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  1. It is my completely unscientific belief that they seem to die quicker than TIE fighters... which is counter intuitive if you think about it. Glad I'm not going mad. Maybe its their dial? Any ideas on the E-wing?
  2. Ok so there are lots of threads about how good TIE Defenders and Phantoms are. But not so much traffic on the Z-95 and the E-Wing. My questions are:- Is a Z-95 swarm a good strategy? how would you kit one out? I only have the one Z-95, is it only worth flying it if it is part of a swarm? how do you keep them alive long enough to do some damage with them? Is the E-wing over priced points wise? (its 2 hull value baffles me) how do you kit them out to get the most out of them? Is it all about Corran Horn? or do you fly them naked? Is it more about how they are flown? Is it better to stick with X-wings, Y-wings and B-wings? In the games I've seen, A-Wings, E-wings and Z-95's seem to get picked off because their lower hull value makes them tempting targets, thus they seem to die rather quickly. Maybe my opponent was flying them like X-wings, but he hit three of my TIE's with an assault missile and I still won fairly comfortably and I wasn't flying like a genius to say the least (one of my TIE's was killed by an asteroid) I don't think it was the dice gods either. To be clear I am not beating on them (not much anyway), I'm just not sure as to how to use them effectively. I'm an Imperial player through and through, but I want to be able to give a few tips, we only play for fun and its better to have a closer game so any answers to any of the above questions will be greatly appreciated :-)
  3. Yes I think a full series about the great exploits of Zathras! As for the Spoiler alert comment, its been roughly twenty years now... its a bit like saying, spoiler alert, MacBeth dies at the end!
  4. There was a hidden fourth ending to ME3 apparently, if you have done all the quests etc you can kill the Reapers and Shepherd survives. I'd totally go for that one... I never played ME3 though.
  5. Me too, its ugly and as far as I can tell a bit of a dumb design for a ship. I think the time might come where they can actually just design their own ships for the game, or ask someone at Disney to do the same. That would make more sense and we get to see something new, remember that? when things were good because they were new?
  6. B5 was great, until season 5.... getting rid of Marcus and Ivanova was a big mistake and the new station commander was a bit of a non entity. I loved the show, watching seasons 1-4 several times. I still haven't seen a couple of the movies though. River of souls and the Rangers sounded cack. Thirdspace was ok, but a bit isolated from the main story. In the beginning was very good. A reboot? I'm not so sure, like most ideas, success or failure will depend on implementation. Why not make a new IP instead?
  7. Is anyone else praying to the little baby Jesus they never release TIE droids? They always were lame and they always will be. An entire board filled with TIE Droids... what a chore. Sorry to rain on the automated parade.
  8. Eeeep Forbidden Prices! I hope they were on offer or something? My best advice is just have fun :-) Welcome to the addiction X-wing :-D
  9. Thinking "food or X-wing?" whilst staring at your bank balance...
  10. That's interesting :-) BaronFel. I'm not completely sold but I've never heard that angle before :-)
  11. I have watched the first film hundreds of times, and Vader's TIE seems to have some kind of rapid fire function the other TIE's don't have. Watch it again and look for it. He locks on, then unleashes a stream of hot laser death that seems to blow through a Y-Wing's shields in one salvo. Seems pretty powerful to me. Lucas only wanted Vader's TIE to look different so we knew which one he was flying, decades later we have this mess...
  12. For some reason I never imagined anyone would ever paint a spaceship brown. Brown on black? yuck. If I get a HWK I'm painting it something else. Green? Black? Red? Yellow? Purple? basically anything but brown. EDIT! HOT PINK! YES!
  13. Wow Mel that Skipray blastboat looks fantastic.
  14. Eltnot, thanks! that put my fanatical desire for X-wing perfection into context! I do feel so much better. What's the word? Schadenfreude? Yes I don't think I need new parts, a bit of glue and I'm all good really. It was just the sound that is still rolling around my brain and dreading to turn around to look at what fate had been dealt to my beloved swarm.
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