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  1. player1823837

    $20 to play at Sullust?

    Our store just sold the ships from the kit and never announced a tournament. They didn't even know what "Massing at Sullust" is. They ended up selling the ships from under the counter with a significantly marked up price. No idea what happened to the tournament set or alt cards.
  2. player1823837

    Chance cubes.

    Thanks for the confirmation. I know it says one but it can be understood in a way that you could roll a die for each crate you sacrifice. The wording was very clear but whether or not it is an ongoing effect or one-use only was vague.
  3. player1823837

    Chance cubes.

    I'm not sure I fully understand the chance cubes 100% correctly. The effect is self-explanatory, but the question is. Can you gamble all your crates you collected during the mission or just one?
  4. player1823837

    Why can't you target your own ships?

    If you could attack your own ships... I would never fly with Biggs as he would force you to attack him instead of the enemy. I would leave this Pandora's Box unopened.
  5. player1823837

    Is there anything about wave 2 that hasn't been spoiled?

    Ok then! A friend managed to purchase a complete set of wave 2 and I was wondering if there was anything that was nit known yet.
  6. Because I know someone who can provide me the information with pictures.
  7. player1823837

    Dice Etiquette - What To Do When Too Many Dice are Rolled?

    What about people who roll one die at a time?
  8. player1823837

    SirWilli's Workshop: Imperial Assault stuff

    I would like to thank you kind sir. You have brought peace and order to (my box) the galaxy! Waiting for for twin shadows expansion stuff from you!
  9. player1823837

    4 TLT HWK's and a Z-95

    More of a flock. A murder of (moldy) crows...
  10. player1823837

    Twin Shadows street date?

    Available in Finland from FLGS.
  11. player1823837

    Yoda would not approve.

    Well this is a new perspective to THIS!!!
  12. player1823837

    What's the best worst thing that's happened to you (or an opponent)?

    Best AND worst experience for me? Rolling four critical hits naturally... ...with a heavy laser cannon.
  13. player1823837

    Krankenstein paints miniatures!

    Dynamic Duo! Chewie and Han Lots of washes and speedpainting. Primed grey as per usual. Seraphim sepia wash for Hans' shirt and Reikland Flesh for his skin. Image reference points to a red stripe his trousers.