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  1. They were a little bit too strong. Particularily Smite & Iron Arm and the Force Dome gave us problems. That was someone else by the way. My fellow was a Tactical Marine. I am fighting hard for the survival of the character. He is rank 6 1/2 and I role play him well. You think that he would have some leeway. The only way I could survive is if my battle brothers/pcs kill 40 berzerkers, 12 bloodletters, 2 magnitude 200 hordes and 4 hell drakes. A little unfair yeah. And some Rhinos I believe. Me and another player had a challenge (friendly) to see who could survive the longest. So far we are tied but he died a few sessions ago, heroicly. We were sad to see him go yeah, but also accepting it. I know a few other players are in agreeance with myself. With the Librarians he said they weren't nearly as powerful as the Deathwatch book put them out to be. I am impartial to this. There are some extremely strong Librarians out there. But at the same time he doesn't realize you have to survive to get that strong. Not to mention that everything essentially targets them. I figure nerfing smite to 1D10+ Psy rating with Pen 4 is kind of good. Our GM is very good and puts up with a lot of crap, and I respect him for it. I like his games but not how he has to have it his way with an Authoritarian twist. Thinking about it now, I will ask him that my character survives but I won't play him equal to a number of sessions we see fit, as he has to recover. Im thinking 3-6 sessions. Maybe a campaign arch if I like my new one. Usually it isn't this complicated but there was a newish player there. Normally we just argue like mad men until one side concedes. It works quite handily haha. We don't want him to see our bad side, but naturally it comes out. You get attached to a character you don't want to leave him. I can answer more questions if needed. I was also wearing terminator armour currently with iron halo and storm shield. This is a hard session and I figure I would die to protect my lower ranking friends (3,4,4,4,1).
  2. Now you can get involved into the coming fecal matter storm! I will add more later I gotta work in the morning so I'll keep it simple. My favoured marine was killed in combat and the DM says the rest of the Khornate (is it ite) berzerkers and rest of the chaos heretics will kill me even after I burnt a fate point. Now I told him I will burn all 5 of my fate points to survive. But yet he still says no matter what I will die. They will simply rip me apart. But earlier in the whole grand campaign a Blood Angel had survived with literally 1 heart, 2 lungs and his head. Nothing else, but now here with me they simply kill me. No nothing. The example in the book page 204 of the Deathwatch book gives an example of a Marine getting hit by a warp drive implosion. It states he survives but it is up to the DM and player to work it out. Now here I don't believe it is nearly as bad as stated above. It simply doesn't add up. I feel I am being shafted here and it hasn't here before. He also severely nerfed our Librarians to the point of all the players complaining (even the non Librarians).
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