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  1. Well what happened was Nurgle marine pissed off a war band of Night Lords they needed for helping them latter. So they are being sent on a mission to redeem themselves and IRONICALLY makes Nurgle very displeased. They must pick flowers from the Emperors garden. So evil but in all seriousness they need to spread fear and terror in hard ways to make the Lords happy.
  2. Hmmm I would say that would be ironic but in this future thats probably how you end up as. Well we were aiming to do something of each person gets to pick a regiment they come from and we get mixed together after some chaos nonsense take place.
  3. Hmmmm I see. I guess the big thing to ask now is what regiment is considered garbage and is Kreig one of them?
  4. Okay so we have been playing for awhile and now I've hit another road block. I have NPC Night Lord with his power scythe and the Plague Marine character keeps trying to take it from him. Heck even the mini human Khorne berserker player charged at the Plague Marine. Thank fully a fight was avoided when our Choosen pinned them down. But should I just give the scythe over or make him earn his own?
  5. So if Ogryns cane broken what about rattlings?
  6. Well the Plague marine didn't get to poison the food since the champion made the call and offered it to the people. However for the next mission they have to poison the eastern lower hive water supply. Will that appease Nurgle since they will die of disease ?
  7. Alright so are the sub-human characters just terrible?
  8. Very great idea's good. Your providing me with a lot of things to consider. But I have a question for you... What would you play as? This is just to get a field of what seem's to be the norman and not..... Also are Ogryns broken? I'm not going to play one but someone in our group does.
  9. Well the thing is I was going to have have them do that at another point. Right now they need a population that is healthy to start revolting. Not the shambling zombies we all know and love. They need a raving horde of blood thirsty mobs demanding that the nobles be over thrown and then boom Chaos saves the day proving the Emperor is false. But you guys are giving me new ideas to test latter.
  10. Reporting back what happened with their mission. After taking all you're advice I slapped him with grandfather Nurgle is not pleased and lost some infamy. He was okay with it and seems to have switched to a more compliant player. After all when you're chaos lord shows up with ten terminators you will shape up. Beside that, the next mission has them appeasing Khorne and will draw Khorne Berserker. They have to sneak into the local PDF barracks and kill them as well as stealing a supply of food. To make it seem like the greedy nobles are keeping it away from the lower hive citizens. However they must not destroy it for they will give it to the people and say look how generous chaos is to you. How do I curb any Super Nurgle Player action?
  11. To provide an example of how the story is going so people can get a feel of things. The main goal of the campaign is to make a solar system fall to chaos. There first mission to achieve this is to turn a priest into a spawn at the height of his speech. They would have to use a special rifle that was silenced blessed by a Tzeentch psyker. However once they got to the psyker he tried to kill him since their two gods are opposed. It's just being over zealous to the fluff I guess, the psyker didn't like him either but none the less tried to do his end of the deal. Even the khorne worshiping Renegade didn't go against the psyker. I don't know I might just be nit picking, or do you think it could lead to future problems. Since they would need to get a war host of all the chaos god's to win the final battle?
  12. Hey guy's we are about to start a Black Crusade campaign with a Renegade , Plague Marine, Champion, and Apostate. However the Plague Marine won't listen to anyone at the moment saying he will do everything to appease Nurgle and will take the fun out of the story...... How do I fix it and still let him worship Nurgle without him taking everyone off the track.
  13. Very Helpful so far guys. Thanks for responding also to clarify on it. I was just trying to find a way to build a over all guardsmen. However your suggestions have given me food for thought. Oh my friend also asked since the Death Korp get +2 wounds would the stormtrooper class be good or no?
  14. Hey guys, I was going to start playing Only War soon and I need help. I want to play as a Death Rider or Death Korp of Krieg since they look fun to play.... However I'm confused as to what and how to build these. I know the normal guardsmen has specialties but I don't know what fits best and what's a good build for a rider. Anything you guys suggest would be very helpful!!!!!
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