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  1. I think it's a bit of a misnomer about what people mean when they want complex games that's gotten into the rulebooks. Rules need to be universal and bug-free, which is easiest done by keeping things simple. The complexity comes twofold: First from the GM and his plot. The rulebooks can't help you there. Secondly, however, from the crunch in providing options for players. The more they have, the more complex the game. If you're limiting even basic actions such as the untouchable's ability to nullify psykers with an XP pay-wall, you aren't providing options, you're limiting them. The current system of forced progression paths (aptitudes) and nerfs that contribute literally nothing to balance isn't the way to go. Ideally, we would be building upon past editions and their options instead, and introducing genuinely NEW things players can do, instead of limiting them compared to Rogue Trader (which, despite its class system, is still one of the most-played RPGs of the 40k line for good reason: PLENTY of options).
  2. Well, if you want to be hurt about a very valid comparison you dismiss because of your own ignorance of how Tyranids are used in campaigns, by all means, go right ahead. It's your loss. Dismissal wasn't my intention, right until this post. You dismissed yourself.
  3. By this point in the SW stories, the authors had painted themselves into a corner by making the Jedi invincible Asgardian supermen. The Vong were a broken answer to the broken way they had given the Jedi so much power-creep in the novels. The concept wasn't inherently flawed, but the execution sure was... They already had the solution at hand, ironically: Droids. As for 'only similar superficially', I'm genuinely curious how your party is going to learn all these intricate details that protect the Vong writers from copywrite infringement lawsuits and, y'know, survive the experience.
  4. Aside from being a bioform based, overwhelming extra-galactical threat, the tyranids have canonically done just about everything the Vong have, from deploying secret agents to spy and usurp (genestealers) over the mutation of planets into their native ecosystem to backhanded diplomacy (Zoats...). The interaction of the nid bioform with native environments is a huge part of why the 40k galaxy is how it is ecologically. Then there's the negation effect the 'nids have on their galaxy's jedi equivalent on top of all that. Literally everything a PC group is going to see from the Vong, the Tyranids do. The only difference is the Vong's motivation/doctrine is out there in the open and that they have more unique antagonist figures, rather than a big unknown spot to be filled by the GM (or Blizzard Entertainment) as he pleases. Thing is, for all that different core motivation, the actual ingame effect of the two species is identical.
  5. You're overreacting. Odds are, the person missing isn't even half as bothered by folks playing in his absence as you are. Groups play minus one player all the time, because sometimes, things happen that mean someone can't attend on short notice. Everyone else having cleared their evenings by default means they have nothing else to do, so not playing because ONE GUY (!) is missing is a ****** move to everyone else who's going to show up and has no other plans. As for how I personally handle missing players: Their characters usually have a reason to be doing something else or, if present, do boring things like supervise the NPC minions or whatever during legwork. They're kept out of combat and they get XP like everyone else, because we give group XP. If not present, there's time in between sessions to handle what they were doing and roll a few dice.
  6. I'm not surprised. I wouldn't have helped you either directly. What I would have done is linked you to a path of inquiry that can properly address what you want: Warhammer 40k and Tyranids. The Vong are almost a 1:1 'nid rip-off and the Warhammer fanbase has developed considerable material for it and actually LIKES the 'nids/Vong/Bugs/whatever. In contrast, expecting a Star Wars forum to be helpful about one of the reasons people are glad the old EU is gone is a bit too optimistic for the internet, I'm afraid. Literally, go look for Tyranids, translate it back to Star Wars and you'll have more material than you'll even want. and this demonstrates why I don't bother asking the questions I want to ask, because people aren't helpful. I know nothing about Warhammer, absolutely NOTHING. How is linking me to something I know nothing about going to help me? I know a lot about the Vong, its simply working them into coherent adventures and statting them out that I wanted to discuss and bounce ideas off to work something out for my campaign, but apparently...being sent to look at something I know nothing about would help. You don't need to know diddly squat about Warhammer to ask Warhammer GMs how they do adventures with Vong Tyranids. Directing you someplace where you'll get decent answers is the very definition of "helping". I garuantee you there are more Warhamster GMs out there who've done adventures with literally the Vong in anything but name Tyranids than there are Star Wars GMs who've done the same, because your average SW fan loathes the very idea of the Vong.
  7. I'm not surprised. I wouldn't have helped you either directly. What I would have done is linked you to a path of inquiry that can properly address what you want: Warhammer 40k and Tyranids. The Vong are almost a 1:1 'nid rip-off and the Warhammer fanbase has developed considerable material for it and actually LIKES the 'nids/Vong/Bugs/whatever. In contrast, expecting a Star Wars forum to be helpful about one of the reasons people are glad the old EU is gone is a bit too optimistic for the internet, I'm afraid. Literally, go look for Tyranids, translate it back to Star Wars and you'll have more material than you'll even want.
  8. I don't get why we're talking about this. The EU is now defunct.
  9. Addictions, even severe ones, are things you can take care of yourself with sufficient strength of will. Without the decision to quit for yourself, nothing anyone says or does can or will make an addict stop for long. As it is, I'd look into cold withdrawal with an MD droid at hand, and then bacta therapy and possible cybernetic replacement of damaged organs. Withdrawal itself goes from simple things like headaches, double vision and increased bloodpressure all the way to full seizures and terminal breakdowns. She will want the substance and will have to fight her body's need for the drug at every waking moment. She's going to have to police herself with great self discipline not to relapse. Given deathsticks are smoked, passive inhalement might even be a problem. Realistically, I'd subtract a considerable amount of dice from her pools until her body is fully off the drug, which shouldn't take more than 2-3 ingame weeks. After that, she's going to have to put herself back together by whatever means possible, both physically and mentally. The mental bit, the underlaying urge for her fix, well, that might linger for years to come. Or she could funnel that obsession into something else. Many former addicts latch on to a new hobby to fill the void left by the absence of the drug.
  10. The EU (now defunct ofc) had Hutts in repulsor-sleds when they wanted to move fast and Hutt combat 'armour' that was basically a hutt-shaped mini-vehicle the Hutt inside would drive around. Barring that, it'll be on the player to endear himself enough to the group to have them bail him out and be it by having a crane at hand to grab Hutty and run in a pinch.
  11. Oh yeah, mos. def. Kylo's injuries at that point are so severe he literally needs the force to even stay upright. He isn't so much drawing strength from his pain as trying to articulate and focus the dark powers that keep him standing and in the fight at all. that's what I'm trying to say here. If he were actually 'stronger' due to the injuries, he would've won the fight, but Driver I think shows rather nicely how he's barely holding it together in his acting in that scene. Once he loses that focus, it becomes pretty obvious imo. He goes down like a stone
  12. Skip back two pages. He's thumping his chest because he took an abdominal wound and pressure is building in his torso.
  13. Medical and engineering specialists are useful when things or people get broken that endanger the survival of the group. If your hyperdrive needs repaired NOW 'cause you're being shot at, then you need a mechanic. If your comrade is bleeding out on the floor with 4th degree burns around a festering gut wound, then you need a medic on the spot. To pick up a couple of vitamin pills or mod a weapon isn't really what your party mechanic or medic is for. That's stuff that has no real urgency and maybe even something they don't actually want to waste their time with. For me, the question is more why your local legal arms dealer doesn't offer mods as a service package. Embrace modern capitalist ideas!
  14. I remarked in another thread elsewhere how awesome it would be to have Leia go full darkside on Kylo, now that he's killed Han. Her son, her responsibility, et al. Alternatively, have her be his 'Vader' trying to turn him back to the light. Though I think that's less likely than an aggressive response. Leia was always pretty angry from what I saw of her on screen. Never mind SHE gets along fine with a bunch of fuzzy cannibals for some reason. Didn't that creep anybody out? I could see Leia being the main reason Kylo went bad, too. She was tortured by Vader, she associates the force with Vader, so her son having it and going to train with Luke likely would have netted a very poor response from her. She even hints at this in her conversation with Han about Kylo. All the force stuff and her own personal Vader-trauma could well lead to her pushing her own son away...and right into Snoke's arms. As for Rey, oof, she's kind of a hybrid in concepts between Jaina and Jarael. That much is clear for me from simply looking at her character. One of those inspirations is related to Luke, the other isn't related to anybody and, iirc, a genetic experiment. It could really go either way. I'm liking the Anakin connection more and more, though. Having the Vader-wannabe face off against literally Vader would be amusing. On the other hand: Do we even know Luke is still good or wants to be a jedi? The next arc could very well be Rey coming to learn and finding out that there's not only very little to learn, but the real task is getting Luke back in the fight.
  15. Nah, one of the people I went to see the movie with is a surgeon. I'm anything but I think Rey's lasting injuries will be emotional ones in episode eight, given who's directing it and who's writing it. Nine is where they're going stab her.
  16. With abdominal wounds (especially explosive ones), there's sometimes a pressure build-up inside the body you need to lessen before it gets fatal. Forceful expulsion aka punching via pressure above the wound to get the air out is literally to prevent himself from dying. He was "feeding on his pain" is what you tell kids when you don't want to tell them "he doesn't want his lungs to be crushed inside his body and his guts to spill out due to air pressure buildup". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pneumothorax (notably what Kylo is doing doesn't work for long and unless he receives proper medical care ASAP after the fight, he's going to need his lungs regrown, or artificial ones...)
  17. Korn! Bier! Schnaps und Wein! And a party in the cannabis field... When you think about it, the amount of songs about booze and drugs we have here is...uncanny. And telltale <.<
  18. The undying desire for alcohol and parties. So, nothing much
  19. Spinning the reincarnation thing a bit further, something I would love to see, but is sadly unlikely to happen, is Rey being somehow related to...
  20. In this context, I am sorely tempted to post 'Poor Little Sith Lord', but I think it qualifies as NSFW... So I'll just post this. Episode 7 is maximum edge.
  21. I'm not sure how I feel about the Anakin Reincarnated pitch up there. I think it could be awesome if done correctly (and tbh, why shouldn't force ghosts be capable of reincarnating?). But if it starts mirroring RL religions too closely it'd just get a tired sigh from me. As with almost everything, it's really in the 'how'... Hermaphroditic, self-replicating force users are the future. We'll even call it "Attack of the Clones".
  22. Depends what you're looking for. /swr/ over on /co/ can be pretty good at times when it's not being trolled. They usually have new Rebels-related stuff the fastest, too. Rancorpit isn't bad either, if you have any connection at all to the old WEG line. I haven't posted on Star Wars.com in eons myself, but I recall it being pretty decent. Is it still up?
  23. It's kind of a fascinating thought experiment to RP a non-standard droid, really. Some of the most fun (and most character development) was when playing a messanger droid model who went from "Obey Master" and "Messages must be delivered" through the complete mindwarp that is "You are free now" to "People charge for messages" and finally "Delivering this message may mean I deliver less messages in the future. What do?". Something so completely rudimentary as a walking power coupling can end up a LOT of fun if you're willing to toss it outside its element a bit (which is prone to happen in an RPG, really).
  24. Greymatter: "(I'm a veteran of EVE Online. You don't know forum evil until you've delved into those deeps.)" Madre dios, my condolences. It's almost as bad as /b/ over there.
  25. I'm in Oslo (if you are from there...) in May I might hold you to that drinking beer thing! That's the wrong side of the mountains man. Wrong side of the mountains. The flatlands. ...is this a cunning plan to get us to import alcohol to Finnland?
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