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  1. This is getting more and more ridiculous by the day. The game released a week ago with countries around the world getting their copies of the core set. In Denmark we have yet to receive any information regarding release and preorders. One webshop had it last week, but have already sold out. Another store has a rumored release of the 15th, a third store has a rumored shipping date for the 31st. FFG's own webshop has even sold out of the core set without an "awaiting reprint" on the upcoming section of the website. I may just be really, really impatient here, but it seems to me like something has gotten lost at some point. Is there anyone here, who can give me a more specific release date for the Scandinavian countries, Denmark in particular, or are the rest of you in just as much og a limbo as I am? Sincerely, A very concerned customer
  2. No, they are not. So all those with a set of 1e cards can't use them at all in 2e? Correct.
  3. Hello there Once 2nd edition hits the stores around the world, we will be trying to set up a plyaing community in Denmark - more precisely in Aalborg (Northern part of the country). So far we're two players that will be giving the game a go and hoperfully more will be joining. Post a reply here if you're interested in joining. -E
  4. Good, good. I was just making sure. Thanks.
  5. Each type of defense token can be sent once per attack, after which they become exhausted. However you have the option of using them again by discarding them if you found it necessary. Here's where it gets me confused. Exhausted tokens readies during the status phase where as discarded tokens are in the token bank. Do ships regain their defense tokens if they have been discarded during the status phase? I'm thinking no as discarding the tokens seems to be a one-time thing. I haven't been able to find anything in the Learn to Play or RRG about this. Please enlighten me.
  6. I am in no shape or form an expert on any of the rules. However I'll try to give answers to what I can. When you start a campaign, you always get Aftermath as the first mission. The second story mission depends on the outcome of Aftermath. After completing Aftermath the Rebel player(s) assembles a mission deck consisting of red missions corresponding to the characters chosen, 4 green missions chosen by the rebel player(s) and 4 gray missions selected at random by the Imperial player. The Imperial player also puts together an Agenda deck consisting of 18 cards (6 sets of 3). The Rebel players then draw the top two cards of their mission deck, these are the active side missions. Whenever a side mission is available as per the campaign log, the Rebel players selects one of the two active missions and completes that, before venturing on with the story. Some of the side mission cards have a time period. You're only allowed to use side missions with numbers that include the time period for the campaign being played. The time period number for the campaign is listed on the very first page of campaign guide. I am assuming that we'll see more campaigns in future expansions that have a different time period. As of now we only have the one campaign to play through, so the time period on the side missions doesn't matter at the moment. I hope this helps a little bit.
  7. Cheers for the advice. We already have a Facebook group (for most of Nordjylland), so thats not really the issue. We just seem to have the same 4-6 guys turn up each time. We're currently in the early stages of planning a tournament. Both Dragon's Lair (Aalborg) and our regular venue 9k Gaming have offered us a place to play.
  8. Aha, well Randers isn't that far off really. Do you know where they play in those cities?
  9. We are a group of players in Aalborg, Denmark. We play every other week in 9K Gaming and are more than happy to facilitate new players. We're still working on setting up a league and tournaments, but I'm sure they'll be on the horizon. I've seen a few Danish people here, so I know they're there. However, as far as I could tell, they were all from the greater Copenhagen area. Would be nice to see if there were someone from the mainland here as well.
  10. I'm looking for players in Denmark, preferrebly near Aalborg. Anyone?
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