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  1. I've played against it and with it. If you don't kill it you are in for trouble, you have to kill the droid or the ugnaughts. When I played it against an opponent I could tell he definitely didn't have much fun. I think the list is strong, but if enough people know how to play against it you won't see it dominate the meta. This card could definitely change that though. I'm excited to try it out. If it did get out of hand I'm sure it can be errata'd pretty easily.
  2. I think the main point is not being able to respond. I think whether it's Luke and SOS, Bantha with Jundland/Ferocity or even a Squad Swarm/ Call of Vanguard / Strength in Numbers combo on Dewbacks plus Take Initiative you get in situations were three attacks in a row just wreck any list and makes it super hard, if not impossible, to come back from. Meanwhile you can't do anything. That in my opinion is a bad game, especially if the tools are in place round 1. Sure you can play with spies or not bunch up against Bantha, but when is it really that fun to be on receiving end?
  3. Another house rule, cap Imperial hand size for its agendas, etc. An Imperial player can horde their cards until final mission and unleash them all on one mission making it impossible for rebels to win. I've seen 4 as a good max.
  4. Something new that explores settings not in movies would be sweet. I could see a Rebels box. Maybe they will postpone an episode 7 for when they need a new core set.
  5. That cracked me up. So do you find yourself practicing openings like you do for X-wing or do you mostly just mean figuring out beginning deployment for all the maps and scenarios?
  6. He introduced himself on Reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ImperialAssaultTMG/comments/56sa57/startactics_app_for_imperial_assault/?st=ivv3762j&sh=a2a3a3ca
  7. I think too you have to remember there is already a 1/6 chance of NOTHING happening when rolling the white. That perfectly balanced out the dodge in my mind.
  8. I understand what the author says though. Even if it's not going to effect the outcome of the game much since it doesn't show up often, it still leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the guy who's attack was nullified. I guess the question is more about game design. Should a designer allow for a player to have a negative play experience or feel bad at all. I think it's fine personally and side with the JodoCast article. I don't like the inquisitor's ability though. It seems like weakening an already rather weak defense die is unnecessary punishment. Maybe something that instead turned a dodge into a one block or two block would be better. It's bad enough those with white die defense have to gamble 1/6 chance of no defense.
  9. Definitely the most interesting IA videos. Most IA videos are a struggle to get through. I also like Veteran Instinct's editing where they fast forward the game so it's only half as long and he still commentates so it works well. Here's the link for them: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl3U5zGAthCpSZHthmSu3Nw.
  10. This is basic but a start: http://okboardgame.com/tag/imperial-assault-beginner-strategy-guide/
  11. Do people play online much? I just downloaded Vassal and the IA module a couple of days ago and haven't seen a single active game yet.
  12. Want: 1 green translucent die and 1 white translucent die Have: Alt arts of Dengar, IG-88 and Chewbacca
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