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  1. Second this, playthrough a campaign RAW before you start houseruling stuff. The game is well-designed and has been thoroughly playtested.
  2. Generally I'd agree, but the Goblin Archers are very squishy and with Leoric's heroic feat they can easily take a few of them down. But I suppose I might replace one of the large monsters with smaller ones, at this moment I am considering flesh moulders over the goblin archers though, they are also ranged and are slightly tougher. Zombies would be another choice if I am allowed to pick those but I have bad experiences with them because of their poor mobility and squishyness.
  3. She bought a 1H crossbow, I don't remember the name but it's BY, Pierce 1, Move Monster 1 space on Surge I think. Hmm, I guess but the problem with this would be the relatively weak reinforcements.. Perhaps I should get Razorwings though.. ?
  4. So I'm playing through my first ever campaign of the Shadow Rune, so far the heroes are up 3/9 quests having won First Blood, A Fat Goblin and Death on a Wing. We've got the 'Masquerade Ball' coming up now first but I feel fairly confident that I can pull off a win there, I already have a good grasp of the quest and the strategy. But my impression of this game so far is that, if I want to win as the OL, I have to stay one or two steps ahead of the heroes constantly in terms of planning and strategizing, I would probably go as far as saying that they can rely solely on tactics and not strategy to win, unlike the OL. Anyhow, the group I'm up against is playing: Jain(Wildlander), Avric(Disciple) and Leoric(Necromancer). They're all new to the game but I think they're certainly putting their team work to good use. As for me, I'm playing with the "Goblin Uprising" plot deck however I have only bought one plot card, "Dive into Cover", aside from that I have bought 2x Web Trap and 1x Plan Ahead and I'll get 1 more XP to spend before the interlude. Right now I have a rough outline of the strategy I will utilize by I want to run it by you guys that are more experienced so I could get some feedback and pointers. First of all, knowing the players, I'm about 80% sure that Jain will hold the casket, she's by far the most mobile of them and she also holds the "Shield of the Dark God" relic so she's farily durable with that + her heroic ability. My idea here is to always save up one Web Trap card to stop her when she uses her heroic feat to try and sprint away. I only have access to the base game, so as far as my monster choices go, I think I will go with Ettins, Elementals and Merriods. My rationale is that these monsters all have large bases so they can cover a lot of ground and are excellent for blocking spaces, 2/3 have immobilize, the Merriods can easily immobilize 2/3 heroes with flail, the Ettin can grab the heroes to keep them pushed back, they all come with only 1 monster against 3 players so they can be reinforced quickly and last but not least neither of these heroes are particularly squishy -- I feel like these probably are the optimal monsters given what I have access to and what I am up against, reducing the heroes mobility will be key especially for the strategy I'm planning on employing. Now I'm not sure which monsters I'll start with, as I have interpreted the rules 2/3 monster groups are placed initially while the third will be "reinforced" at the entrance by the end of the first OL turn? These heroes are all low on might so I doubt they'll try and force the door between the caravan and the river's edge, my idea is "fall back" with Zachareth and my 1 monster group not engaging the heroes initially instead I want to form a "kill zone" at tile 12A, moving my 2nd and 3rd monster group there as well as soon as they are activated, with their large bases I should be able to move them around the water spaces w/o movement penalties and I am certain that the search token in the tile will prove too tempting to ignore, I am hoping I can force the heroes to remain here and slowly grind them down, blocking the passageway with 1 large monster and continiously reinforcing my monsters as they fall. So could this work? Or should I revise my strategy?
  5. Would it be possible to throw a hero into a lava space, web trap him thus forcing him to end his turn in the lava space and thus defeating him, if he has no way to remove the immobilize condition in that turn that is.
  6. Right, but it still can't be used to grant a monster an extra attack unlike Frenzy can it?
  7. Hiya! I have a question regarding the "Influence" ability of the Rylan Olliven lieutenant/agent. The wording reads: Now I interpet this as Rylan basically being able to trade one of his actions to another adjacent figure, most likely to another monster. The other interpretation that my gaming group made is that it basically works like dark charm and it gives you the ability to control an adjacent figure, I don't think this matches up with the wording, but it matches up more with the "style" of the character since Rylan is supposed to be a "corrupting politican" character, IIRC his plot deck is even called corrupting influence. So, if anyone have any thoughts on how this works that would be nice.
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