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  1. Okapi

    Importing TIE/D

    "After you perform an attack, you may spend an evade token to perform a bonus [cannon] attack using a [cannon] upgrade you have not attack with this turn." Wording pilfered from B-Wing card, has a cost, but two ways to pay it. Interesting synergy with pilot skill, similar to Advanced Optics, where spending the token with an ace is a gamble, and the I1 is generally safe. Thematically, it represents the Defender staying on target for a bit longer, foregoing some defensive ability.
  2. Okapi

    Is Dash still Bad?

    K2SO isn't so bad on him. Grab a calculate and a stress, fly over a gas cloud, lose the stress, grab a lock, throw four almost fully modded dice. Of course, starts at 113 points, but maybe?
  3. Okapi

    Mag-Pulse Warheads

    Tried it out on Redline, and it wasn't half bad. Reasonably cheap, full mods, has reload. Pretty decent way of shutting down another agility 1-2 I5 ace that failed to get out of the way. The synergy with Juke isn't bad either, making him a decent wingmate for Whisper or Rexler. Chuck in a couple of blockers (Strikers/Fighters/Interceptors) or another I5 ace (Tomax, the Grand Inquisitor, Duchess) and I think you have a pretty decent list. No need for a bid, you'll want to shoot first anyway. Actually facing Whisper with this guy seems hilarious. A Phantom hit by a Mag-Pulse before it gets to shoot is one useless Phantom. I'm also thinking Airen Cracken might get some use out of the missile, possibly with a Failsafe in case the dice, well, fail.
  4. I5, 2 force, purple jam after complete maneuver!
  5. So, one (and only one, as far as I know) random retailer got a stack of Vonregs last week, which sold out within the day. Still waiting on Hotshots.
  6. I usually bring a Seismic Charge if points allow. I rarely attempt to actually do damage when dropping bombs, but forcing opponents to either select evasive maneuvers in case I decide to explode an obstace, or scrambling to get out of the way when I do, is often very valuable. My local meta is full of low HP aces, and a single hit scored on Soontir Fel or Fenn Rau is certainly worth 3 points. Removing rocks has the added bonus of making it easier for my Decimator/TIE Punisher/Y-Wing to maneuver later on. If I'm facing Separatists, there's now one less rock for them to tractor me onto, it clamp onto with their struts. If I'm bringing Proton Bombs, it's usually because I have a second bomber, ideally one that's built to last at little bit longer than most. A pair of K-Wings, with one carrying Seismics and Sabine, with the other carrying Proton Bombs, has worked pretty well for me. I'm excited to give the new missile a go on these guys, since it's pretty much ideal for a ship with a bowtie arc and now built in forward gun.
  7. Okapi

    Mag-Pulse Warheads

    Interesting idea. If you can get close and have 0-0-0 and the title on him, your opponent will have to choose between giving you doublish mods or an extra die for the turret. Maybe even Dengar, to punish tokenless attackers? I also noticed that Talonbane's ability works with missiles. It's probably not the right upgrade for him, but it does make him more dangerous at R3 while also being an option at R1, and he is I5, making him decently likely to shut down an attacker.
  8. Okapi

    Mag-Pulse Warheads

    Anyone got some practice with these? Finally got my vonregs the other day, and while I doubt I'll use them as missile carriers, I figured these could be an interesting alternative to Concussion Missiles on some carriers. I generally prefer to stick missiles on ships with a limited primary firepower. I also think 2 charges might be a little less than ideal for a ship without the reload action, but I might be wrong on that. So far I'm considering these carriers: TIE Punisher: Seems like a decent choice. Access to Passive Sensors, white reload, and there's an I5 available. As budget ordnance there's competition from the Ion Torpedo though. Alpha-class Star Wing: About the same as the Punisher, really, decent with either FCS + AdvSLAM, or Passive Sensors. TIE Bomber. Probably only worth it with Jendon, but you never know. Barrage Rockets is maybe a safer bet on this more fragile body with a red reload. With Jendon, I'm thinking it could be interesting to try a mix of missiles and torps, like Mag-Pulse, Conc, Diamond-Boron and Ion Torp, and fire in the order that makes sense depending on the target. Quinn Jast: The only decent Scum choice I could think of, but it seems strong on him. Getting the lock might prove tricky though. K-Wing: As long as you can go fast and get the lock, point the turret sideways and get stuck in! The fact that MPWH is R1-3 makes it very appealing to a knife fighting lump like that. Maybe a simple build with just the warhead and some Proton Bombs/Seismics? Hyenas: Seems decent here too, on most of them really. Probe Droids lets you get locks, R1-3 prevents your opponent from boosting in and denying you the shot. Any other suggestions?
  9. Okapi

    Proud Tradition

    Also a good point. Only ever tried the combo with Quickdraw, with FCS. Still, focus/evade on an I3 isn't bad either.
  10. Okapi

    Proud Tradition

    Good point! Well, I guess you could bring Muse along to mitigate that.
  11. Okapi

    Proud Tradition

    It's a little on the pricy side, Proud Tradition paired with Pattern Analyzer on the TIE/sf is really strong. Do a 1-turn, either lock, evade or trigger Passive Sensors, take a stress, and then focus. Starting the first engagement with either full offensive or full defensive mods is pretty powerful. With that dial, shedding the stress on the next turn is easy enough.
  12. You really only need one dial for a wing, until you decide to break the off, which you probably won't until you've lost a couple anyway.
  13. Yes? Limited format is limited, that is kind of the point. Like Standard or Block in MTG, the idea is to a) shake up the meta by forcing players to pick something other than ageing staples, and b) making sure new players can participate equally, not requiring them to look for legacy items. It's almost a given that such a format won't contain all of your favourites (in this case Rey and Aethersprite Anakin), or you might not be able to kit them out exactly as you like (Vader). I personally prefer to play Empire, and none of my favourite ships are in the format (v1, Lamdba, Phantom, Defender), which is a little sad. Then again, the limited pool of ships and pilot not only force me to try out new things, but also my opponents, which means a break from facing the same lists over and over again. Again, that's the opposite of stale. Of course, if hyperspace were to replace extended, rather than supplementing it, I'd agree, that's not ideal, but I think I'd be able to adapt. I'd rather play one format exclusively for a little while rather than take a break or quit altogether, but that's just me. For now I'll pack lists for both formats and play whatever people feel like.
  14. You're married to a couple of pilots and not interested in the format because they aren't legal? That makes you the stale one, mate. Try some stuff you've never put on the table! Think of this as an opportunity to do something you usually wouldn't.
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