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  1. This is exactly one of the things I've been considering. I think this system would lend itself very well to the Indiana Jones style. I feel like I could watch Raiders of the Lost Ark and point out all the Triumphs and Despairs. Another game I am really considering for this is Ghostbusters. I had a friend who ran a pretty fun Ghostbusters campaign in Savage Worlds, but it's just not the system for me. I'd love to try and make it work with this (completely ignoring the new film, naturally). Another, perhaps unconventional idea I already started working on a few years back using EotE, is an RPG in the universe of the Ace Attorney games. While it seems outlandish, it wasn't so bad - just shifting focus away from actual combat to investigation and social conflict, with a smattering of the setting's crazier elements, like ghosts, psychic powers, and all the zany technology and magic tricks. There's potential there! As for original concepts, I have a couple I've been kicking around for a long time. The one I'd be most interested in running is one I call Reporto Librum, a setting where struggling students at magical colleges are bribed into working for the library as, essentially, spellbook bounty hunters, finding and returning extremely-overdue arcane texts for extra credit.
  2. EDIT: Retracting upon further reflection, so as not to be rude to earlier posters.
  3. You actually don't need a pro subscription to use Roll20, as long as you make custom tables for each die type and macros to roll them with. I've been running my game this way for a year without spending a dime on the site. I also made a custom card deck for flippable destiny points. I did eventually end up making tokens for my players just to let them update their wounds/strain in plain sight, but I wouldn't even say that's necessary. I keep track of a lot of things just by typing notes up in the map area.
  4. In fact, all of those rules are duplicated in Savage Spirits, though it includes different animal stats. As for Edge of the Empire, I have to agree with you on the weird scarcity of stats available for riding mounts. I was very surprised to find that there's not so much as a bantha given stats - despite being supposedly ubiquitous throughout the Outer Rim, they're only in Stay on Target. There are two more usable mounts in Suns of Fortune aside from the carrion spat, however: the great ibbot from Drall on page 28, and the spooked ronto on page 65. Seems to be nearly exactly like a regular ronto, just pretend it's not spooked, simple as that. But I'll second picking up Stay on Target and/or Savage Spirits just for the extra animal mounts and related rules, if you're really interested in exploring that.
  5. I see that this topic is a little over a week old, but out of curiosity, did you ever find a player to fill the slot?
  6. I think I'm moving just about backwards from you, Dafydd. I started my game out with my players trotting across the galaxy, based inside a Rebel capital ship, doing missions from the depths of Bootana Hutta all the way down to Ilum. It's been about a year of that, but within the next several sessions, I'm about to have the Empire strike back, destroying the ship, killing a few named NPCs, and scattering their cell's forces. Eventually, they'll be set up in an undersea base on Manaan, where they'll spend some time fighting the efforts of the Grand Moff of that Oversector, and focus on the systems within it.
  7. Oh boy, been a while since I've seen this guy. If you think its stats from the Saga Edition book it originates from would help you figure anything out, it had Strength 16, Dexterity 16, Intelligence 10, Wisdom 8, and Charisma 13. If you had any interest in sticking closer to that, I'd say you might move Brawn down to 3 to match the Agility, and bring up its Presence. Why would you want more Presence? A few reasons! So, its description in the original book emphasises that the GX-1 was built to meet the demands of very wealthy customers, who, you might reason, would most likely want a droid with some manners. More importantly, the book indicates that they'd most likely appear with a group of said wealthy owner's thugs or hired guards. In this game, tactical prowess is usually represented through the Presence-based skill of Leadership. If that's what you want to do, I'd say Mercenary Soldier would be a good match, for a strong balance between the droid itself being a powerful soldier, and talents that utilize Leadership to command allies. The book does also mention that the droid is used as a personal bodyguard or enforcer. Now, Bodyguard's name may make it the obvious choice, but let's be real - it's not a very good spec for an actual bodyguard. I'd actually head over to Age of Rebellion and peek into Forged in Battle for the Vanguard spec. It has Body Guard, Improved Body Guard, and Supreme Body Guard, making it pretty much supreme at protecting others. Moving Target and Suppressing Fire are fairly good talents for tactical usage, and the Soldier career even has access to Knowledge (Warfare) if you still fancy the tactical genius idea.
  8. All this talk about impracticality. Bah! This is Star Wars! If your choice is between logic and cool starfighter dogfighting, then by gum, pick cool starfighter dogfighting! That said, if you want to inject a LITTLE reasoning into it, I would disagree about kitting pirate starfighters out with any ion weapons or with any intention of disabling a larger ship - that is what the pirate gunship is for. It seems to me that pirate starfighters are most likely to be a defense against escorts that may threaten the pirates' extremely vital gunships, whether those escorts are starfighters or patrol boats. Hyperdrives could make them useful as an advance force, ambushing first out of hyperspace and tying up the escorts before the main gunships jump in. Now, personally, I would pass up the Scyk and go for the HH-87 Starhopper on the next page. It's cheaper than the Scyk, has a second hard point for the pirate who likes to customise, and is way more durable on top of that, with 2 more points of armour and 2 more points to its wound threshold. It's barely slower in sublight speed, and is actually faster in hyperspace with its Class 1 hyperdrive. While its stock armaments aren't as variable as the Scyk's, its extra hard point can always be used on missiles or other weapons, which would actually make it better armed than the Scyk.
  9. Well, I haven't introduced that many SDs in my game, preferring to save them for special occasions, but here are a few of the names I've come up with: Beheader Castigator Immolator Lacerator Warmonger Those are the typical nasty words that end in -er and -or. I'm also, however, kind of partial to names that give kind of an impending sense of dread, like: Demise Apocalypse Inescapable Looming Shadow Death Sentence And then, for that extra evil commander who likes to make people mad, there's always one of my favourites: Silence of Alderaan
  10. Totally demeaning, and no one should do it. I've heard that flashing a thermal detonator will both save your privacy and get you anything you ask for. This forum poster is my kind of scum. Fearless and progressive.
  11. I didn't do anything too fancy for this past Halloween. Like some others, I don't really like the shoehorning of the zombie fad into Star Wars. I had my AoR group check on the ongoing construction of an underground outpost established on Boz Pity, populated by characters all inspired by classic horror movie archetypes - they were greeted by a werewolf-like Shistavanen, for example, and there was also a Moogan in reference to mummies, and an old human woman was the outpost's witch-like doctor. The actual adventure, however, dealt with the outpost's expansion efforts to clear space for a dedicated comms room, which led to them digging into a bizarre tomb with an ancient Gargantelle corpse, partially mummified and bound to a massive iron chair. Inscriptions on the walls indicated that whoever desecrated the tomb would be cursed. After that, the entrance to the base caved in and people began dying one by one. It was all eventually revealed to be sabotage on the part of the treacherous Devaronian. I think I may be too fond of whodunnits.
  12. Oh, my. The poor thing's fate was sealed. That pun got my seal of approval. I hope the others don't lose their heads over this thread. Ahhhhh! Now they're rhyming the puns!!! Faster!!! Faster!!! Runnnn!!!! "Puns to our aft!" The sailors cried, trying to keep afloat. "Aft-ernoon," the thread replied, "what's this all a-boat?" The rain reigned on, the helm fell off, the ocean waved goodbye, The ship's rigging was rigged to blow, the storm squinted its eye. The cook, alone, made it to shore - everything but the kitchen sank, He took with him a load of crock, although his pots were dank. What can be said of this sad tale, of the ship that God forsook? The downpour was in torrents - but don't torrent, buy the book.
  13. I'm gonna go ahead and second Doctor, if only for the fact that they can eventually, through the Pressure Points talent, make Brawl attacks that ignore soak, deal strain damage, and add ranks of Medicine, which would be great for a pacifistic martial artist type of character. You could probably even roleplay his actual use of Medicine as relying on hitting pressure points, acupuncture, or other flavourful twists within reason, or try to fluff your medical kit as collected herbs and the like.
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