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  1. Its on Juggler: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=2838
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    Same for me... cannot figure our how people are uploading their own..
  3. Winner was: Thomas Ferrara Dash Rendar + PTL + Kanan Jarrus + Outrider + HLC + Engine Upgrade Norra Wexley + R2-D2 + C-3P0 + Vectored Thrusters + Alliance Overhaul + Expertise Runner-up was: Tim Ralphs Fenn Rau + Attanni + Concord Dawn + Autothrusters Guri + Attanni + Virago + Black Market Slicers + Collision Detector + Autothrusters Manaroo + Attanni + Black Market Slicers + K4 Security Droid + Unhinged Astromech Top 4 were: Alan Fung Carnor Jax + PTL + Royal Guard + Shield Upgrade + Autothrusters Inquisitor + PTL + Ion Pulse Missiles + TIE v1 + Autothrusters Omega Leader + Juke + Comm Relay + Shield Upgrade Dom Komhyr Galaxy Note 7 I was in the Top 8 flying: Luc Crosby Wild Space Fringer + HLC + Rey Gold Squadron Pilot + Plasma Torpedoes + Autoblaster turret + Guidance Chips Bandit Squadron Pilot + XX-23 S-thread Tracers + Guidance Chips Bandit Squadron Pilot + XX-23 S-thread Tracers + Guidance Chips Bandit Squadron Pilot Not completely sure of the other 3 list in the Top 8, but I believe there was a RAC + Ryad, a Miranda + 2 TLT Wardens, and I think the last list in the top 8 had 2 Imperial Trainees (Ryad, OL + 2 Trainee) Edit: Other Top 8 finishers: Phillip Gales - RAC + Ryad Joe Silva - Miranda + Gold w/TLT [x2] Billy Chandler - Omega Leader (Juke, Comm Relay) + Ryad (PTL, x7) + Imperial Trainee (Ailerons, LWF) [x2]
  4. I find the lack of upgrade slots disturbing. One guy is piloting the thing, the other is controlling the Adaptive Ailerons?
  5. The player who dropped the mine gets to choose which ship suffers the effects.
  6. Why spend the points 5 points on Gunner for Moralo? Because Soontir then has to evade three shots before he's safe. Note that unlike Gunner and Luke, IGB *doesn't* stop you shooting again. So you shoot with a primary, miss, trigger both upgrades, resolve IGB, then Gunner. Pain, all the pain, lots of pain. counterpoint: Gunner says "...you may immediately perform another attack..." Triggering Gunner and then resolving a different trigger instead doesn't sound like "immediately" to me. It's possible that by not doing Gunner immediately, you are forgoing the chance to use the Gunner trigger from the first shot. Now if you miss with the IG-B shot, you could trigger Gunner off of that shot and actually use it, but I don't think you could use this combo to set up two attacks that hit. I think the word 'immediately' is old language that really had no bearing on the order of things, since you had to always Shoot, then Vader, then Gunner, then Vader. Yuo are correct though that you do not trigger both abilities on the initially missed shot, as in Step 9 of the timing chart, you only get to choose 1 ability to resolve that performs another attack. If you choose Gunner, you lose the second HLC, because Gunner prevents subsequent attacks. If you choose the second HLC, it would have to miss to then trigger Gunner. If the second HLC hits, then Gunner no longer has a trigger.
  7. Buy your ticket yourself right now. It will be great if you can come and bring a bunch of your friends. Yep still plenty of tickets of left: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/fantasy-flight-games-2016-canadian-nationals-tickets-26452671653 Rumors are some NOVA guys are coming Phild0...don't let them be the only Americans we send home with their tails wagging between their legs...
  8. She can still choose when to spend/regen the shield, since this timing occurs in Step 2 where she is deciding how many dice to roll. That step occurs for both attacks from TLT.
  9. The corner of the attacker is not inside its arc. But, rules as written, it does not say where we should be measuring from inside the attackers arc. It only says where we should be measuring to for an in-arc attack. Isn't that what this bit addresses exactly? Frank's response does address this question. Unfortunately though, the passage from the rules reference he is quoting doesn't actually imply what he says it implies. It only describes where we should be measuring to, not where we should be measuring from. As Quarrel noted, this is definitely an oversight in the base rules, and Frank is describing what is intended.
  10. Looks to me to be: OLD TEROCH http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Teroch_Squad
  11. This just means it will be that much more devastating when Boba Fett runs off with your 0-point upgrade. The devastation is the same. Whether the title is 0 pts and the ship is 29, or the title is 3 and ship is 26, you are still paying the 29 points in the squad building phase to that complete ship package, and spending 61 points elsewhere. Whether Boba takes the upgrade a 0 pts or 3pts, its the same ship and its power level is the same.
  12. Was this matching filmed? I'd love to see it. _____________
  13. Now if you Gradauted Cut straight into the Elimination Cut (Ie. - less over-all Swiss rounds, with the top players getting a first round of cut Bye) that would be more interesting, and do away with IDs, since players a motivated to finish the Swiss well to earn the right to a Bye in the Elimination rounds.
  14. Unfortunately, assuming players know the number of rounds at the start (which they should be informed of), the top tables can still ID knowing they will be part of the cut. In the Graduate 24 + 8 example if it works out to a situation like Roanoke, where after the next to last round the 24 players are set, they can just ID gain one more point than the next 8 players can possibly achieve, locking those players out of the graduated cut. Another problem, besides the extra time requirements, is that this graduated cut is "usually followed by additional Swiss rounds", meaning after the first graduated cut, some players will be in a position to ID into the final cut. It unfortunately won't make IDs a non-issue.
  15. My understanding is that the Ndru + 2 Scout list finished 11th. Was flown by our lone Canadian from the Toronto meta that made the trip down.
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