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  1. 200 point squadrons and 6 obstacles was my take on 200/6.
  2. I'm keen to try out a very basic Jarek Yeager, with maybe only Intimidation and nothing else (maybe a cheap illicit if there a few spare points). At initiative 5, he can slam into a bump with most things that move at I4 or earlier to proc Intimidation. And at around 36 points he's not depriving the rest of the squad too much either.
  3. From the battle reports sub forum. Scroll down to near the bottom of the thread to see Ryuneke's 3 Silencers go against a swarm of republic Y wings.
  4. It's a surprisingly solid list, I'd seen some builds pre-Wolfpack that just fill up with dorsals and a few bombs scattered around. 6 beefy ships with 180 arc coverage is a great knife fighting list, and it probably looks great on the table too.
  5. Just deal with it when you get fired on, you go from 1 die down to zero. You probably don't even notice it.
  6. No worries. I was hoping for an update yesterday too along the same lines as last time. I haven't ordered any of this wave yet, I'm just really curious where the points of some of these cards are going to fall. So much of the resistance tech just doesn't get used, I really hope things like the overcharge booster (or what ever it's called), the new mechs and starbird slash are priced competitively.
  7. That's not correct. Points were released for the last wave on the Wednesday night (UK time) for release on the Friday.
  8. What happens to non-circular tokens (e.g. stress, ion) that are associated with ships when they are placed in reserve? e.g. a stressed phantom with a deplete token docks with the ghost. Does it take the tokens with it when it's placed in reserve and will those tokens go with the ship the next time it deploys? The rules reference is clear that circular tokens are removed at the end of the round as normal and charges still recur, but without any further clarification I'm assuming that the non circular tokens stick with the ship when it's placed in reserve and when it deploys next (deploying with a blue manoeuvre would clear both tokens in the example I've cited above I suppose).
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