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  1. *loves the Vong story archs* *thinks han solo and his era is over rated and hyped with little depth and character development to the characters-they stay the same* *references my account name to re-state that I love the vong storyline and their interactions in the SW universe*
  2. Revanchist, I concur. I LOVE the Vong race and their stories. I would enjoy playing as their ships. Many people who play this game tend to hate ANYTHING that is EU because they deem themselves as "purists" or whatever but that is their prerogative. I agree that there aren't enough ship types to make up an entire faction, on the scale that the two main ones are now BUT if they were introduced as a small faction for scenario or pick up play (EVEN dogfight tournament play, the players would just have fewer ships to choose from), I think they would work well. FFG does a good job of balancing out aspects of their game so I have faith they could make the ship cohesion to each other and a few other things just fine. personal thoughts.
  3. Humpty BUMPty sat on a wall. Humpty BUMPty had a great fall. ..... All the King's Horses and all the King's men helped put Humpty BUMPty back together again.
  4. This is incorrect. If a player concedes, all his remaining ships are considered destroyed, but it doesn't change your opponent's losses. If (using the OP's numbers) I've killed 20 points of your ships and you've killed 80 of mine when I concede, the result is 100 to 20, with the calculated MoV as 120 vs. 80. To the OP's issue... This may be part of the problem. Tournament rules, page 2: It is considered good sportsmanship to concede defeat when there is no reasonable chance of victory. I think it's a silly statement, and will never have a problem with someone wanting to play out a game (as I will). Comebacks happen. But for whatever reason, FFG put that in there, and someone may take it a bit too much to heart. Wow...that IS unfortunate. That makes me question my stance actually... It doesn't say that he must concede, just that if there is no perceived chance and the player chooses to, it should be looked at as good sportsmanship. I think the tone of this line is to ensure that those who choose to concede at such a juncture are not looked at negatively. It's nice to see a game developer take into account the judgmental nature of us gamers and put a line in there to guide our reactions. (because it's not saying that a player should, just how people should treat them if they choose to, in that situation)
  5. My buddy and I meet up every Sunday for games and we play on his board (or the one I bring) but we usually get in 4 games with dinner in between. We have thus far dedicated different nights to one of the following: -A fifth of Jager for shots each time we lost a ship while retaining an alcoholic beverage on the side during the games. -Butterscotch Schnapps and mixed copious amounts of that with root beer to make butterbeer one evening when his wife and kids were watching Harry Potter movies in the other room. -Whiskey for shots and whiskey sours. -Dragonsmilk beer. That stuff is strong. And lemonade. Just regular lemonade. Because it was delectable.
  6. I personally think that naming your squadron is half, or more, of the fun in building a new list Some of mine are as follows: KCCO (Kanos' Crowd Control Offensive) Howling Star The Lion & The Mouse The Runner's Escort Of course, I don't expect people to remember my list names but it's fun to discuss with my buddies. They all have names for their lists also and as long as the ship composition stays the same, we keep the names.
  7. *hugs* yeah he is buddy, he's still good. I love how consoling that came across!
  8. Good point, and please take this post as an amendment to the tone in which I wrote my prior reply. The questions posted in a judgmental tone, I rescind.
  9. Gadge, The only description for this forum is as follows: X-Wing Take control of powerful Rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE fighters! Unlike the sub-forums above, it does not have a set subject for X-Wing. The OP is wanting to share something with the X-Wing community. That in and of itself, defines it as being ok on these boards. If he were asking to give something away only to the LoL players or WoW players on the boards, then he would technically be excluding any integration of X-Wing and be an "illegitimate thread," as you describe. I'd rather see posts such as this or conversational threads in the community over the incessant banter and complaints about what is broke, what FFG "NEEDS" to put out, and what isn't fair. Because that is the major majority of the threads on this board. Do you find those repetitions as legitimate or is that 30th thread on how the TIE Advanced sucks guilty of "bumping down legitimate threads?" To the OP, thank you for the kind gift. To Gadge, what is deemed as "Legitimate"? Who decides that? When does it become a hindrance to other "Legitimate" threads? To a new player who started last week, the "idiocy of Fat Han" might be a thread that helps them understand the advantages and disadvantages of the ship. To those of us who have been around the game for years, that doesn't add any value to the board. So is it bumping down other legitimate threads or is it itself legitimate? Perception. I perceive this thread to be fine on our boards. If you don't, there's no need to stint good will on these boards (when there is so little of it as is) due to your personal choices.
  10. Off Topic: Well said, Admiral Adama. On Topic: Err on the side of respect. If you plan on playing at a tournament where there will be players outside your exclusive gaming circle, use the FFG cards (pilot and upgrade) and ships. Players often-times purchase expansions for a small aspect of that expansion (i.e. an upgrade card or a specific pilot card) and not because the extra ship is needed for their list. When going to a tournament, people who have made the decision to do that will be there and to respect the rules of the game in the same mindset that they have, play with the actual cards. I have yet to meet a player at a tournament who wouldn't loan out their unused upgrade cards for the event if someone asked, as long as that player was trying to play with the correct cards. In personal games, pick up games, games against yourself, you can do whatever you and your opponent agree on.
  11. Picked up 2 Rebel Aces and a YT-2400 Saturday morning at the Con. Was about 4 people behind the last person to be able to grab a Decimator but mine is on Pre-Order through Barnes&Noble
  12. Rebels: 6 A-Wings (all chardaan refitted from my 2 gencon rebel aces boxes), some with a higher ps than others or 2 E-Wings decked out Empire: 2-3 ships almost always. 1 Lambda, 1 Phantom, 1 Squint or 3 Squints or 2 Defenders, 1 Tie Fighter or 1 Decimator, 1 Phantom or 1 Phantom, 1 Defender or 2 Defenders
  13. You all have convinced me, I will try PTL on them next game
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