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  1. oneeyedmatt87

    Living expenses?

    I totally agree, I was trying to think of the most subdued answer I could for my example. Now if a party got their hands on even a mediocre snubfighter or freighter? "We're going to sell it. And buy ALL the personal gear"
  2. oneeyedmatt87

    Recruitment: Futile Resistance

    I'm tentatively interested, though I appear to be something of a harbinger of death to PbPs on these boards. Also... with the title... should we all be making be making cyBorg characters?
  3. oneeyedmatt87

    Living expenses?

    Yeah, it makes no context in reference to the real world, but to be fair... I can see why they did it this way. "Great job, you just defeated the bounty hunters!" "Awesome! What kind of ship did they come in?" "Uhhhhhh... a pretty rundown G9 rigger (Worst thing he could think of off the top of his head)" "Cool! They go for 5.5 million right? Even if it's worth half that, we can find a fence to take it off our hands for 1%? That's still 25,000. Then we'll have to go shopping, because that take is more than our last job."
  4. Seconded. I'm glad it was the good version of going dark. Good luck with the new job! Sorry to see the game go of course, but you've definitely got (more) than 2 hands full. See you around the boards!
  5. Hey welcome to the forums! You may have a bit better luck if you post in either the main F&D or EOTE forums. The beginner game forums are mostly regulated to play by post games. Probably why you haven't gotten many hits. I don't have a ton of experience with the published adventures, but I think Beyond the Rim was supposed to be for a lower xp party. Also, have you checked out the beginner games? They come with dice and a free follow up adventure you can get off the website. Those are obviously going to be skewed towards one of the three lines, but since the lines are 100% compatible mixed parties shouldn't be an issue. Just figure out which theme you'd like to start with and go from there.
  6. oneeyedmatt87

    Character Help

    Hello and welcome. As you may have noticed, the Beginner Game forums don't get much traffic, and what they do get is mostly Play by post groups. If you'd like more traffic/responses, I suggest you post in the main forum. Force and Destiny if you have a specific Force question, and Edge of the Empire otherwise. As to your concept, the "reluctant/hidden warrior" is not unheard of, but we'd need a few more details to figure out where you're trying to go. All I can tell from your post is to suggest an above average agility with a few ranks in ranged light and melee. What type of campaign is it? Did you want the PC to be Force sensitive? Most importantly, if your character doesn't *like* fighting, how DO they like solving problems? Do they prefer smooth taking? Sneaking? Negotiation? Lying? Using a small army of droids? Being a Force wizard? Opening an airlock behind annoying parties? I wouldn't worry about boosting deception too much. It isn't hard to pretend to be bad at something. Especially since this seems to be more thematic dressing for your character, rather than mechanical. I will say that you'll probably get limited milage out of the concept. How many times will the fellow PCs react "OMG, how did the Shepard learn how to wreck their kneecaps!?!" In conclusion, 1. Welcome again! 2.tell us more! 3. I suggest you repost this in the main Edge of the Empire forum.
  7. Here, let me help you with that. "Wookie"
  8. oneeyedmatt87

    U-Wing Stats for EotE?

    Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. I was just giving you a hard time because I know how much you love that ship/horrible mess of stats. No offense intended.
  9. oneeyedmatt87

    U-Wing Stats for EotE?

    But sil 3 makes perfect sense for the KST-100?
  10. oneeyedmatt87

    where are the yuuzhan vong

    So I've see you gotten bored correcting people's spelling (on a matter of no importance, and which is confusing no-one) and started to use the search function to necro threads, not to add nothing of value, but to correct someone who hasn't even been on the boards in over 3 years. I just have to ask... ... Why? Are you THAT bored? Or just a fan of unbelievably compulsive orthography?
  11. I know it's not on brand, but you may want to check out the social combat rules in the Genesys core. It's the same system, you just have to translate the symbols on the dice. They've got a pretty neat table for using advantages/threats. I'm honestly surprised they haven't ported them back into the Star Wars system yet. (Unless they have. I have Far Horizons but not Desperate Allies)
  12. oneeyedmatt87

    YT1300 Light Freighter

    I am fairly sure he doesn't (at least in the cuts I've seen, it's a big galaxy out there, so who knows) but to answer your question, the dorsal and ventral guns have a fire arc all, so they should be able to be fired from the cockpit at a target in the front arc no problem. No additional guns needed. In fact, baring specific maneuvers and/or house rules, you'll find that fire arcs on small ships mean almost nothing, as the rules assume you're constantly flying/shifting arcs during space combat.
  13. oneeyedmatt87

    Online Players Wanted

    I am also interested!
  14. oneeyedmatt87

    Something other than the FaD FP System?

    @DurosSpacerThese threads may interest you: But, as @Tramp Graphics mentioned above, the general consensus is that XP cost is a feature, not a bug (I've never played Saga, but apparently there was a huge problem with Force Users overshadowing "mundanes".) As for consulting multiple trees, since the trees are smaller and filled with repeats, it's much easier than flipping through their specialization counterparts. And with the XP cost, no player is going to have all 14 trees to flip through, let alone all the upgrades. Which holds at least to Legends, where some Force users excelled at certain aspects, and were rubbish at others. Again, from that point of view, feature, not bug. I think you'll find that any Force system will have some level of overhead either in implementation or development, I hope you're able to find (or make) one to fit your needs. Good luck! And let us know!
  15. I hate to break it to you man, but my sons (ages 3 and 1) both love my kyberlights and are simultaneously completely unable to handle them. And by that, I mean "they love to crash them together" but also "try to eat them sometimes". My point being... if I can't talk my 3 year old to watch a single star wars movie/episode with me (which I can't), you might need to reevaluate what they want at 5 years old, since it might be something Paw Patrol/(something of similar genre). I'm not hating on your idea (I'd personally LOVE if my kid loved Star Wars as much as I do), but maybe wait and see if your kid is into it, before spending $800?.... If nothing else, surely a lightsaber will be just as effective for cheaper in the next 4 years, so you can pick it up then? Again, all props to you, Jedi-Dad! I truly hope everything works out for you!