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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I have recently added Milk of the Poppy, Nightmares and Turncloak to deal with him.
  2. Ok I got a few scenarios and I'm not sure how each should be handled with the Mad King in play. 1. If my opponent has the Mad King and no other character in play and I win a Military challenge does the Mad King die to the challenge even if I do not have a Noble character in play? 2. If my opponent has the Mad King and one other character in play and I win a 1 claim military challenge can he pick the Mad King as the claim target leaving the other character to live or since the Mad King cannot die does my opponent have to choose the other character? 3. Same as above but with a 2 claim challenge. Can he even pick the Mad King to satisfy the claim? 4. Will Valar Morghulis kill the Mad King? What about Wildfire Assault? Any good ways to get rid of this guy if you have no nobles in play? LOL
  3. I think we are using it the wrong way which makes it too powerful. Can you give a Dragon who is attacking +2 then if he wins the challenge unkneel him then attack again with him using a different challenge then if he wins that challenge unkneel him again?
  4. Can a character that does not kneel to attack make two attacks in one challenge phase? For Example, can a character with two icons(military and power) that is not required to kneel to attack able to make a military then a power challenge in the same phase?
  5. So no matter what set a character comes form you can only have 3 with the same name?
  6. When I play Lyseni Captain and pay two gold can I move power from one of my opponent's characters to the Captain?
  7. Is there any organized play going on in Kentucky?
  8. Thanks for the help. You will probably be hearing from me again when we get more cards and run into more situations. This is a great game that does not get enough credit.
  9. I just started playing last week with my family and we are only using the Core set so far. We are trying to learn how to play from watching youtube videos and reading the forums because we do not have anyone to teach us or even a local shop to play at. We have several questions about specific cards that are not covered in the FAQ or errata lists. 1. When using Robb Stark and you win the military challenge do you choose and kill one of the losing players characters even if that character did not participate in the challenge? Just to be sure, you choose after your opponent chooses who dies from the challenge right? 2. When my opponent has Viserys or Ser Davos in play can they always choose him if I win a military challenge? This seems over powered because he always returns to their hand and is played again next turn. 3. When using a card like Strong Belwas can I choose to save a character that was chosen as the killed character because of a military challenge? 4. If I have a location like Great Hall can I kneel it to make a Baratheon character cost 0? 5. When playing Lion's Will can I pay 4 gold to kneel two characters? 6. If I have Lightbringer attached to a character can I kneel it instead of killing the attached character for a lost military challenge. This seems over powered as well.
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