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  1. X wing is a simple, fun game that doesn't take long to play. X wing tournaments have become the opposite of this. An x wing tournament should be simple, fun and end before 12am. The entire tournament structure needs to be redesigned to accommodate the massive growth rate x wing is experiencing. I personally think the Swiss rounds either need to be the main focus of the event with dropping the elimination rounds, or the entire event needs to be done in double elimination. My personal opinion aside, the current tournament organization cannot sustain popularity of this magnitude.
  2. I'm addicted to talonbane with crackshot, glitterstim, eu and homing. It's the most fun 40 points I have ever played with. I don't care what the rest of my list is.
  3. A scum y wing with genius, seismic, extra munitions, and engine is 26 points. Scum is capable of doing what a k wing was advertised as being able to do. Move drop move already existed, is this dude with the email answers just messing with us for fun or what?
  4. My favorite part of this is that if we do get the wild kardde, we get a scum version of Mara Jade
  5. I'm exclusive scum and villainy, but I'll take bribes from the alliance any day. I'm no fanatic, no emperor ever is going to get me to protect a Death Star.
  6. Itsnt it limited? No cloaked z swarm. Getting to put a cloaked small ship in to any scum list will be a lot of fun. Still to overwhelmed to think up what crazy combo I will be trying, but I think I will start with the virago.
  7. I guess small ship only makes sense, after all they were referring to a large ship when they said "no ship that size has a cloaking device". lol
  8. I took 4 "heavy" scyks to Sacramento regionals. I placed 17th. I missed top 8 by loosing my 6 th game by 7 points. The ship is very good, It's just unpopular. If more people bring it, it will win.
  9. I don't know about home brew, but I would love to see a missile or torp that worked this way officially. It would be very entertaining. With that new punisher pilot dropping bombs out of his front guides, maybe we will see something like this eventually.
  10. I'm not sure I could find any of the ships in this wave attractive or aesthetically pleasing. Maybe they are trying to mitigate the amount of flack the k wing will get alongside the other three? I'm still going to buy it.
  11. This dilemma happens to me more often than I would expect. Mostly it is due to my opponent reveling a red maneuver with a stressed ship. Every time this happens I choose the maneuver that is to my greatest advantage. if the ship can perform a maneuver that will take it off the board then I choose it. I know it sounds harsh, but I am more interested in improving my opponents future capability than giving them a handicap that might cause them to continue to make the mistake.
  12. Oh, and the movement templates are the correct x-wing length, and they look really cool.
  13. The game is not strictly wiz kids, it also has asmodee stamped on the back of the box. I think that is good news for its future.
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