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  1. yep, most Android devices have HDMI I think, and dont Samsung do VR these days - see Google Cardboard and the like. Hmm, the possibilities.
  2. they should also post to their official site, not just one of the many social networking sites. anyway, looking forward to the app (and the normal additions to the game).
  3. This is an exciting development. To have an additional way of playing this great title, and to have it as software rather than 'print and ship' co-op expansions - to have it as something that allows for frequent and easy updates and alterations as required, that may at some time include the most recent and up to date rules index, blah, blah, blah. Any negatives that may arise (stop guessing at how bad it could be) can easily be modified and updated with minimum impact to the developers and consumers. Who actually thinks that this app hasn't been play-tested? Who thinks FFG haven't selected the best features/rules that they could think up? Who thinks that the app was developed to replace any previous methods of playing the game? Who thinks they have a right to tell FFG that they have it wrong based on nothing better than an announcement and a preview write-up, but not the actual app? Who thinks that apps are never altered or updated to include better and/or additional ways of doing things? Who thinks that FFG just cant make games, or cant make fun games? I don't like coke nor agree with why Fanta was made BUT I don't criticise nor make any demands for their removal or alteration. It is FFGs game and they have the right to do anything they bloody-well want to do to it, and you have the right not to buy in to it if you don't want to. Complaining and criticising at this early stage is less than helpful, and helps to drive people away from forums like this one, as well as demotivating creative minds.
  4. FFG, this is a fantastic bit of creativity. I hope to utilise it in my future games of Descent. I also hope to use something like it for a number of other FFG games I own (SW:IA, MoM, Android, etc). I buy these games because I like them, some times before I even get a chance to play them, and often before anyone else I know even knows they exist. This app should ONLY be seen as a positive, it will have a greater positive influence on small game groups, and little to none for the larger more active game groups. Even if they made a totally electronic version of Descent (YES PLEASE) it would not replace my "cardboard" version of the game because I like painting AND playing it as it currently exists. To those who wish to ponder the negatives of such a product I wish to say, as you have had your say...Stop trying to stamp-out creativity, stop trying to take away from others the things they want (before they are even released), stop trying to restrict and reduce what is available to people simply because YOU don't want it, or YOU fail to see value in it. You have the right and the responsibility to control your own children, to influence their creativity and restrict the way they think. BUT you aren't required to so for the rest of civilisation. After-all, what would you be saving us from in this case? And if you are going to attempt to answer that question, please refrain from trying to scare us with stories of Boogie-men, that don't yet exist, waiting for us in the shadows of an uncertain future. OK. Thats me done. Keep up the good work FFG.
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