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  1. Okapi

    Best guess on Anakins Ability

    That's a good trick! N-1 Anakin does this though, not Aethersprite Anakin.
  2. Okapi

    What Does 2.0 Offer to the Casual Player?

    I'd argue correct balance is even more important for casual players than competitive ones. The purely competitive gamer doesn't care about theme, and is perfectly happy to run The Best List. Casual players, on the other hand, wants to run ships that are cool, thematic and fun to play, but still have a fighting chance. In 1.0, I regularly had to dissuade newcomers from picking up their favourite ships, explaining to them that if they did, they'd lose nearly ever game. Now, in 2.0 (or is it 2.1 now?), I don't, and THAT is great for the casual community.
  3. Okapi

    Rebel Tie/ln Fighter

    Both Sabine and Ezra are decent.
  4. Okapi

    Next Hyperspace monster? Briliant Luke

    Didn't think about Stealth Device, that's actually a decent addition. Maybe throw Evaan in there as well, and some way to pass out foci? I'm mostly looking forward to playing this card (assuming a 1-3 point cost; any more is too much) on Seventh Sister. She's already hard as nails, problably the toughest ship in the game relative to her points cost, and this might make those force tokens last that much longer.
  5. Sticking two expensive mods on Hel is probably a trap, but I don't think the pilot himself necessarily is. Like Quickdraw, he is a hard hitting ship your opponents will want to ignore, and that's what you have to take advantage of. Keep him cheap and fly recklessly. If they ignore him, fine, then he can shoot 3-4 dice into them each turn with no return fire. If they use their superiour initiative and repositioning to avoid him, fine, then they're not modding and possibly not shooting. If they do attack him, fine, he's reasonably tough with a focus, and if he dodges multiple attacks before his Device breaks, he'll stress multiple ships. I want to try something like this: Viktor Hel (45) Stealth Device (6) Elusive (3) / Predator (2) Lando Calrissian (49) Lando's Millennium Falcon (6) 0-0-0 (5) Asajj Ventress (76) Hate (3) That leaves 7-8 points to play with. I don't think I'd go with a bid for these guys, with so many 556 squads in the meta. 4-LOM (2) seems strong on large ships, especially Asajj, who actually gets access to a new maneuver (blue 1-straight) by being stressed. I guess Trick Shot (2) is still the large turret talent of choice, so Lando can get that. BT-1 (2) might have a little bit of utility. That leaves cards like Intertial Dampeneres, Qi'Ra, Tobias Becket, Tactical Scrambler and Deadman's Switch. I'm sure there's a combination to find there somewhere.
  6. Okapi

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Concussion Missiles do the same thing better, especially in multiples. Like Estarriol says, the main problem (besides no R3 shot) is that the second attack, if you even get it, is unmodified. You'd either need a carrier that can have two locks (Redline, R3 Astromech), or some support ship nearby that lets you mod your attack (Jonus). The ideal Cluster Missile carrier would probably be something with missile, astro (R3) and sensor (FCS) slots as well as a 2-dice attack. Add in Long Range Scanners and you have something really interesting. And hey, why not SLAM and OS-1 as well. I shall name it the N-1 Cluster E-Boat.
  7. The Aggressor is similar in statline, but the turrets are so cheap now that they're basically built in, which makes it a little harder to compare them. I agree with the people expecting just mod/missile(/talent) on the V-19, which makes the upgrade bar and statline strictly worse, while the dial is arguably worse (but definitely not by much). The action bar is better, but again, not by much. I generally disagree that upgrade slots should have an inherent cost, except when the upgrade slot is tied so closely to the ship that you'd never fly it without it filled. I'd say the TIE Aggressor is an example of this. It's costed the way it is (which looks a little expensive), because those options are very cheap, and if you're not bringing a turret you might as well take a different ship, like a Bomber, Fighter or Advanced x1. So in this case, I'd say worse upgrade bar lets us substract a point or maybe two. The shield might make a difference, so maybe a point for that as well. You could also argue that the Republic has access to buffs far ahead of anything the Empire can offer a tiny turret ship (although Palpatine sounds like an interesting choice), but I'd say that's where faction identity should lie, not in which ships are cheap and which are expensive. So, I'd have it cost 26-28 points. Since I'll be playing Republic in Hyperspace for the forseeable future I'd be pleasantly surprised if it hits 25, but the 23 points suggested by some other people seems completely far-fetched to me.
  8. I think players in general have underestimated most of the missiles. While I still feel Cluster Missiles are a little subpar, and I don't entirely understand the 66% price hike Homing Missiles got, Concussion Missiles and Ion Missiles are solid. Not as good as Proton Torpedoes, obviously, but not all that far behind a 3-dice primary. They also both have three charges, and if you live long enough to actually run out, you're quite likely ahead in the game. Sure, getting the lock with a low initiative ship can be difficult, but there's plenty of coordinate tricks you can do at this stage, and it definitely looks like Rep and CIS will be able to take part.
  9. Okapi

    Purple Actions - What We Know So Far

    I think things may have changed a little (for the better) since 1.0 though. Since so many generics can reposition and focus, or even double reposition, plus the fact that lists in general feature more ships nowadays, an ace that keeps doing the same couple of blue moves is often easily blocked. I personally enjoy flying generic StarVipers, v1s and Strikers, and the likes of Soontir Fel and Poe Dameron don't worry me in the slightest, as I can predict that 2-turn and get in the way every other turn. A ship with a completely open dial is a completely different matter, especially if said ship can hop right over me and turn around at no cost, like Nien, Ello and Defenders, or failing that at least turn their guns around (RZ-2, TIE/sf).
  10. Okapi

    Purple Actions - What We Know So Far

    It's not really a rumour, though, but a response to speculation and wishlisting. FFG has never, ever, implied that the purple action is a free action. The forum only started speculating on this because it seemed like a bad choice, in the same way people kept insisting that the Upsilon had to have some kind of butt gun, or it'd be dead on arrival.
  11. It's the same thing. When asked to choose between an apple and an orange, you don't stand there confused because you think you're supposed to pick some other fruit in the middle.
  12. Okapi

    How to handle the Yion lists with aces?

    Spread the rocks out, slowroll and watch them sweat trying to move that formation across the table. Eventuelly you'll see an opening you can pounce on. Don't engage until turn 4-5.
  13. Okapi

    TIE/v1 Advanced Prototype

    I've got a few more games in, and I'm 11-3 with the list. The losses were against said B-Wings, and a Poe/Nien/Ello list. The latter one was mostly down to luck (although he is a skilled player). Fired three Concussion Missiles into tokenless Nien and Poe, but due to him rolling blanks, re-rolling into double evades three times in a row. I'd have flipped the table if I didn't like the guy. Got Poe down relatively early, but the game ended with my ships dead, Nien at 1 HP and Ello at 3 HP. In retrospect, maybe ships with "free" turnaround moves like Ello, Nien and Defenders are a challenge for this list. It's hard to block both a 4k and a 1-straight. Maybe I need to get creative with the Lambda.
  14. Okapi

    Has anybody tried...

    Put Sai and Oicunn on the table a while back. It was pretty horrible. Though, maybe, with fewer torps around and cheaper big ships? Maybe I should try it again. Sai (47) ST-321 (4) Emperor Palpatine (11) Oicunn (78) Intimidation (3) Seventh Sister (9) Hull Upgrade (2) Academy Pilot (23) Academy Pilot (23) Sai coordinates reinforce to Oicunn every turn, getting her own reinforce as well as a lock. Oicunn locks when he can and tries to block opposing ships. Palpatine and Seventh Sister provides foci, and the latter also prevents any k-turns og linked action shenanigans near Oicunn. The TIEs are mostly there to run interference; replace them with a FCS/Conc Inquisitor if you want more firepower (and another I3), or Duchess if you want an ace.
  15. Okapi

    TIE/v1 Advanced Prototype

    Any list name will do. This ship has a horrible name anyway? TIE Advanced Prototype? Too long! TAP? Sounds dumb! TIE Advanced v1? Too similar to TIE Advanced x1! Just v1? That's hardly a name, and has that silly iPhone-like spelling with an initial lowercase letter. In any case, I'm calling mine No One Expects It.