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  1. Only because she broke Scott Pilgrim's heart. I quite liked her as captain marvel.
  2. 5 double tap Yions is 205pts, to everyone saying how OP these are. The popular 5 Ywing list is some mix of ions and dorsal (in extended) or lose a VTG in hyperspace.
  3. Sounds cool, thanks for the info. Good job on 3-1. I own 4 Kwings, but not enough dials or any barrage rockets. Another set up I'd considered is losing Sabine and taking a mix of conner nets and prox mines, maybe 2 and 2, instead of proton bombs.
  4. Great thread with some really interesting ideas. In coming up with similar lists of my own, I'm struggling with Benthic at essentially base cost 57pts (47 + 10 for PerCoP). Does he justify that cost for an init2? Is a focus for Benthic and another shared worth 13 pts over just a blue scout with a focus for himself? I really like what they've done with the tubes brothers, but I think their points costs are a little high for what they achieve. Very limited experience of my own though so I'd be interested to hear others thoughts.
  5. Use the evade tokens to modify the evade results from the pilot ability
  6. I guess it means if JT is double stressed, he can do a blue manoeuvre and clear both stress off himself?
  7. Thanks a lot, I think that makes it clear.
  8. But doing the evade first then another action means Poe ends up stressed. I'd taken that as a given. In the event that Debris Gambit does make the second action white (because it's an evade action at 0-1 of an obstacle) then Poe could take both actions with no stress. But I don't think it works like that, as discussed above. An official confirmation would be nice though. Thanks for taking the time to add to the discussion guys.
  9. Poe is equipped with Debris Gambit and is sitting within range 1 of an obstacle. He performs a focus action and then uses his card ability, spending a charge to perform another action. Can he perform the evade action in this situation as his bonus action? If so, is the evade action treated as a red action or a white action?
  10. Well, I marked out like a geek when I saw that they'd given Jess the title The Great Destroyer. I love it.
  11. Agility 2 is correct for a U wing in 2.0
  12. I enjoyed reading, thanks for posting.
  13. How about thread tracers instead of the harpoon? Doesn't need a TL and whatever you trace is getting lit up by those Xwings. The three points saved could probably upgrade an astromech or two.
  14. If you really want an evade on Vader so much, you could always just give him the 2.0 version of Debris Gambit (I forget the new name)?
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