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  1. Do you mean 3x rebel aces for Proton rockets? Because that's only $90 for 6 of them.
  2. Yeah there are games happening on Thursdays and Mondays. You are more than welcome to play to check it out.
  3. They are the cards used to protect the stack of cards from getting damaged and have the serial for sorting the cards.
  4. Does anybody have any pictures of the templates/tokens/dice from this years regionals? I am quite curious to see them!
  5. How much was that custom e-wing? Do you have a link to it, I might want to do one like it!
  6. Maybe you could try a few heavy hitters and just drop the falcon old school.
  7. You think people are happy putting vi on Luke, etc. Trust me, people would prefer putting predator on him, too. Everyone has to sacrifice something to get their PS up to 10, not just imperials.
  8. I know that Jamie is referred to as the Kingslayer but I don't see what my e-wing has in common with Mr. Lannister.
  9. Sometimes, but I usually end up playing with my girlfriend, instead. She usually wins.
  10. Looks simple, but it took quite a while. A lot of layers of inking and dry brushing. Its funny how much work it took to achieve a simple look!
  11. alemondemon

    Corran and Dash

    What are the decals from, if I may inquire? I like the size!
  12. alemondemon

    Corran and Dash

    Did you free hand the c21 on corran's wing?
  13. The amount of use my e-wing has had in the recent months, it definitely needed a face lift. I call it the E-Wing/V2.1 but others have nicknamed it "the Kingslayer" for reasons that I do not know.
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