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    Cut off the cockpits. Cut one cockpit in front of the connector ring and one behind it. Glue 2 larger cockpit pieces together. Build a frame to position the bits together before gluing them. Drill hole in the bottom to secure the stand. Simples
  2. Here is what I want, if possible I need the card and also the token to go on the ship's base as well. Garven Dries Wedge Antillies Winged Gundark (Token is more important than the card) Backstabber (Token is more important than the card) Howlrunner (Token is more important than the card) What I have for trade Rebel: A-Wing: Arvel Crynyd x 3 Tycho Celchu x 3 B-Wing: Ibtisam x 2 (German) Ten Numb x 2 (German) X-Wing: Biggs Darklighter x 6 (3 each English and German) Luke Skywalker x 6 (3 each English and German) Red Squadron Pilot x 3 (German) Rookie Pilot x 3 (German) YT-1300: Chewbacca x 2 Han Solo x 2 Lando Calrissian x 2 Y-Wing: Dutch Vander x 4 Horton Salm x 4 Imperial: Firespray: Boba Fett x 2 Kath Scarlet x 2 Krassis Trelix x 2 TIE Advanced: Darth Vader x 2 Maarek Stele x 2 TIE Bomber: Captain Jonus Major Rhymer TIE Defender: Colonel Vessery (German) Rexler Brath (German) TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot x 6 (German) Black Squadron Pilot x 6 (German) Dark Curse x 6 (3 each English and German) Mauler Mithel x 6 (3 each English and German) Nightbeast x 6 (3 each English and German) Obsidian Squadron Pilot x 6 (German) TIE Interceptor: Fels Wrath x 4 Soontir Fel x 4 Turr Phennir x 4 TIE Phantom: Echo (German) Whisper (German) Upgrade cards Millenium Falcon x 2 Slave 1 x 2
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    Hi there, I am the one that Mykilus was talking about and after hearing what you guys have said I mocked up the stats sard and manouver dial for the Deathraven. You can take a look at them here - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hy9xamtam2wsq2k/AABfhggr87JDCiedRSMtf2dfa
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