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  1. Well, I'm just flat priced out of Armada. It was fun, but all things end. I just cannot pay that kind of money for minis.
  2. Don't forget out of clan options. Married in, adopted, fostered, even a hostage (if not in name then in reality. Think Theon Greyjoy). Daimyo is an uncle/aunt via interclan marriage and your parents died recently, daimyo claims precedence of loyalty which your current master agrees to (perhaps while intending to use you as a spy in the other clan)
  3. The Crane: "If we don't look good, Bushido don't look good" (aggressive toss of perfectly dyed perfectly styled hair)
  4. No that's shipping now. On the boat means, potentially, months
  5. I have to say, I was hesitant about strife all through beta. My gaming group has long since broken up, so I had wasn't able to really run through the paces, but I've been GMing L5R since late 1st edition. And then I played Wedding at Khotei at GenCon. And now I'm a believer. So our group of five, one Utaku, one Kitsuki Magistrate, one monk, one Shugenja, and my Kakita duelist, finished, and I was the only one to unmask. So I did it twice. And both times, it fit the story and my character. It didn't feel constraining, or forced, or limiting in any way. I found it helped make the setting more immersive. The second unmasking was actually one of the more memorably moments of the entire session. The story ended with a duel, impromptu but one on which the honor of the bride and groom, and even their clans, depended on. Due to the rushed nature, I was fighting with only my wakizashi, and my opponent was about equal. In three passes, neither of us had landed a fatal stroke, but both badly injured. I was taking ever success I could roll, and piling on strife, and the next pass would leave one of us dead. Oops, have to unmask. My Kakita, frustrated, unable to land a killing stroke, bleeding badly, cried out "just DIE already!" I landed the shot, my opponent died, I collapsed, the wedding went off, honor was satisfied. I lost a few points of honor for the unseemly outburst, but a good amount of glory for winning the duel and settling the matter. And it all felt right. So my two zeni, I didn't like strife in beta. At all. But after seeing it run as a player, not the GM struggling with a new concept that wasn't there in the last four editions, it works, it fits, and it helps the theme and the setting. Now, if I could just roll strife a little less often. . . up the void, boys, up the void
  6. The lack of a viable currency system was a plague in the earlier editions. True the majority of characters had no need for it, but a ronin very much did, and several schools, such as the Yasuki and the minor clan artisan school that escapes my mine atm did in fact need it. My eventual solution for such matters was using the Sengoku rpg system which fit in nearly seamlessly. Starting koku worked very well to measure a new characters annual stipend. Made the cash dependent characters work. Plus a great book for additional fluff
  7. Hoping this means minor clans (and by that I mean the Hare ?) will be in the core book. Happiness, they name is Usagi
  8. Well, as much as I want to win (and could use the money I'll otherwise spend on the book), I know I won't win. Because I never win. Anything. I'm a loser. A huge loser. Im the biggest loser I know. If there were a contest for biggest loser, I would come in second. Cause I can't even win that. Man I want this book
  9. And most importantly, ninja aren't dangerous. In fact, they're more afraid of you than you are of them
  10. So I've got a character idea I like, but I'm having trouble with the mechanics of it. She'll be a sidekick to a mandalorian bounty hunter, in more of a support role, and will likely pick up gunslinger later in the campaign. For now, She'll be the pilot and gearhead. My issue is so far that means pilot, mechanic and outlaw tech. Obviously too bulky to start. I want a decent pilot who can keep up the ship and do some kitbashing for the bounty hunter, and her own, gear and weapons. Short version of the character background, her estranged (and now deceased) father was the land's pilot and was saving up to get his daughter out of. . . Here I'm split between racer who lost big and is now owned by a Hutt over the debt, or stuck as a mechanic for a swoop gang. The mando will show up with her little inheritance, and help her recover the rest (ship was repoed after dads death, low level crime boss was plyed off but figures dead men can't dispute). Hijinks insue and if the first session goes well, she becomes the mando's new pilot and sidekick. I'e been cleared to use specializations from any of the three lines as long as my justification is good. Anyone see a combo I'm missing?
  11. "I'm a thirty second bomb! I'm a thirty second bomb! twenty nine, twenty eight. . ."
  12. Well of course. . . Mandalorian gear? And what ships are there?
  13. At least when fighting Imperials, try to remember you're fighting professional soldiers, who know how to deal with an enemy using an LMG, er, autofire weapon. Grenades, two guys putting down suppressive fire on the autofire while another team moves to flank. Or, you know, the classic, call for more firepower. Your guys have a tricked out heavy weapon. They have the might of the Imperial Army just a comlink away. The heavier the weapon, the more counter fire comes your way. Pretty quick, the floor will be rattling from the approaching walkers, and the windows will be shattering from the sonic booms of those TIE bombers. Forget nerfing, it's the law of unintended consequences that is your friend. The more firepower you bring to the party, the greater the threat your enemy perceives, and the more firepower THEY bring. Smart rebels are the ones that don't draw too much attention. The guys that blow up Death Stars do that aplenty
  14. What wave? Two ships is a ripple, not a wave
  15. If you stay far enough out on the edge you could stick to systems the Empire may have a presence in but not claim. Then they're more of an annoyance but with that constant background fear that this might be the year they annex this free region of space. Otherwise, there's always the options of operating in Corporate Sector Authority territory which has a great Edge feel to it. Hurt space is another option. The Empire lets these regions mostly self govern. Run into the Empire here, and they're mostly guests. In fact, if that CSA viceprex and his Espo goons or that bastard Hurt and his mercy and slave soldiers have you by the throat, maybe they've overstepped their authority and violated your rights as an Imperial citizen. Maybe you go running to the Imperial Navy for aid
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