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  1. You're underestimating Disney's desire and ability to use these movies to make a lot of money :-)
  2. I'd love to play 10 games with 4 X-wings against a good player playing popular meta lists. Even if I lose all 10, which I won't, I'll have learned a lot it would have been fun. More of a PPE.
  3. You can't do free actions when you have a stress token.
  4. I've only ever bought from local shops.
  5. If you're playing in the Spanish Nationals this weekend, I'd like to register my interest in reading another of your reports. Thanks!
  6. There is a good write up of the French nationals over at https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/188131-carnor-jamming-at-the-french-national/ The author flew Carnor Jax with two PS3 Phantoms with Sensor Jammers.
  7. I'd just like to add, that thematically, maybe X-Wings are supposed to suck without an Astromech. They're never flown without them in the films. For that reason I quite like this upgrade.
  8. In that situation a shield upgrade would help either lol.
  9. This is really cool, just about perfect I think.
  10. There is Midlands X-Wing group on Facebook. Apparently there is stuff going on nearly every weekend. I've not had the time to check it out yet though.
  11. You guys should check out the despecialized edition of the OT. They're really amazing.
  12. Whats the consensus on just not removing the TL when a ship has FCS?
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