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  1. Hey OggDude, I have a feature request. Would it be possible to add a Weapon/Armor category to the GM tools similar to what you have now for ships? I like to have a bunch modified weapons/armor put together for my players but there's no way to create them outside of doing it in the inventory of a NPC or adding it through the database tools. It works but it's a little clunky and it's difficult to see the details of modified weapons currently.
  2. I'd tell them to commit a Force Die for the round and make any thrown attack against him/her upgraded. The Despair the red dice adds represents the player reacting in time to the grenade and force pushing it back to the attacker while the extra Failures represent the player force pushing the grenade somewhere harmless.
  3. Hey OggDude, love the tool. Had a quick question though. Is there a flag to indicate a weapon is allowed to stack like grenades? My player's have an armory for their mercenary company and it's a pain to have 10+ entries for the same Blaster Carbine.
  4. Shouldn`t he always be able to improvise and make beneficial stuff, even without the talent? Isn`t that what the career and specialisation are all about? Just because a player is a Tech doesn't mean they can put together high-tech equipment with whatever is around and I'd be really nervous about allowing my players to do that whenever they wanted. The ability puts a price and limit to the ability so it doesn't railroad the story with "I make a thing to do that." I'm not saying a Tech shouldn't be able to make stuff, but it should take a while and require preperation without the skill. You said it yourself, creating stuff is what the Tech specilization is all about and that's why this ability is represented as a Talent. Without it your Tech player just isn't good at improvising.
  5. I don't think playing a Hutt is going to be as big as a challenge as everyone is saying. Sure, playing Jabba would be difficult as he's basically a giant, unmoveable mass of fat. However look at the hut in the announcement. While he's clearly pretty large I don't have too much of an issue justify him doing most activities another character could.
  6. The Force and Destiny Beta books has a little sidebar about how to represent a "Young" version of an animal in the NPC section by weakening it. Don't have it on me but the point was to basically allow a Player to have a pet that they wouldn't normally be able to control. Once they get to a point where they can then the GM can have it "Mature" and go back to it's origional stats.
  7. Beastrider + Basilisk War Droid = Mandalorian Nemesis!
  8. Does it really? Awesome. What page is that on? I can't wait to get my hands on the FnD beta. Page 195 in Force and Destiny, it's the giant red box at the bottom. Also keep in mind that if you make a bad guy Force Sensative any force powers used against him/her can be an opposed Discipline check.
  9. The OPness of Move aside, if you want to not have a Nemesis thrown off a cliff the Beta Force and Destiny book has a sidebar about resisting being thrown by an opposed Willpower Vs. Resilliance roll or resisting your weapon being pulled away by an Opposed Athletics roll.
  10. Assuming the Empire doesn't just blanket the planet is Star Destroyers, they must have some method of intercepting a ship moving off planet from any location. What I'm thinking is they must use the same method that Humanity's fleets use in Mass Effect. Essentialy, the Earth's navy came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to place enough ships at each new colony to adequetly defend them, the cost to run and upkeep that many ships wouldn't be pratical. Instead they have a few major fleets constantly on stand-by ready at key Mass Effect relays to respond to any incident quickly. So what the empire does is assign a fleet to blockade the planet. Said fleet covers the planet in sensors using some kind of sensor ship/buoy system. When a ship is detected leaving the planet then a response force is sent from a centralized location, more than likely some kind of refueling station/docks. So the key to breaking a blockade would be to leave before the response force shows up. This should be difficult, as I imagine not much is quicker then a military grade hyperdrive. Also it opens up more options for blockade running. A competent slicer could find a way to disable one of the sensors, making a hole in the net for the player's ship to pass through. Players could even send up a bunch of decoys hoping to overwhelm the response fleet and slip by while the fleet is busy chasing decoys. Granted you might wanna up the difficulty on these as spoofing military grade sensors would probably be a difficult skill check.
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