- clues seal, but do not remove from doom. Congratulations on Az! Maybe Ithaqua or Yig next...
  10. Sounds like you had a fun time! I am thinking if doom was only at 2 that you might be forgetting to add 1 doom every time a gate opens. One way we remember this is to keep a doom token on top pf the gate stack. Welcome!
  11. I do not see this rule in the FAQ. There is a question on page 10 of the FAQ that mentions an encounter in an Other World referring to the "gate you entered" in which case, it is the exact gate. But if it is an encounter telling you to return to Arkham, then you return to Arkham from any gate leading to that Other World. Page 10 of the FAQ: Q: When an encounter in the Other World refers to “the gate you entered” does it mean the exact gate or does it mean any gate that leads to the Other World you’re in? A: The exact gate.
  12. The mystery deepens. I have both an old board and the 2nd edition board, and they both have the doom icon on the TL10 space. So why is the rule omitted from the Terror Track section in the 2nd edition, and shown only on the rules summary on the back? Either FFG intended for that rule to be changed, and they missed 2 spots, or they forgot to keep it within the "Look at all the Monsters" section. https://1drv.ms/i/s!Ar9_fJKmnT2KhJlSzrSmSwx-JA7vBg Edit: After looking carefully at the 2nd edition Terror Track rule section, I am leaning hard toward the rule change. The language below seems very clearly intended to replace the "Add 1 doom at TL10" in the original rules and there is a clear sentence in the FAQ: "The above changes have been incorporated into the rulebook included in the revised edition of Arkham Horror." "Once the terror level has reached 10, if it ever increases again (via a mythos card special ability, for example), instead of moving the terror track marker, add one doom token to the Ancient One’s doom track for each point the terror level should have increased."
  13. Hear that FFG?? We need that 3rd edition to clean all of this up!!! I think you're right Tibs - maybe the FAQ rule that allows for a rise in TL after 10 supersedes the old rule..
  14. It's on page 18, in the 3rd column, last sentence of the "Look at All the Monsters" section: "In addition, if the terror level reaches 10, one doom token is placed on the Ancient One's doom track." It's really sorta tucked in there, and strangely easy to miss. We haven't got to TL10 in awhile, so it actually surprised me as well! I wouldn't mind, though, if they did remove that rule -- we can use all the help we can get!
  15. I just went back and looked at both of my old rulebooks, and it looks as if adding 1 doom token is still a part of the rules (checked the online version as well). So add 1 doom on TL10 I think is still alive and well.
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