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  1. I have "No Disintegrations". Questions?

    Well of course. . . Mandalorian gear? And what ships are there?
  2. Yet another Autofire thread...

    At least when fighting Imperials, try to remember you're fighting professional soldiers, who know how to deal with an enemy using an LMG, er, autofire weapon. Grenades, two guys putting down suppressive fire on the autofire while another team moves to flank. Or, you know, the classic, call for more firepower. Your guys have a tricked out heavy weapon. They have the might of the Imperial Army just a comlink away. The heavier the weapon, the more counter fire comes your way. Pretty quick, the floor will be rattling from the approaching walkers, and the windows will be shattering from the sonic booms of those TIE bombers. Forget nerfing, it's the law of unintended consequences that is your friend. The more firepower you bring to the party, the greater the threat your enemy perceives, and the more firepower THEY bring. Smart rebels are the ones that don't draw too much attention. The guys that blow up Death Stars do that aplenty
  3. Which preview will be out today?

    What wave? Two ships is a ripple, not a wave
  4. Keeping the Rebelion out of the Edge

    If you stay far enough out on the edge you could stick to systems the Empire may have a presence in but not claim. Then they're more of an annoyance but with that constant background fear that this might be the year they annex this free region of space. Otherwise, there's always the options of operating in Corporate Sector Authority territory which has a great Edge feel to it. Hurt space is another option. The Empire lets these regions mostly self govern. Run into the Empire here, and they're mostly guests. In fact, if that CSA viceprex and his Espo goons or that bastard Hurt and his mercy and slave soldiers have you by the throat, maybe they've overstepped their authority and violated your rights as an Imperial citizen. Maybe you go running to the Imperial Navy for aid
  5. What should I read next?

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Or if you insist on Star wars, Heir to the Empire
  6. Sounds a bit like the pilot episode of Airwolf. Please don't name any character 'Stringfellow'.
  7. Yet another T-65 fix idea

    I like it. Not sure if I'll try it but i like it. Makes me think of the Thatch weave
  8. Aliens: Only War

    Still on my first read, but so far I'm loving this. I tried an Aliens RPG back in the early 90s but the system was FAR too cruncy. This is sending me to the happy place. Now to talk a couple people into giving it a go. Thank you
  9. Wroonian. I don't care if they're basically near humans. I want me some WEG style Wroonians
  10. Are we just playing with little, plastic, toy ships...?

    When I first met my wife, I was playing Axis and Allies War at Sea. I was a history major with a focus on the Pacific Theatre in World War II, and a lifelong gamer. She hates history, but tried to get into the game because I loved it. Now I play X Wing and Armada. She is a lifelong Star Wars fan. But she has gone from trying to play the game, to calling it "a supposedly grown man playing with toys" to implying I'm playing with divorce. Oddly enough, I haven't played a game in months, but the hatred of the game is stronger than ever in that one. Now I'm drinking a lot of tequila in the time where I used to be gaming. But that is a more adult and healthy activity so it's ok. So I'm told. Where was I going with this? Oh, right, to refill my glass. I miss playing X wing
  11. Release date question

    Thank you for answering my question. There are more than two reasons to preorder. Reason 3 is a perfectly good reason, made largely for the sake of economics and convenience. But by all means, talk down to me some more.
  12. Release date question

    So I'm putting togethor a wave 8 preorder, and I find myself wondering if the Imperial Assault Carrier is schedualed to release with wave 8, earlier, or later. My plasticrack addiction hates unnecessary delays, and I'm not sure if I should put the carrier on the order or not.
  13. Joking aside, I think it comes down to intent. At the end of the day, you can't lie to yourself and you can't lie to the Force. There is a bad man with a blaster screaming he's going to shoot down someone, anyone, NOW! You can feel the turmoil in him, he isn't really going to shoot. Cutting him down, or giving him a TK slap, is unnecessary and self indulgent. Some force persuasion, or just talking to him like a real person, will settle this down in a few minutes. To attack is to embrace the dark side. Counter point: Bad man holds his finger on the Big Red Button. He is about to press it. You know his intent is true. To cut him down now, or force slam him away from the button and into a wall, is the only way to stop him in the half second you have. You've used the force or your saber aggressively on a man that posed no immediate threat to you. Never the less, striking him, even killing him was not just necessary, but the right thing to do. You know the difference and so does the Force. Anything else is just rationalization. Don't listen to the words Yoda uses. He babbles like a brook. Yoda knows that if you can't be honest with yourself and see what is necessary and what isn't, and do what is necessary and ONLY what is necessary, you're not a Jedi. You're a punk with a lightsaber and some parlor tricks, and a future dark sider.
  14. How would you stat up Mandalorian armor?

    I've spent a fair amount of time on this myself, and for what it's worth. . . As has been said, a new Mando has whatever he can afford. The armor may be styled like it came from home, but it's nothing special. For a high end fellow, or a well connected one, on the other hand, it's a bit more. To simulate the HUD helmet I've given a blue die for awareness and ranged attacks, a built in comlink, built in datapad, and at least some environmental filters. The armor starts off as the stat set that suits your view of the character best (I like the TeggCo Protector 1 from dangerous covenants), with cortosis, superior, and a couple hardpoints added. Now what are the tradeoffs for this monstrosity? Increased incumberance, Beskar is supposed to be very dense of heavy. Next, it's expensive as hell. You could almost buy a ship for what you're going to drop on the armor. If you buy it from a Mandolorian smith and you're not a Mando, he may laugh at you. Or shoot you. Or demand a favor as well as that fierce price tag (a small obligation perhaps). If you are a Mando, the price will be lower, but your clan probably picked up part of the tab. Major obligation to your clan, and now that you're wearing something that shows your clan affiliation, the clans enemies are your enemies. If you DIDN"T buy your armor from a Mando smith, now you have new issues. The armor is customized for it's user. That's not you. So, add some movement and dex penalties, the HUD gives you a headache and doesn't work right (no blue dice, black die on all rolls if you wear it for more than an hour, black die for awareness and ranged combat due to sensory overload). And the Force help you if you run into a real Mando. Very quickly, they're going to guess that's not your armor you're wearing. What happened to the original wearer? What did you do to him? Where do you get off wearing his armor? Mando aren't exactly known for being subtle in displaying their disgruntlement. Finally there are social aspects to the infamous T visor, and they aren't universal. Mandos have a reputation, and for some that makes them automaticly intimidating, even if you don't want to intimidate them. Others will think its all overblown rep and decide to show how tough they are by dropping the big bad Mando. And law enforcement and military types are likely to look to you as the first source of trouble. Then there's the seedy types who will immediately try to pay you to shoot their boss/wife/neighbor/punk down the street who won't turn down his music. So yeah, make the armor **** cool. It should be. Then make the owner PAY
  15. A true Jedi would tell you it wasn't an attack at all, merely a dramatic demonstration with visual aids as to why it is unwise to resist a Jedi performing his duties. And really, that table that was just Force-chucked into your face and drove you through the front window of the bar was merely a form of emphasis. It's not like anyone got their hand cut off, right? You'll find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view. To the Jedi point of view, that wasn't an attack, or even an act of aggression. It was educational in nature. Next time, you'll know better. Now quit bleeding on the nice Jedi's robes.