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  1. has this been posted on cardgameDB? I was trying to find it and did not see it.
  2. really? pretty sure by FFG tournament rules it states "all available products are legal" if not I think it would really effect attendance.
  3. one use I found with it. in the new trooper decks you might come across a "while undamaged hoth objective" you use the objective to drop a Battle of Hoth after your refresh to damage and turn off vader's first or general imperative, as an action. and they will not have any effect on you or benefit to your opponent. the best play is the actionable seeds of decay. for me I ran: rebel 2x BTS luke 2X pilot luke 2X APD 2x wedge 1x doy4 1z commando raid all about speeders, speeder enduced crazy edge numbers, and lots of re-occurring fate cards. I took 2nd out of 10 players this weekend at store championship. it was a complete bum rush deck and all the fate card shenanigans was awesome! I was also messing with hit-and-run for a "I win by fate card theory" I think the informats would match perfectly with page and winter's infiltration.....since they are so weak 1DC, you can infiltrate them to make the edge cards double dip, then bounce back to hand and drop them in again next turn. for me this was a huge refreshing set cuz I have been sick of playing jedi, its all I played since gen-con....I really enjoyed playing the rebels again.
  4. IM always up for a Skype game. I am usually available after 9pm EST Skype - monte_kev
  5. honeslty man, we have been skyping ALOT lately its a great way to get a game in, with no local players. I have a play group of 4 Skype players. I play **** near nightly and never leave my house. If you enjoy the game Id consider this as an option. here is my setup:
  6. it will run until the cards are gone. but why would that be an issue? jedi red5 can still trench run. and new rebel red5 would be able to trench run as well right? am I missing something here?
  7. Starting Dec 4th @ RIW Hobbies The weekly (Thursday nights at 6pm) casual pick-up games will have an added flare. I have obtained 80 foreign (German and Russian) language SWLCG cards, these cards can be "purchased" with Credits obtained by Attending a casual night, Winning casual games, and completing Achievements shown in the pictures below. Attending a casual night - players awarded 500 credits Winning a Game - players awarded 1000 credits Achivemnents - players can be awarded 1000, 2000, or 3000 credits Achievements can be awarded once per game. The foreign Language cards can be "purchased" at any point when a player has collected enough credits. Premium cards will be 5000 credits, others will be 2000 credits. come on out for your chance at some very unique SWLCG swag. *cards thanks to masterjediadam ** achievement list thanks to the Minnesota SWLCG group.
  8. 4 players, 3 rounds Results: Glenn Trevor Getyina won with 15 points and a record of 5-1 Decks: light mono smuggler mix, Dark mono sith Ryan Boeskool took 2nd with 13 points and a record of 4-1-1 Decks: light smug/jedi Dark mono navy Genaro James Arindaeng took 3rd place with 4 points and a record of 1-4-1 Decks: light smug/jedi Dark Sith/scum I took last with 3 points and a record of 1-5, Decks: Smug/jedi Dark Sith/scum Event notes: Light side won most of the matchups, lots of yellow cards, DS was sith/scum and 1 navy pure. Overall great games most were nail biters, and only a few land slides......win's of the night would go to Ryan Boeskool for utilizing false report in two games to save a loss, clear the board and win the game.....congrats to everyone and thanks for coming out.......we will be doing causal pick-up games until the Winter Kit tournament wich I will not hold until after the new box drops.
  9. Reaction: After this objective enters play, search your deck for a Fighter unit of printed cost 2 or lower and put it into play. Shuffle your deck. When it enters play, you can use the reaction, whether that is on your first turn or 3rd or whatever. NICE! I thought I was playing it wrong, but now it really is that powerful. its deffently cool to have free units put into play, but realistically your looking at a tie bomber or tie fighter for free, so powerfull might be a stretch. as they are the only 2/1 cost "fighters" but it does get u a free unit to start and in a tie swarm deck where dumping as many units as as u can to the board is the goal, this does help in that effect.
  10. RIW Hobbies Leia Kit tournament: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/125828-nov-13th-leia-kit-trournament-se-michigan-riw-hobbies/ hope to see you there
  11. SWLCG 2014 Summer Kit Mini Tournament Announcement: What: Clean off the Shelves Tournament Where - Riw Hobbies at 6pm 29116 Five Mile Road Livonia Michigan 48154 Date - Thursday November 13th (part of the weekly SWLCG night) Prizes: (1) Leia Play Mat... (1) Leia Deck Box (1) Veers Deck Box (2) Tarkin Alt Art cards Rouge 3 Alt Art cars - participation prize Store's Website: http://riwhobbies.net/ Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/483498111791764/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular
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