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  1. Good deal, my sheet is updated. 11-3 soak for 8 wounds. Quick question: What kind of check will it take up get the skiff upright and moving again. I assume we don't want to leave it here...
  2. @LaGouache the second guard is still up. Kr'owk's shot did 10 damage -4 soak means the guard is only 6/13 WT.
  3. Flying through the air, Corr adjusts his landing and rolls into a kneeling position as if he was planning on being thrown from the vehicle. As he pops up, both blasters are in his hands and are spitting blue fire. The remaining weequay staggers under the onslaught and collapses. "Like the man said," Corr grumbles "Your friend was lucky my blasters were on stun... You..." *CLICK CLICK* "Are not so fortunate"
  4. Oooo I like these results better. Rerolling deception: 3eA+2eD 4 successes, 1 threat
  5. Chagrined by his inablity to even find a simple mount, Sen is eager to speak up... "I hear it too! What do you guys make out of it???"
  6. Can't climb for poop, but can apparently hear... Distant sound: 2eP+2eA+2eD 5 successes
  7. I mean, there are worse ways to fail, I guess... Bluffing our way out of the cell?: 3eA+2eC 0 successes
  8. "Would you take a look at this..." Castar appraises the room. "Great setup you guys have here. Though it definitely isn't the private viewing box that this guy..." He taps Den on the chest and continues, "thought the infochant was talking about"... Oh well. Hey Scarpa! Good to see you, best of luck to you all!" He turns to Briar, "Unless you had something else for the gentlebeing..."
  9. Count me in on the "needlessly complex" club. What's the matter with saying ships hit with a tractor beam "Can't move relative to the tractor beam" (ie change range bands or facing) and let the ship with the bigger silhouette determine absolute movement? This way, Slave 1 can tractor an ISD: ISD can't move away from Slave 1, but because of the sil difference the ISD will drag Slave 1 along if it moves. Clean, simple, and the only math is comparing silhouettes. I'm AFB but that's how I've always interpreted the rule.
  10. Initiative (Cool): 1eP+1eA+1eB 2 successes, 2 advantage
  11. I think @Von3679 said a check from BOTH players. Tramp succeeded and I did not.
  12. "We're heading for Landing Bay Aurek" Corr addresses the brothers as he sits against the rail on the back of the skiff. "We have cargo that needs to be delivered, but the buyer wants to verify and we haven't been able to contact the seller for the unlock codes"
  13. Sorry, I even flipped a destiny to upgrade and I'm still going nowhere fast. Not the most coordinated: 1eP+1eA+1eB+2eD 1 failure, 2 advantage Like I said before, it seems silly to hang a session on a single check. Can Sen just run alongside? Use survival to find a shortcut to keep up or something?
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