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  1. My favorites have changed over the years, so I'll list the classics that I still have on my bookshelf: Ghost in the Shell, Outlaw Star, and Oban Star-Racers. Love those stories.
  2. I'm working on a regiment with Lynata right now, actually. No spoilers, but when we've finished we'll share it with you all. Cognizant, where'd you get that document from? I'd love to use its type for our own regiment.
  3. Agreed. Neither side seems likely to ever concede their point, so all thats left is further acidic remarks. If this continues someone might even say something that gets them reported to the forum managers.
  4. Sigh, gotta say Nimsim, I'm starting to understand how you feel. One of my threads has turned into a borderline flame war filled with essays on the viability of the imperial government in the real world. Pages of ridiculously long paragraphs that I don't even want to bother reading. I'm okay with off-topic subjects, when they're friendly. But these arguments are slowly turning into acid. It's such a turn-off.
  5. Sigh.... I wonder if I can just delete this entire thread.
  6. I've actually though about that too, from time to time. New species, that is. Only problem was finding some theme of army that hadn't already been covered in some way by the other factions already present. Robots? Check. Space monsters? Check. Alien alliances? Check. Then there's the fantasy equivalents converted to scifi. Elves? Check. Orcs? Check. Undead? Check. Demonic forces? Check. You'd have to get pretty obscure to find something else that could be expanded upon enough to become a noteworthy faction. Hmmm.... Where are dragons represented in 40k?
  7. Once again, back on topic. Let's see, Orks, Necrons, Tyranids, I mentioned Eldar in another thread. What's left? Chaos is almost to Terra.... What would the Dark Eldar be doing in the End Times? In a way they're like the Orks, in that their society is pretty much right where they want it. With all hell breaking loose, what could they do that would be really dramatic?
  8. Woot, here's to avoiding Flame Wars!
  9. They're freaking long, is what they are. How many more novels do they plan on turning out in that series? How long till the Battle of Terra?
  10. It is strange, but that parts mostly meant as a joke about how many 40k fans hate furries. or, just how many people in general hate furries in anything. Cat-person: Hey guys, I'm your new scout. Not only am I silent as a whisper and quicker than a snake, I've got super-cute ears that you will all want to pet me for just to touch them. For the Emperor! Commissar: Private, she's getting fur all over my command tent. Bring my favorite Flamer gun, now! *Bwoooooooosh!* Now That was For the Emperor!
  11. I wish I could figure out how the Orks fit into my End Times setting, but other than Ghazskull Thraka uniting them all there's really no telling what they'll do. Or what they won't do. I mean, seriously. They're Orks.
  12. I think they may try to spin the mutant off as a kind of undercover agent. The sector were talking about is falling apart from all the heresy and chaos tearing at it. Lots of cults, lots of freaked out stuff. What better way to sneak in and hide your allegiance than by being something 99% of the Imperium would normally shoot on sight? I do wonder how much mutation a character will have. Will there be a mechanic controlling that? Will your corruption score affect you differently with this?
  13. In honor of poor cps, whose thread has been hijacked by us weaboo anime posties, I'm going to post another of my ideas for The End Times: After the Tyranids are contained, the Necrons, who have been circumspect in their aid against the Hive Fleet menace, make their bid for power. Even as Chaos continues to advance towards Terra the Silent King draws together the most powerful lords and commands them to carve out a chunk of the Imperium to begin their new Kingdom. Oh, what's the bottom half of the Imperium again? I wanna say Tempestus, but it may be Pacificus. Either way, both the Eldar and the humans saw it coming, but we're too busy not getting Om Nom Nommed to stop them. A thousand tomb worlds awaken, and the billions-strong Necron army begins to purge the entire segment of organic life.
  14. Lynata found my quote! Turns out it's from a piece of fanart about the ever-lovable Boone! http://mr-culexus.deviantart.com/art/Ragged-Edges-What-you-have-112786606 Check it out. It's not as long or melancholy as I remember it, but still, where else are you gonna find 40k talking about love on the battlefield? http://www.moddb.com/groups/warhammer-40k-fans-group/images/love-is-a-battlefield ...... >.>
  15. Umm, if this is about my post on Lolicron and Lofn, then I'm sorry. But just so you know, they really do feature in my big-eyes anime version of The End Times. XP I rather take Robin's point of view about conversations. When I think of all the threads I've started, the ones that stayed on topic usually died in about twenty posts or less, and that was that. Then they fell into the endless abyss of pages beyond the first page and became lost. True, I'd get annoyed when my precious topics got derailed, but if it's a choice between thread death and off-topic tangents, I'd rather keep talking with all of my fellow 40fanatics.
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