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  1. I just got rebel aces yesterday. Its amazing. But theres one thing im not sure of. How much damage can gemmer sojan do if you give him proton rockets and attack with them at range 1. Answers are appreicated!
  2. I wonder if its possible in a campain for your group to be captured by a sith cult or darth vader or someone. And they ask you to join them and kill the rest of your party members. can you say yes
  3. Who here would like to have a mara jade expansation it would be cool cuase u could use her for both empire and rebellion
  4. Ive been playing star wars commander its pretty fun
  5. Knights of the old republic and the force unleashed
  6. bad wolf do you like doctor who?
  7. Loved the republic commando series. Mandalorians are always awesome
  8. The nice thing about this list is its really easy to get range 1 shots in
  9. My list so far is: Royal guard pilot x2 both with royal guard tie, hull upgrade, shield upgrade and ptl Echo with VI, tactician and ACD. what do you guys think. I think i should replace echo with fel though. Suggestions
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