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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Battles-of-Westeros-Complete-lot-fully-assembled-Includes-promo-cards/133109101905
  2. You as well best match I played all day
  3. Just watched it all, you did great coverage for the event! Outryder is truly the best event in x-wing excited already for Outryder VII.
  4. Lord Vader returns home to the Burgh! Thanks for setting up video for this guys.
  5. What other threats were out there that Thrawn would believe could take down the empire?
  6. I admit it could be rewritten as a different threat, but in old canon the threat in the unknown regions was the Yuuzhan Vong
  7. http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/books/2017/03/02/star-wars-thrawn-book-exclusive-excerpt/98518860/ Specifically though I wonder about this part... “There are threats lurking in the Unknown Regions, threats that will someday find your Empire. I am familiar with many of them.” “I will learn of them soon enough on my own,” the Emperor countered placidly. “Can you offer anything more?” “Perhaps you will learn of them in time to defeat them,” Thrawn said. “Perhaps you will not. Seems to indicate Vong is still canon could always be rewritten to be something else though.
  8. Gemmer - Low PS on a ship that relies on arc dodging Arvel- Same issues as Gemmer also a pilot ability that suffers from being in the middle would be much better as a low ps, would also like the second ept Nera, Ibby, Ten - expensive B-wing syndrome die to quick if you put a lot of points in them and make them a prime target. Et'ahn - A support ship that is to expensive to field a good fleet for it to support. Can be decent in epic
  9. I personally disagree. Not as good as B but better than A, I think he's about on par with C depending on build and play style. I definitely think he was the crew for future proofing than anything else.
  10. For tournaments all upgrades and ships start at full energy, if I remember correctly. StevenO is right had to check this myself as I thought it was all upgrade cards however... Epic Tournament FAQ: Epic Dogfight Squad Deployment Procedure 8. Players assign Energy tokens to each of their Huge ships and their equipped secondary weapons up to their respective energy limits.
  11. Mostly true however a crippled section has no actions on it's bar but can still take an action. Important distinction as you could have crew with an action on a crippled section and still use that upgrade card as your action.
  12. No, actually. Cards have to specifically state that they overwrite general rules in order for you to invoke that rule. Manaroo still does reassign the red target lock, but since the red got removed in the process, the blue one disappears, so when the red one gets assigned, there is no corresponding blue one, and it is therefore destroyed. Manaroo would have to state that the blue lock is not removed when the red lock assigned in order for it to overwrite the general rules. It clearly doesn't do this. As an example, look at Expert Handling. It originally said: "Action: Perform a barrel roll." But a barrel roll is an action and the rules clearly stated that you may only perform 1 action. You already used your action to trigger Expert Handling, so you can't perform the barrel roll it tells you to perform. You may say that the card rule is overwriting the general rules and letting you perform 2 actions during your turn, but then why did the rules mention these things called free actions? Are those superfluous? But FFG did change Expert Handling to say "perform a free barrel roll action." The fact that they did change it shows that they agree that the card was not working as intended. I demonstrates that the card rule did not unambiguously overrule the general rule. The same is true in this situation. I could be wrong but I was under the impression they changed it to "perform a free barrel roll action." not because there was confusion in doing the barrel roll but because originally people put it on someone like Vader and performed the card action then performed the barrel roll action to do 2 barrel rolls. They changed it because once it was a free barrel roll action you could no longer do the barrel roll action again.
  13. 1. After you move you gain energy based on your maneuver. The maximum you can bank on the ship is your energy value + energy value added by the title (Gr-75 + bright hope can hold 6 energy total). After you have gained that energy you can spend energy to power weapons or upgrades( such as Ionization Reactor.) or activate upgrades (such as comms booster.) You can do those once per card but all of them if you have the energy to do it. Keep in mind energy starts at full on your ship and upgrade cards that have an energy value (such as Ionization Reactor or dual laser turret). 2. GR-75 has one action. 3. Pick a target give it stress up to 2 if it has 0 it now has 2 if it has 1 it now has 2. if it has 2 or more dont use the jam action its a wasted action.
  14. Think I should increase the price to MK3 to 2 pts? That is sitting at 8 points for an upgrade that is palp level there for a single ship. its also perfectly fine to compare it to x7 title with x7 title its -2 pts and that means they could get a stealth device if they wanted for 4 green+evade+focus for only 1 point more then their normal cost. Without doing any special tricks the phantom can't do that at that point range at all Ask yourself this could a ship that cost 100 but could fire 15 attack dice be balanced? Raising the price will help but in my opinion its just not a good upgrade for the game. There are only so many balance points. maneuverability(M), Ability to evade attack(E), ability to kill a target(D), hull/shield value(H), Customization options©, and cost($). The best ships in the game excel in a few of these areas but not all. Lets look at a couple on a 1-5 scale Soontir - M-5 E-5 D-3 H-1 C-2 $-4 (20) - For a relatively cheap 35 points you get top tier maneuverability and evasiveness. Mid-range on attack helped by his maneuverability because there's a good chance you can get some range 1 shots while still being able to focus. Health is bottom tier and there is some customization but at a cost. For instance you can take targeting computer which will up your ability to kill but you give up AT or SD and are now easier to hit. Ryad - M-3 E-5 D-4 H-4 C-1 $-4 (21) - I know there will be disagreement on some of this but I'm going to give Ryad a mid level in her maneuverability green K-turns are awesome and she can do them at near every range. but she lives on 3 speed maneuvers and moves at ps5. the key to beating her is knowing where shes going to go 90% of the time. besides that she is a killer hard to kill, hard hitting, beefy, she got very little customization but she doesn't need it. In all honesty though she walks that thin line already from being great to being OP. Lets look at whisper though with your upgrade. Whisper M-5 E-5 D-5 H-3 C-5 $-2 (25) - Decloak means phantoms start in 3 different places before they even start to move and still have a late ps barrel roll. Your suggesting a free evade and whisper gets a free focus if she hits plus a focus action that's Soontir level evasiveness with one of the strongest guns in the game. Health is the weak spot but still respectable. Crew and system (some of the best upgrades in the game live here) and arguably while you want FCS to keep the ship deadly crew can be whatever you want. Cost is an important limiter but if your ship can literally do everything else cost isn't enough. TL;DR - I know i went off on a tangent filled with 90 % opinion and probably 10% nonsense but the point I'm making is you cant make something all powerful and just hope cost alone will balance it out. Let's not forget the phantom already taught us this lesson not sure how long you've played but remember in the old school phantom days there was an 86 point list that was just echo and whisper it won a regional. Why not put a tie in their instead of a crazy bid like that he said it wasn't needed, it got in the way and left other phantoms something to shoot to re-cloak.
  15. "Silence" would be good but I think others are over stating how good 34 points for 3/4/2/2 is... Soontir with shield upgrade and stealth is 3/4/3/1 already but Soontir gets a stack of focus evade token and way better greens for 36 points. Your still going to want the option to decloak to get 4 dice sometimes so you still need ACD (+4 points) and if you have ACD your going to want VI (+1). Now phantoms do still get crew and system but they also pay to fill those slots. The "old school" phantom rules pilot will max out at ps7 that alone should probably keep it in check. I cant be as easy on the Mk. III mod its expensive I'll give you that but 3 more points isn't enough for what you get in my opinion. I think it's just to good to be something they do it's also not fair to compare the defender title, phantoms are agile and one of the hardest hitting ships in the game you cant make them tanky too its just a recipe for OP.
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