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  1. Force and/or Passive Sensors is more of an issue than Afterburners. By limiting the upgrade to double missile only it would be easier to control the balance of the upgrade. Basically, it would be great for the Bomber and the Aggressor (neither of which see all that much play), decent on the Punisher and K-Wing (which, again, see little play), and an interesting option for the Baktoid. I don't think single slot or missile/mod would necessarily make it unworkable, but it'd probably have to be more expensive, which again may make it nonviable on the intended platforms. I'm not sure I'd want 35ish point A-Wings chucking five dice attacks at R3, and that's before we get into Inquisitors that lock in the engagement phase and have a force token to spare, and TIE SFs that hop over you, turn their launcher (again, in the engagement phase) and throw five dice backwards.
  2. I've been experimenting with Passive Sensors since it dropped, so far with quite a bit of success. You'll need a decently tough, but also reasonably priced, ship with either a 3-dice gun, a missile slot, or ideally a torpedo slot. Bravo Squadron Pilot (34) Passive Sensors (3) Ion Torpedoes (6) At just 43 points, this ship is a massive threat to any ace, but especially one with agility 1-2 and a reliance on shields/hull to tank pot shots (7B Jedi, Poe/Nien/Ello, Wedge/Thane/Luke, Quickdraw, Grievous). You'll have to know when to go slow and when to go fast to maximise your chance of getting off a missile, and you'll have to have a follow-up plan for when the torpedo hits, but if you can get Anakin ioned and then pounce on him with 2-3 ships, he's pretty much dead. Nu Squadron Pilot (32) Passive Sensors (3) Ion Torpedoes (6) Empire version. No evade token for this guy, harder to turn around, but tougher, cheaper and able to reload. The same applies, except that with no turnaround moves you'll either have to be prepared to slow down and joust the ioned ship, or slam away and have some else follow up the attack. Strikers and Interceptors are mobile enough to converge on a vulnerable target, and could also help block to set it up in the first place. Zeta Squadron Survivor (32) Passive Sensors (3) Ion Missiles (4)/Concussion Missiles (6)/Cluster Missiles (5)/Special Forces Gunner (10)/Nothing! (0) Less potent ordnance than the other two, but also generally cheaper, and a butt gun that's aimable in the engagement phase and can fire missiles is pretty decent. Take whichever upgrade you can afford/suits the rest of your squad. Nothing wrong with a mix. With Rebels you can try B-Wings. Resistance and Scum unfortunately don't have any decent PS carriers. For Separatists it's more complicated, since the torpedo Hyena doesn't have the sensor slot and vice versa, but that faction also has Probe Droids, token sharing and engagement phase coordination, so maybe it's not so bad for them.
  3. Intensity was a lot of fun, but maybe too much for second edition? Same with old Advanced Optics/Comm Relay. Cruise Missile is probably the one I miss the most. Very powerful, but it requires a lot of work, just like APT and Proton Rockets. Keep it reasonably cheap, give it three charges and requiring two missile slots, and you might even have a reason to bring Aggressors.
  4. Just a guess, but I'd wager no ship with an astro slot will get blue turns as long as the R4 exists. It would be a bad design as it would limit the number of possible builds.
  5. In theory, but it doesn't work particularly well in practice, which is why Soontir Fel is the only Interceptor that see play, and why Rebel players are constantly asking for an I5-6 A-Wing. The Resistance A-Wing is a much better design in that it not only offers more options (which you appear to be in favour of), but actually works at lower initiatives.
  6. Yes? An evading jedi with an evade and two force does not reposition, has no lock or focus, and is completely spent the next turn. It also either has 4 HP, or agility 2. Soontir, Defenders, Phantoms and Inquisitors can play the token stacking game much better without completely deflating and having to run away afterwards. The strength of the jedi lies in the ability to double repo with an offensive mod. They certainly can't tank particularly well. So, obviously, that's where you hit them. Either meet them at R3 with Passive Sensors and an Ion Torpedo, block them, or bomb them. Don't try to knife fight them on their own terms, because you'll just lose.
  7. Possibly, but I'd wager this is why the TIE Interceptor and Rebel A-Wing see so little play, and why Turr Phennir and Jake Farrell are much less useful than, say, Mace Windu. The 'designed to work with blue dial' design philosophy forces you to either a) be supremely predictable, or b) not use your ability at all, unless you know exactly where your opponent will be. The TIE Striker, Aethersprite, Resistance A-Wing and now TIE/ba are all much better designs.
  8. I would seem that they're avoiding action-linking more and more these days (except when actually on the bar). It makes sense, with all the coordinate stuff going on. If the A-Wing/Interceptor where actually designed today, they'd probably have the maneuver trigger too.
  9. Jedi aren't particularly strong defensively. Can't you just, you know, kill them? Obi-Wan, Plo, Mace and Luminara are all I4-5, so if you don't want to swarm them, bring Fenn Rau, Soontir Fel, Poe Dameron or Quickdraw and smack them in the face. ****, even Midnight can shut down a jedi completely. 7B R2 Anakin is strong, but he's also as expensive as a Defender ace, while being less tough and not hitting any harder. If CLT R2 Aethersprites are popular in your meta, try Proton Bombs. Deathrain works, and a couple of Barrage Rocket/Proton Bomb Scimitars will make jedi scramble. If people are running 7Bs (or other agility 2 aces like Poe and Wedge), I can't stress this enough: Ion Torpedoes are amazing. Take a couple of Gunboats with Passive Sensors, or (if you're a republican yourself) Bravos. Passive Sensor/Ion Missile SFs are also decent if slightly less reliable.
  10. That was probably a last minute adjustment, though, like the missile slots on the K-Wing. By now they should have playtested the game enough to roughly understand how to balance the expansion packs.
  11. Ideally I agree, but there's probably a financial reason and/or shelf space to do it this way. L5R does the same; even if you only play Scorpion and Crane, you're not enable to buy a card pack without Dragon and Phoenix cards as well. At least it isn't as bad as CCGs. Still, the packs are not particularly expensive, most X-Wing players play more than one faction, and couldn't you just trade or give away the cards you can't use to a player who can?
  12. Why are you so sad? Is it the concept of card packs, or the contents of these particular ones?
  13. Very happy. Several of my lists dropped 10ish points. The only pilots I regularly field that saw increases were Anakin, Vader, Soontir Fel and Whisper, but those too were too cheap anyway. Time to put Obi-Wan and Echo on the table (less sure about Maarek and Turr)! My beloved Inquisitors (and the best pilot in the game, Seventh Sister) got even cheaper, named Torrents seem playable now, and with nearly every First Order pilot getting cheaper the faction is looking stronger than ever. El Presidente is back!
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