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  1. Hi Panzerbjrn,This particular thread isn't for asking questions... Rather, it's for recording questions that were previously asked, that have already received official answers from FFG (i.e. from Damon Stone). If you're after unofficial answers from the community you can just create a separate topic for it in this forum; however I see you've since found that you can do the same on CardGameDB - which also gets more traffic and generally quicker responses. I don't really get the distinction... Where have these questions been asked then? And I was after something 'official'...
  2. I have a question about Obsessive Detective and Obsessive Inmate. The FAQ reads: Obsessive Inmate does stay committed to the story during the opponent’s turn. However, the story he is committed to will not resolve during his opponent’s turn, unless the opponent commits at least one character to the story. Obsessive Inmate can be uncommitted from a story by means of card effects. Does this mean that the investigation struggles don't occur on my opponents turn despite there being a committed character? My group has always played that they do, because that made sense to us, but after reading this FAQ I'm suddenly not so sure.
  3. Welcome to the world of Fantasy Flight Games. Amongst my gaming groups here in London, we FFG is widely known for making great games, but with some of the worst written rules anywhere. Pretty much all the games we've played are great, and Call of Cthulhu LCG is no exception, and all the rules are poorly written, poorly laid out and confusingly explained. But once you get past the incredibly poorly written rulebooks (CoC, GoT, CitOW are hilarious examples of this), then they have some really amazing games. Perseverance, and learning the game by asking here and on CardGameDB and Board Game Geek is well worth it... But yeah, I really wish FFG would get some people to read the rulebooks and edit them appropriately before they published their games...
  4. WTH? I just now see that the barkeep has a syndicate symbol? That is crazy. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. None of my friends I played with noticed that either. Bugger. Why would they do something so crazy? The Eldritch Nexuses are more 'Nice To Haves', rather than relying on them. Recruiter of the lodge has been useful for getting characters further down my deck, and if I have Ramsdale down, then I try to get him killed so I can play him again. I have used protector of secrets to block opponents characters when he has exhausted several in his own phase. I have used the Barkeep to keep characters exhausted, but that strategy is out the window now I noticed the Day issue last night actually. I *did* have cards to make it day, but I must have gotten rid of them when I last tweaked the deck. Well, the deck *did* work, but I am apparently back to the drawing board. the core of the deck is pretty good though, so I'll figure something out. Thanks for your comments.
  5. Hey all, I've been wanting to make a mono Order of the Silver Twilight deck for some time, and I have finally come up with something that has been winning me a few games consistently. This is the deck: Character: 3x Knight of the Eclipse (***) 3x Recruiter for the Lodge (TOotST) 3x Silver Twilight Enforcer (TOotST) 3x Disgruntled Chef (TOotST) 3x Initiate of Huang Hun (CotJE) 3x The Claret Knight (SoK) 3x Protector of Secrets (IotF) 3x Guardian of Dawn (TiV) 3x Lodge Barkeep (TOotST) 3x Student of the Profane (SoM) 3x B. Ramsdale Brown (TKatG) 3x Silver Twilight Collector (TOotST) 3x Keeper of the Silver Sphere (TOotST) 3x Ol' Lazy Eyes (CoC) 3x Meticulous Scribe (TGS) 3x Crazy Eddie (CoC) 3x Zanni (TiV) Support: 3x Tcho-Tcho Talisman (Core) 3x The Deodand (TSS) 3x T'tka Halot (WaB) 3x Magnifying Glass (SoA) 3x The Necronomicon: John Dee Translation (TUP) 3x Whateley's Diary (DD) Event: 3x Eldritch Nexus (Core) 3x Arcane Tampering (TBJ) Conspiracy: 3x The Locked Door (WitD) 3x From the First Degree to the Last (TbtA) 81 cards may be a bit much, and I could probably remove Silver Twilight Enforcer, Crazy Eddie and The Necronomicon: John Dee Translation. The plan is basically to get the Initiate of Huang Hun, and bounce my opponents characters. Since I can bounce them back to my own hand, I can get rid of 1-3 (or 6 with Eldritch nexus) per turn. If they get killed, Ramsdale let me bring them back. Day give bonuses to my Guardian of Dawn and the conspiracy cards convey bonuses to some others. Very limited play testing against two different opponents, but the results have been good so far. Any thoughts/comments/constructive criticism? (And yes, I realise there are quite a few neutral cards, but I still call it a mono deck ;-))
  6. Sorry for the Threadomancy.... A friend of mine and I are looking for other CoC players in London. Preferably Central-ish or NorthEasternish... The London On Board group doesn't allow LCGs unfortunately. I guess they did once upon a time...
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