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  1. The two primary disadvantages to Torpedoes and Missiles is the limited number of times they can be used which lead to them being an inegfecient expenditure of points and the fact that you must spend a Target Lock or a Focus in order to fire them making it hard to boost your rolls for the attack which compounds the first problem by ensuring the attack will likely be mediocre and ensure that the points were wasted. I think Extra Munitions opens up a lot of options for future improvements. With the introduction of Munitions tokens we might see more upgrades come out in the future that expand upon them. This gives FFG an open option for tweaking the costs of munitions on different ships as they go. They can either add more cards involving these tokens to add more shots to a ship or possibly add cards which manipulate the cost of munitions upgrades attached directly. So that settles the cost/limited use issue. As for the limited roll boosting... We have Deadeye... But that really just trades one valuable boost for another and in either case still leaves you trying to perform a second action just to get one bonus to your roll. It is also difficult because some of the ships that specialize in ordinance, most notably Y-wings, are lacking in EPT slots which makes it even harder for them to get the second action. There are a few cards which help with this, but too few: Horton's ability is almost as good as a TL. I say almost because it is limited to only rerolling blank results. If you don't have a Focus to spend with it then it is not as good as a normal TL. Though if you can get the Focus to spend along side it then it is as good as any other Focus+TL combo. APTs allow you to change up to 3 blank results to Focus results. If you manage to have a Focus token handy then statistically speaking if you don't end up with 5 hits afer your Focus is spent then the dice gods have forsaken you. R4 Aggromech can work along side Deadeye on Kavil. This way you get to spend a TL to boost your attack at least. Drea gets to acquire another TL after spending one at the cost of a Stress so you can acquire a TL, spend your TL to initiate the attack, acquire a second TL and a Stress, and spend the TL to boost your roll. I am sure I missed some, but you get the idea... We could use more.
  2. All I am saying is that in the 3 agility +focus defense scenario which is better... Focus + TL or auto blaster? As was explained the 3 attack + Focus + TL still had only an average of 0.99 damage making it through. That is 6 shots to take down that Defender not counting for misses. Go for the auto blaster though and yea sure you got a short range, but I would take the range issue over trying to punch my way through a brick wall with my bare knuckles.
  3. You can't look at it in a vacuum, you need to consider the defender's defense rolls as well. The above only works against a 0 AGI ship. For example, consider a 3-dice attack vs 3 defense dice. Lets assume that the defender has focus. Average damage is: 3 v 3 + F = 0.30 average damage 3 + F v 3 + F = 0.63 average damage 3 + F + TL v 3 + F = 0.99 average damage Specific numbers will obviously vary depending on the number of dice on each side, and the action economy of the defender. But the TL;DR is that F+TL is always appreciably better than just focus. You can run some examples yourself here. http://xwingdice.com/ I made no assumptions about what the defender's agility was going to be nor about what attack the attacker had. I evaluated it on a per die basis so people could easily extrapolate it to their own scenarios. Nothing more. You are assuming people are going to use their focus on their defense roll which is ineffecient. A 3 agility ship will on average only roll 1 evade. If they spend their focus on their defense then they don't have it to use on their return fire which acts to your benefit as they can only use it against one of your attacks. Also does this not validate what I am saying? If your opponent has chosen to use his focus on defense he has done so believing he is better served using it there than on his attack. Ergo he is eschewing a Focus + Target Lock in favor of something else.
  4. Let's put it this way... If you are rolling 3 dice for example the base 50% means you should average 1.5 hits per roll. Which will leave you usually getting 1-2 since obviously you can't roll a 1.5. Once you factor in a focus or target lock this increases to 2.25 which means you are going to be rolling 2-3 on average with a slightly higher percentage going to 2. Factoring in both a focus and TL you get an average roll of 2.8125 which still leaves you either 2-3 most of the time except slightly favoring the 3. So whether you get that second action out or not unless you are rolling 4 or more dice it seems rather insignificant statistically as in either case you are only making that 3rd hit result marginally more likely to occur.
  5. I have played a fair bit. I simply try to avoid posting topics where the opinions of the community are likely to be unanimous. I see no point in posting if I already know what the response I am going to get will be.Also I should clarify that the contention isn't that there aren't good options, but that the points may be better spent elsewhere. For example if you choose to take upgrades centered around stressing or giving out ion tokens you may be able to get better benefit by denying your opponent actions and shots. I thought of this largely because we see a lot of lists containing naked low PS pilots which obviously forgo the benefit of Focus + TL in favor of having an additional ship instead. These are some of the most effective lists at the moment.
  6. The following is a table showing the percentage chance for hits and crits on each die rolled. Modification |None |Focus|T. Lock|F+TL Crit Chance |12.5%|12.5%|18.75%|15.625% Hit Chance |37.5%|62.5%|56.25%|78.125% Total Chance|50% |75% |75% |93.75% Note: The Crit% for T.Lock assumes both focus and blank results are bring rerolled. The Crit% for F+TL assumes only blank results are being rerolled. Now getting a Focus and/or a TL cost 1 action each to obtain barring special circumstances and anything which grants you an additional action is going to cost you points. Even in those circumstances the ability used still costs you in points. Now your first action, which ever it may be, will increase your total chance per die for either a hit or crit by 50% from it's base chance. Your second action will experience a diminished return only improving an additional 25% on the already boosted roll. As such I suspect trying to get the second action may be a waste of points. The 75% chance for a hit or crit result may be more efficient in points than attempting to further modify the roll. What do you guys think?
  7. The text on the TLT was leaked. It is a range 2-3 turret with 3 attack. However, it attacks twice and if the attack hits it cancels all dice results and deals 1 damage to the defender. So it can only do up to two damage per turn.
  8. I think there are cases where ordinance can be worth it. Flechette Torpedoes make for an interesting choice when you are up against certain low agility targets. Keeping someone from doing a K-turn or using abilities can be useful. This is particularly good if you know when and where to use it. Got a large base ship with a turret after you? That ship costs a lot so no doubt they are counting on it to get it's focus +TL off on you every turn..smack it with some stress and you deprive it of those actions for a little while. For only 2 PTS I would say it might be worth while. Cluster Missiles can help you get quite a bit of extra damage off early in the game against low agility targets. I would say Ordinance is very situational.
  9. A spot located behind the large based ship which is difficult for it to maneuver around to. Because a large base ship has a base twice the length and width of a small ship a large ship's tightest turn, the 1 speed sharp turn, is not as sharp a turn as with small ships. If you can stress the ship to keep it from performing a K-tutn then it will have a very difficult time circling back to pursue anything behind it. It will take even longer if it tries to clear the stress with a green maneuver. So if it tries to clear the stress it slows down it's ability to circle around and if not it won't get it's actions. Also you need only really keep at range 2 or further with the preference being range 3. Staying out of range 1 is the main goal. At range 2-3 things favor you a bit. If you are at range 3 you get to roll 3 defence dice with a focus while they only get to roll 2. They will be using their focus on their attack so their defence roll will be unmodified. If you can get a TL you can spend it to modify your attack. At range 2 you get your normal rolls which, with the focus should get you 1-2 evades on average. While they get their 1 with no focus which will most frequently give them no evades. Do you really need to try and both Focus and TL to hit a ship with such low agility? I think not...B-wings are nice, but diverting your focus to use on defense is not a viable option on them as it still leaves them highly likely to get no evades due to their low agility. However 2-3 defense die can make an effective use of it if you are expecting a fairly hard hit coming your way. You aren't likely to miss with fletchett torpedoes so you should be able to get some stress tokens out to screw with the turret's movement/abilities.
  10. You don't try to outrun him. You out handle him. The large base can cover a lot of ground but also makes taking tight turns a bit more difficult. You fan out and simply try to take out his escorts first. If he hugs the edge of the board then hang out in the middle. Make him pursue you don't pursue him. If he refuses then pick off his escorts. You never play the match on your opponent's terms.
  11. A large base can cover a lot of ground, but it does have a blind spot. Also it can only pursue one ship at a time. Fan out and make it chase you down. A lot of people hyper focus on offense and that simply does not work with the X-wing. You have recent attack, but you have to know when to make use of that 2 agility otherwise you are only capitalizing on half your stats. Yes the Decimator can have quite a few Ties to flank you with, but remember they only get 2 attack so I am not as concerned about their damage as I am about that decimator. If you can force the decimator to shoot first then you can use the focus on the X-wing he targets for defense and then divert the attention of your other X-wings towards offense either against the decimator or against the ties. Personally I would engage the ties first to cut down on the number of attacks comming my way. The fewer attacks come your way the more effective using focus tokens defensively becomes. The strength here is that you have the option to use your focus and TL either offensively or defensively and to decent effect either way. Also bear in mind the more Ties they bring the more naked that decimator is going to be.
  12. This is not intended to be a discussion about trying to fix the ship with new upgrade ideas to pitch to FFG. Rather a discussion to formulate ideas about how we might be able to use the existing ship more efficiently with existing options. I got to thinking about this as I was in a discussion with someone who asserted the X-wing fell flat on it's face against large turreted ships. This let me to a realization. Many people try to outgun a large turret, and the X-wing just won't win that fight, but how else can you go at it? I realized large turrets cost a lot thus limiting the number of ships on the enemy side. As such the turret should be the toughest attack headed your way. This means you can divert from using your focus tokens for offence to using them for defense and possibly get more use out of them. You can also maneuver to keep at range 3 for that 3rd die. 3 dice each with a 5/8 chance to grant you an evade is going to make dealing damage to you a much slower process. Add in Expert Handling and you can shake off a TL or Engine upgrade to help keep out of range 1-2. Use R7 to convert your TL into a defensive tool. Use a Flechett torp to keep them from getting a Focus or TL. You get the point... Your opponent brought one big gun to the fight and you have the power to neuter it with a wide range of defensive options. That I think is the beauty of the X-wing. It's stats are pretty bland, but this allows it to be quite versitile. That 2 agility is pretty weak in a lot of situations, but facing a large turret can be easily used to your benefit with some smart flying. The HP on the X-wing is also pretty bland, but facing off against smaller more agile ships it will have the HP to last and with some good maneuvering some range 1 attacks will tear small fighters a new one. I think the X-wing has the capacity to be a good ship, but requires some really smart flying and a strategy tailored to the opponent it is up against.
  13. not against marathon fatties anyway the X-wing's problem really isn't the B-wing. While the Blue > the Rookie is almost every conceivable manner, pilots such as Wedge, Luke, and Biggs etc. offered utility that the B-wing could never even touch and led to effective lists such as Biggs walks the dogs, while also sporting a dial that helped the elite but sometimes fragile pilots sweep in from the flank Way I see it, the X-wing's main problem now is large ships with asstons of health and craptons of damage coupled with the X-wing's lack of maneuverability/the rather stupid turret advantage. Against these hyper modified 3/4 dice attacks, my experience is that they go down in flames at the same rate as Ties (2 attacks per pop) before barely even scratching the paint off the 10+ health. Whereas previously Wedge was a monster that could wreck small ships before they could shoot at him, he's now a bowtied bundle of free points for the opponent The fattie menace is what led me to limit my X-wings to 3 very specific pilots in Luke/Tarn/Biggs, with R4-d6 being essential on Biggs (R7 might as well be stapled to tarn) because they're the only ones who last long enough to have an impact that even comes close to how much you paid for them. Now, whereas an X-wing might survive if it gets lucky with green dice (hah), the B-wing will always soak 8 damage without even needing to get lucky on its one agility. This reliability plus the flexibility offered by barrel-roll and a healthy variety of upgrade slots is what makes it a far more preferable generic. All of the above is why my caveman fix to the Xwing would be to slap on native boost. Boost really stacks well with the X-wings range of 3 maneuvers and the straight 4, helping it sweep in from the side all the better More than that, though, it'd be able to equip auto-thrusters There is one thing you can do though it may be counterintuitive. Something the X-wing is better suited for than the B-wing. Fatties don't get much in the way of agility, and they cost a lot of points to field which limits the number of ships that can accompany them. Perhaps rather than spending your focus tokens on offense trying to take it down quicker maybe try using them on defense against the turret attack. With 2 agility and a few methods available to mod your defence rolls further maybe playing defensively against the fatty will work better than trying to out gun it. A focus on your defense roll gives each die a 5/8 chance of giving you an evade instead of 3/8. That is a big difference when you are talking about 2 dice instead of 1. Take the R7 astromechs and use your target locks to further mod your defense against the turret. Some Flechett torpedoes to keep it from getting a TL or focus occasionally might help too. And definitely make them chase you. Try to keep out at range 3 as much as you can. 3 defence die with a focus is going to slow their offense to a crawl with that R7.You won't out gun it, and you sure as hell don't have it beat on HP, but if you can make the most of your agility and screw with it's offense you might come out on top.
  14. Chris R


    I would think it would be better to do as a title card for use on the Y-wing and Tie Bomber. Maybe a somewhat different from what is presented here. I think if we are going to really want a ship dedicated to torpedoes the Y-wing could fit the bill, but it would require a third Torpedo slot so that you could then use Extra Munitions to get 4 torpedo shots off. Any less and it isn't worth the points doing further upgrades to work around the TL cost. We need more pilots with Elite Talents on the Y-wing too. PTL or Deadeye would be pretty important on any torpedo specialist. I suspect if we did get a title to expand upon the Y's torpedo prowess then it would likely need some sort of penalty to it's turret to compensate. Maybe a -1 range penalty to turret attacks. That way the Twin Laser Turret could still work on it with a range limit of 1-2.
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