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  1. Darn. I guess its wrong everywhere in the book. Can't wait to get my hands on a book not being sold by a holonet Hutt.
  2. I believe the career grants the force rating and the specialization does not. Might have to check the first paragraph or two of each career.
  3. The Shii-Cho Knight talent name should read SUN DJEM not SUM DJEM. I know its a spelling error in the talent tree at least. Don't have the book.
  4. I feel you on that one Norton. I'm sure we'll see it released in PDF. Black Sun was released on Free RPG Day as "Shadows of a Black Sun" in June last year then released as a PDF titled "Under a Black Sun" in September. Fingers crossed! All else fails, Tro, just convert the ones from the beginner box to Core Rules. Those beginner sheets are posted online and should be able to get you started.
  5. You may see some pop up around September 13th for Rebellion Day. FFG didn't participate in free RPG Day as they did last year with their Black Sun adventure. I was sad about that at first but Rebellion Day is a pretty neat idea. Go check in with your local FLGS. As a fellow GM I hope you sign up a spread the message.
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