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  1. Do I need to fill out two of them? one for each?
  2. Just a picture? That's it? Wow. What is the email address?
  3. One of the bombers is warped. The other was missing the peg for the stand. Do I have cause the send them in for replacement?
  4. Did someone say DC? Well, 'DC' is better and more mature than what I was thinking of calling him that has the same letters.
  5. DC doesn't understand that some people ARE NOT wired to understand certain things. For me it is social cues, facial expressions, and emotions. It takes me a little while to decipher abbreviations. I am sure I am not the only one who is WIRED differently. It would be a shame if DC was made fun of because he doesn't understand the difference between childish and adult-like.
  6. Are Mods allowed in the FFG Tournaments? I ask because I want to add lights to my flotilla and still do tournaments. And maybe a few mag mounts.
  7. I've (I have) never had A1 Sauce, is it any good or a cheap imitation of HP (sorry I should have said Houses of Parliament) Sauce? Now that's (that is) a breakfast sauce. Cheers Baaa Oh it is very good... A1 is better than that Vegemite stuff... Or is it vitavegameatamin? And I don't even care for A1
  8. Most ships from Xwing Vs Tie Fighter and ships after it from "the imperial era" look exactly like the Striker. So, instead of paying the legal fees to pay off the original maker of the Tie design they instead made a new one pretty close to what was already there. And then, they made a ship that's pretty close to a Ywing and a Xwing, so much so it's probably supposed to look like chop-job of the two to show the Rebel's limited resources. Honestly, why would they use a clone ship? Are those space capable, hyperspace capable and owned by anyone other than the Empire? (I just looked it up, they are not space capable. That would be a horrible ship to use for the Rebellion. Where would they carry it?) I'm sorry you didn't get the Star Wars you specifically wanted but your argument is a wet noodle. I may be opening up a can of bantha fodder, but in The Force Unleashed there is a MAAT/i, (Medium Altitude Assault Transport / infantry) http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Multi-Altitude_Assault_Transport
  9. What about one of them political plotting and back-stabbing games.... oh wait, we have that in real life
  10. I might get in trouble for this, but here is my EET 253 project that went screwy the day before presentation. https://youtu.be/p03vOVY9ftU
  11. Good point. Anyone know how I would go about getting Disney's permission? It would also be free advertisement too.
  12. I am still hammering out what I am going to do.
  13. As I have said above: I will also be using servos to simulate the action of target lock (imagine a radar dish), Laser pointers with photo-resistors to simulate laser blasts. Still thinking of other things to add. I will be using a raspberry pi and a couple of arduinos to control the stuff. I have bought the dice app. The app is more visual based, my dice roller will be text based. The sound effects will hopefully be altered a bit, if I cannot alter them then I will not use them. Also this would be for personal use.
  14. I already sent a ticket in asking for permission, I might hear back tomorrow. I do not know.
  15. You can do anything you want with your property. You are not selling anything and you are not infringing on sales. Coming up with your own rules for private use does not break any copy right laws. This isn't even a Fair Use issue. *I too teach college. Glad to know there are professors on here. I will still be using the cards that come with the expansions. I will be simulating the dice rolls, adding sound effects, making the actions more visual, having the computer track the damage, but still deal the cards, etc.
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