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  1. No more shuttles, plz... I like this game as a space superiority aerial/subspace combat game, not as some shipping and cargo simulator. For gameplay, the Imps really need something in a similar role as the IG-2000: few (if any) crew slots, loads of weapon options, a native boost and green dial. Some kind of quick strike craft that gives up half its points at the end of the game when it is at half health. (like Darth Maul's Scimitar, although that's part of a different generation and I don't think there's any evidence that it was ever in use for the Empire)
  2. One of my favorites. Ibtisam (28) E2 Expanded B-Wing (1) Hera Syndulla (1) Wired (1) Collision Detector (0) Total: 31 With the release of XG1: add Linked Cannons (2) and then replace Wired with Trick Shot. Total: 32 I wouldn't bring this to a 1-on-1 fight (because there's no repositioning and you wouldn't bring a low PS ship to such a fight [barring turrets]--you've got nothing going for you if your opponent can just get behind you every turn), but this is a good 31/32-point ship to shove into a list. It doesn't care about bumping, getting stressed, getting jammed, and hardly cares about asteroids (and with Linked Cannons/Trick Shot replacing Wired, asteroids become your friend).
  3. I am hesitant to do something that depends primarily on random draw. Random draw might be nice as an additional benefit (such as: congratulations! You just conquered a new system. Draw a random card to represent the loot you acquired), but not as a primary means of disseminating upgrades. I would like to see (and have occasionally been working on) a way where the available upgrades & ships for your fleet depend on the planetary systems you have control over. I am also trying to integrate it with a more dynamic and interactive economics system. Let's say your fleet in the one system has two ISD IIs, and inside that fleet itself you have the upgrades Redundant Shields, Advanced Projectors, and Electronic Countermeasures (obviously, only two of which are currently upgrading your two ISD IIs, the third one is sitting in a cargo hold somewhere). If you want Reinforced Blast Doors, you'll need to trade one of your excess defensive retrofits and have access to a system (like Kuat) that can produce Reinforced Blast Doors. Or, instead of trading, you could spend any excess fleet points you did not spend on that fleet. I suspect these extra layers of dynamics would do several things: Create a variety of different priorities of targets for players to choose to attack. Now YOU determine your overall campaign mission objectives and parameters: you perceive that you need to take over Kuat so you can reinforce your blast doors and have access to another tier of Star Destroyer. OR you may choose to stage an invasion of Bespin so you can acquire some XI7 Turbolasers. Will your opponent predict that you need those locations to reinforce your fleets, and head you off with their own fleets? Or will you feint your opponent and make them think you were going to Sluis Van? Hoard supplies when you can get them. You may have only two defensive retrofit slots in one of your fleets, so you may want to buy and transport extra Advanced Projectors in your possession to another friendly fleet that needs them. Then, having all the Advanced Projectors you need, you may strategically abandon that system so you can strike unexpectedly at a nearby enemy base. Give the underdog a chance to catch back up. Random distribution will not provide any means for an underdog (like the Alliance) to catch up with their foe. Instead, this allows you to outthink your opponent in a new way; you can take your primary strike force and rob them their ability to create ISD IIs, then attack the one fleet which you know has their last ISD II, and then rest assured with the knowledge that their bullies are gone and your fleets can manage their remaining ships. Of course, the start of the game would not be set up with randomly generated fleets. You and your opponent would still get to design your ideal fleets. But as the war drags on, resupply and refitting your battered fleets becomes more difficult, and in addition to politically-driven goals (i.e. you need to take Coruscant) you can develop your own strategic goals as the game unfolds. Coupled with this idea is the thought I've had that really every ship should be named. If ships are going to be transferring themselves between friendly fleets, it would be easier to manage them by giving them all names (that way if you have allies, you just have to say to the ally: "I'm transferring the Night Caller to the Third Fleet" and then if you need to you can explain what upgrades Night Caller has, but presumably you ought'nt need to). Obviously there are only 1-3 titles per ship, so I have been developing my own titles so that I have a minimum of 10 (new) titles per ship (i.e. Night Caller [8 pts] CR90 title: Gain +1 Squadron value & auto-equip Rapid Launch Bays). At this point though it's probably clear I'm envisioning something bigger than Corellian Conflict. But maybe some of my ideas will resonate with you guys and you'll want to splash your CC with one or two of them.
  4. I really hope they don't go into TLJ with wave 8, but I'm already resigned to the fact that it'll happen. I mean, the timing is too good, with the release of the movie and the direction all the other Star Wars products are going (and not just FFG, but other companies that vend Star Wars branded products). I just hate the new Star Destroyer designs. I would much prefer a Venator (and I don't even want it that much) to any of The Last Jedi stuff. I really hope that they instead go back and embrace Rogue One: we need rogues like the U-Wing, the Zeta-class Cargo Shuttle, and it would be really cool if they released some space stations (beginning with the shield gate, though I suspect that would come with a new Corellian Conflict-like campaign box). They can then pop in some K-Wings, Alpha-class Starwing Gunboats (both with some new SLAM keyword), maybe a Sentinal-class Imperial shuttle (it made a canonical appearance in ANH to validate its limitless Legends appearances), the Braha'tok-class gunship, etc. That gives them the ability to release Krennic as an officer, Cassian Andor as a U-Wing pilot, Antoc Merrick, death troopers, etc.
  5. Oh but getting back to topic. I think Booster Terrick would be an awesome officer (not a commander) for Armada. He was never officially a part of the military, but he did help the Rebellion/New Republic sort of, with its economic war against Vorru and Isard. I have no clue what he would do, though...
  6. True enough, she did fail hardcore a few times. But she was really badass except for those few moments. (To me she was pretty much the same as Isard, only less like a cartoon villain with that one red eye and evil laugh choir she formed with Derricote and Vorru every single book...) I mean, the whole reason she lost the SSD Knight Hammer was because of Jedi tricks (Luke's first girlfriend, I forgot what her name was, Cassandra or something), not because of space battle tactical blunders. Jedi ruin all the cool Imperial toys...
  7. She was a lot more capable than all of these Empire Strikes Back admirals whose claim to fame were their deaths as a result of Vader's squeeze.
  8. Ziusdra

    120 point games

    One aspect that should be noted as point limits increase is that the available play area space is not increasing in tandem. The issue of increasing aces in a 120 point list is slightly mitigated by the fact that, if your opponent is running generics, he'll have more generics covering a wider field of firing arcs. This would be even more true in 150 point lists in a 3' x 3' area. Simply by increasing the number of ships and keeping the play area the same, the format empowers generics and swarms more (Etahn, Howlrunner, Serissu, and Captain Jonus like this). If you play to the strengths of a 6-to-10 ship swarm (or 8 to 12 if you're going with 150 points), you'll always have enemy aces in arc(s), you'll find it easier to force them to bump (and maybe even bump them over asteroids). Mind you, they aren't just worried about bumping into your many ships, but also have to be cognizant of tripping over themselves, since they have more ships too. But increasing the play area to 3' x 6' takes away this advantage to generics, and moves the advantage to arc-dodgers and aces. A 3'x3' play area with this many points, in addition to seeing an increase in the number of ships fielded, thus sees a higher return-on-investment for bombs. Suddenly, your bombs are causing more damage per drop--meanwhile, cannons and primary weapon attacks are doing the same amount of damage. Granted, the person laying the bombs also has to be careful not to hit his own ships, since he is now fielding more ships too. Harpoon Missiles, Assault Missiles, and Ion Torpedoes will gain value as number of ships increase and have less room to spread out. EMP Device and Dead Man's Switch also gain damage output without their costs changing. Large ships get slightly edged out of this meta, as their big butts will be more susceptible to more bumps, bombs, and more firing arcs. (unless the point boost allows them to get much more tanky)
  9. here's a budget idea: Salvaged Torpedo. 1 point. (possibly Scum and Rebel only for theme? Sorry Imps) Attack: 2. Range 2-3 Attack [Focus]: Discard this card and to perform this attack. If this attack hits, cancel all dice and roll three attack dice. Apply any unmodified hit and crit results to the defender. It's basically what you would expect out of a budget torpedo: low accuracy, unpredictable damage, can't be taken on Epic (since it requires use of focus). Basically, you would only consider putting it on a 2 Primary Attack ship (Y-Wing, M3-A "Heavy" Interceptor, etc) when your squad is already at 98 or 99 points, when you hadn't considered putting torps on because they're so dang expensive. It's thematic, and probably averages more damage than a 2-attack primary (especially at Range 3).
  10. Seriously, why no love for Admiral Natasi Daala?? Don't tell me the Legends have been that quickly forgotten? She was my favorite Imperial villain after Thrawn--I held her in higher esteem than Isard. She survived well into the Fate of the Jedi series during the Second Galactic Civil War and saw way more battles than Isard did--especially since she was a commanding officer and fleet admiral. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Natasi_Daala I imagine that she would buff big ships and coordinate their firepower in some way--the bigger the ships, the harder it is to coordinate their firepower, so the bigger the buff. Or maybe it would be something as simple as, "When friendly Medium and Large-size ships spend a Concentrate Fire token, you may treat it as if it were spending a Concentrate Fire dial instead." 30-35 points. If that's a bit broken, it could add "exhaust this card" to limit its use to one ship, once per round.
  11. My dudes, do Pandemic. So awesome. Legacy takes that awesomeness so much further. Since there's no Wave VII before Christmas I'll be catching up with other game publishers' expansions. I have been picking up some expansions to Star Realms, since it's a quick-and-easy pick-up game, easy to teach new players, fast game time, requires little storage space (as it's a card game).
  12. Ziusdra

    Saturation Salvo

    Should have been optional between the two: FFG are footing themselves in the shoot by not implementing more either/or statements into costs. There should be some kind of icon or term that conveys that it could fill either a missile slot or a torpedo slot. (The same should have been done for Extra Munitions)
  13. Ziusdra

    Saturation Salvo

    Uhhh... just in case there is anyone out there who is confused, I think I'll lay out why this is a bad idea. (I think we all get that this is a bad card, but for those who are reading this thread in the future and have missed something, here it is, laid out) Point 1: This card only affects ships at Range 1 of the defender. With Biggs on his way out of the meta, how many opponents have you faced lately that kept their ships in a tight Range 1 formation? I think we'll be seeing some more 2 Aces & Support lists hitting the tables soon (Dash & Corran, Palp shuttle & aces, TIE Defenders, Decimator & aces, Shadow Caster & aces, etc). When you have a race for aces & high pilot skill, you almost never fly those things within Range 1 of each other, and with Lone Wolf being a great upgrade for mid-range aces, they have a not-uncommon incentive to stay apart. Aces are flankers, and want to stay apart from the rest of their squadron. Bombers, too: today's common Scurrgs and K-Wings don't want to be in a Range 1 formation either. Ask yourself: with Biggs out of the way, what lists would you be shooting this thing at? Point 2: This thing only triggers against those Range 1 ships that have less agility than the cost of your missile. If you're considering XX-23 Thread Tracers, then you should know that means that Salvation Salvo will only trigger against the Decimators and VCX-100 ships that are flying at Range 1 of the target of the missile. If you're shooting Cruise Missiles or Ion Pulse Missiles, you're only triggering it against AGI 2 ships flying in formation (which is more common among ships that want to fly in formation (excepting the TIE Fighter and Serissu), but this is contingent on people returning to using a nerfed Biggs or an expensive Captain Jonus). But see point 1: People are, and will be for the foreseeable future, flying "aces"; typically Agility 3 ships--Defenders, Protectorates, StarVipers, Corran Horn, TIE Advanced & Adv. Prototype, Brobots, and soon the TIE Silencer. Point 3: Even if you manage to catch your opponent's AGI 2 ships within Range 1 of each other and effect a miss, you're only getting a 50% chance to cause 1 damage to them. Let's say you're lucky enough to catch 2 enemy ships with AGI 2 at Range 1 of the target. 50% of two targets means you're going to do (on average) 1 damage per 3-point missile. Instead of firing a missile that could cause 2-4 damage to the defender, you're effectively cancelling that damage to cause 1 damage to the defender's neighbor (and, in the example scenario I just made, you're not even choosing which neighbor to damage, since it's up to chance). Re: point 2: if you're still thinking of using XX-23 Thread Tracers, and thus effecting only Decimators and VCX-100s with their 0 AGI, remember that those ships cost upwards of 40-50 points, so your opponent will have only one of them in his squadron (if he is flying 2 Decimators, then the other Decimator is very likely the one you're shooting your missile at and hoping to miss). You're setting up all of this just to cause a 16-health ship a half a point of damage. (You literally would cause more damage by firing a HWK's primary weapon at the Decimator/VCX-100) Now imagine you don't take Saturation Salvo and Munitions Failsafe. You've freed up 2 points and you can now upgrade your three-point missile to a Harpoon Missile and take the Guidance Chips mod. Not only can you now do up to 4 damage to the defender (more than you could have done spread out to a mini-swarm--remember at 50% odds, you would need 8 other ships surrounding the defender--a total of 9 ships in your opponent's squadron--to match that damage), but when you harpoon the defender, you actually have better odds of causing guaranteed damage to all of those Range 1 in-formation ships around the guy, with an added chance of causing even more damage to the defender himself in a future attack. Plus, you've shaved a point from your cost and freed up your EPT--you can now slap on VI or Crackshot and drive the point home.
  14. More flotillas, definitely. Also, some more classic ships - the Carrack-class cruiser and the Katana fleet Dreadnaught would be some good additions that would meet the medium-weight brawler request. I'd also like to see the Mon Cal MC40c as kind of a slightly lighter jack-of-all-trades Immobilizer-418 Interdictor, for the Rebels. Also, a pre-Rogue One or Return of the Jedi campaign (taking place around the Sullust Sector and the Sanctuary Pipeline) would be awesome.
  15. I wish Fel's Wrath upon you all
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