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  1. Our store just sold the ships from the kit and never announced a tournament. They didn't even know what "Massing at Sullust" is. They ended up selling the ships from under the counter with a significantly marked up price. No idea what happened to the tournament set or alt cards.
  2. Thanks for the confirmation. I know it says one but it can be understood in a way that you could roll a die for each crate you sacrifice. The wording was very clear but whether or not it is an ongoing effect or one-use only was vague.
  3. I'm not sure I fully understand the chance cubes 100% correctly. The effect is self-explanatory, but the question is. Can you gamble all your crates you collected during the mission or just one?
  4. If you could attack your own ships... I would never fly with Biggs as he would force you to attack him instead of the enemy. I would leave this Pandora's Box unopened.
  5. Ok then! A friend managed to purchase a complete set of wave 2 and I was wondering if there was anything that was nit known yet.
  6. Because I know someone who can provide me the information with pictures.
  7. I would like to thank you kind sir. You have brought peace and order to (my box) the galaxy! Waiting for for twin shadows expansion stuff from you!
  8. More of a flock. A murder of (moldy) crows...
  9. Well this is a new perspective to THIS!!!
  10. Best AND worst experience for me? Rolling four critical hits naturally... ...with a heavy laser cannon.
  11. Dynamic Duo! Chewie and Han Lots of washes and speedpainting. Primed grey as per usual. Seraphim sepia wash for Hans' shirt and Reikland Flesh for his skin. Image reference points to a red stripe his trousers.
  12. If you do use the knife to make some slashes you will want to wash those too to bring them more visible
  13. Finally some new expansions! Had to paint ALL of the IA miniatures again before even thinking about the expansions. So here we are. I have chosen a very lazy approach for minis now, applying speed painting wherever possible and cutting a lot of corners. This helps me getting all the minis painted (IA core + expansions) in a week and a half. The Royal Guard Champion. Primed with vallejo acrylic grey primer with an airbrush. Hastily airbrushed red parts with scarlet red. Then used Vallejo dark grey to paint the black armour pieces. Wash armour and cape with GW Nuln Oil. Highlight with GW Fenrisian grey to get the slightly blue hue which can be seen on the artwork. High light red parts with GW blazing orange. Tone down with a GW Baal Red wash (Carroburg Crimson nowadays). Paint staff with Vallejo Aged white and wash heavily with GW gryphonne sepia. Highlight with aged white. Paint blades with Vallejo steel and wash heavily with GW Nuln Oil. Apply Vallejo Satin Varnish for protective coating.
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