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  1. IDeal 2 indirect damage to each of them .... Is this referring to each opponent or each character? Thanks!
  2. Kind of weird if R2D2 can become a Jedi.... but can't have blue abilities played on him that would allow him to use the force. Thoughts?
  3. Well hopefully they'll add JANITOR next. 😉
  4. Well they did it....😜 He's a droid and a guard now....and Fn2199 is a trooper and Qui-gon 1 is a Jedi... Etc etc
  5. Had to laugh when I saw that. I guess Qui Gon and Watto did 'negotiate' in there, Jar Jar got kicked in the testicles by a pit droid and Ani got upset when Padme called him a slave... But I'd love to see some battlefield where actual battles took place .
  6. I emailed them... And they told me they would no longer be carrying them. They have a blow out sale going on....25% off singles.
  7. Might be old news... but I just found out from them that they are no longer restocking singles...which is unfortunate. Never had a problem with orders and shipping was cheap compared to some other dealers. Any suggestions for other reliable sites that don't charge alot for shipping? Thanks!
  8. So ...I can understand a need for FFG to spread things out... You don't want to make all the cards for characters we know and love before the ones most of us haven't heard of...(like Poe's dad). So.. if you could pick a character that you know and love that hasn't been represented yet .. who would you pick? 😜
  9. Yes...it should....and speaking about all of them formats... Could you still use your old Thermal detonator card in the current format? 🤔
  10. With the new General Grievous coming out.. any hope they will errata the magnaguard to add DROID..? "The IG-100 Magnaguard DROID could withstand massive damage before total system failure." 😜
  11. Ahhhh... Or are referenced by cards....that's what I missed....( Every word counts) Thanks for the cclarification. 😁
  12. Hello, I was reading an article over on the Hyperloops and they make it sound like you get to start using Phasma's (die/dice) plus use her power action to roll the 2 First Order Stormtrooper dice into your pool right from the start. However, from how I understood the rules... is that 'set-aside' dice are only dice that are brought to the game- and have to correspond to the cards in your deck. So the only way the FOST die can be set-aside is after one of them dies. Which then begs the question... how do you start with Phasma and two FOSTs? (18+7+7= 32)... unless there will be new plots with a -2 value. Again...I could be wrong about this...just looking for clarification. Thanks!
  13. The ad on the site says it's available. Not here.... All sold out. How many of you have it available in your area?
  14. Congrats to FFG for having the Spheres of Steel to do something that baffles many of the tried and true followers of a ccg to do something completely different. Gone are the days of purchasing and copying other people's decks because they lack their own creativity. It's about time we evolved and tried something new. There are many minds out there that fear change. Fear ...is the mind killer ([Muad Dib)]... Let go of your fear and embrace something new... Or be left behind clinging to an old dogma. In other words...if you have something better to offer the gaming community other than snide remarks..we don't care. Create something new... Then people might listen to you.
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