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  1. @Gramut Sorry I'm late to the party. I found my group through this site. https://www.legendsofthegalaxy.com/ We don't actually do the "Organized Play" but they were able to ping all users registered in my area when a new player wanted to start a group and we have a party of 4 now. They even have a handle on these forums. Thanks @LegendsoftheGalaxy!!!
  2. Great job @Donovan Morningfire, I enjoy your take on the stats! Quick question for everyone: I only have a couple of the F&D supplements. Does FFG have any attachment or mod that allows dual sabers to become a double bladed lightsaber as a maneuver (or an incidental, if you have the upgrade a la the flourish skill point in the game). Also, does anyone have any ideas for adjusting the specs of the double bladed lightsaber as seen in this game (crowd control, lower damage to single targets) I think this definitely portrays how Darth Maul fights in Ep1 better (when dueling a single Jedi, he uses a single blade, and doesn't use the double blade until there are multiple targets) since Linked 1 is actually the opposite of this idea (though I guess it can portray this if you're only fighting minion groups)
  3. I enjoyed it. Not to the level of the OT, but not in the depths of the worst of the PT. A couple take aways: I think that we can finally put to rest the debate about why there are no handrails in Star Wars. In the Star Wars universe, the best way to assure you DON'T die is to fall down a seemingly bottomless pit. Exhibits are as follows: Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker's lightsaber Palpatine Darth Maul Kylo Ren/Ben Solo Various characters from Jedi: Fallen Order (I don't want to post spoilers) The list goes on, I'm sure there's more but that's just the media that comes to mind quickly. I didn't like the hard clock. (X hours and this happens). Didn't like it in TLJ and don't like it here. I preferred when Star Wars had a flexible time schedule that made it believable for a rational human being. Who's to say that it didn't take several days for the Falcon to get from Tatooine to Aldaraan? Why didn't it take a couple months for the Falcon to limp to Bespin from Hoth on it's backup hyperdrive? Hyperskipping? "I don't like it. I don't agree with it. But I accept it." In general, I don't like how each installment of the franchise since Disney took over has made hyperspace into handwavium. I don't need realistic physics in my science fantasy, but consistency in the physics of the universe itself would be nice. I was thinking about the relative ages of Ben and Rey. The timeline checks out if Palpatine had a kid shortly before Revenge of the Sith. So he would have been powerful and dignified instead of an evil lightning face. Plausible. The pacing in the first hour was bonkers fast. I wasn't a fan of Palpatine suddenly having beyond Force Unleashed powers. At that point your space wizard battle turns into Superman vs General Zod. Hux had an incredibly plausible motivation. I give him a passing grade for the first time in the sequel trilogy. I feel like if Force Ghosts could use the Force so well... Order 66 may have gone off the same, but the next 10 minutes would have been pretty bad for the clone army. Why wasn't there an Army of the Dead a la Lord of the Rings during the Clone Wars? And now... the elephant in the room. (I'm surprised nobody has gone into detail on this yet)... Force AT&T (Visions, whatever) now allow you to interact physically and transmit matter through space? How... incredibly mindbogglingly... what? Why did Kylo Ren even bother to hunt her down physically when he had instaduel on speed dial? Why didn't Rey carry a thermal detonator in her pocket and casually toss it during a session? Bye bye Sith stronghold... I haven't been so weirded out by something so un-Star-Warsy wedged into Star Wars since GM Filoni used time travel to save his GMPC...
  4. You mean like these? I know they're not official, but definitely close enough for government work...
  5. 1. Oh man, you're right. Aka'jor is one broken piece of cheese. Seems like a strange choice to have a shuttle that does everything incredibly well except... transport people? I'll let kst be #3. It's a decent ship. Nothing crazy broken, except the sil is just outright wrong. So do you maintain that the Lambda Shuttle and the Sentinel Landing craft have the same passenger capacity, encumbrance, and cost? Because that's what my AOR core says. Oh well. I guess it's better then the days when you used to recommend a Rarity 10 ship to every single person asking about starting ships... 2. You're the only person I've seen using that hair-splitting distinction. Did you define it yourself? I was just joking around because you clearly fall on the power gaming side of the table, to the extent that it seems like you may have not read the OP, or even the topic... as your advice (maximizing stats) was the exact opposite of the OP's point. I honestly don't mind you playing however you want to play. Your pantoran may have been a legit character, but it seems convenient that the one race that can start with 4 3 3 2 2 2 mysteriously ends up on your stat sheet. Especially since you recommend it in a large # of threads. Again, no offense was intended. In the spirit of not thread-jacking (especially over such a silly exchange), if you wish to continue this discussion please PM me. I won't respond to this discussion in this thread, but if you wish to have the last word, you may.
  6. There, I fixed it for you. I mean, not every character can be a min-maxed stat block *cough* I mean Pantoran, with a super convenient adoptive parent that explains away playing her as a straight up bluman, also conveniently flying the most outright mis-statted/broken ship in the game (excepting of course, the legendary C-Roc). *cough* Anyway @P-47 Thunderbolt, I don't see any problem with keeping a handicap at creation, especially with a XP generous game (the discrepancies should normalize after a few sessions). I'd also allow you to drop one stat to one for a reduced amount of XP (maybe 10xp), but on a per-player basis with the understanding that it was for RP, and not so you could bump another stat higher at character creation. But that's just me. That's at character creation. During the game, I'd expect you to be dropping XP into skills you actually use while adventuring. Not saying you can't, but it'd seem really strange to keep pouring XP into a "Mysterious Past". If you're dumping a ton of XP into it you could run into the issue @JohnDoe244 mentioned above. A character that has flaws/weaknesses is interesting. A character that can't do anything is cement shoes to a swimming party. That being said, in your particular case, you might run into an issue where starting characters really can't emulate Jedi as shown in the source material. So you might have to spend a few sessions worth of XP into Force Powers, which, depending on the campaign, could lead to a really cool reveal when you suddenly have Force powers (if you haven't used them in the past). So YMMV. I myself am thinking of rolling up a chadra-fan mechanic for my next game, and I'm toying the idea with keeping one of the starting 1's (but the hit to soak really hurts, and I don't want to play a pushover, so we'll see)
  7. Hey all, Because of work and family obligations, I need to leave this game. I'm sorry I've been slow to respond, life's been crazy. I don't want to be slowing you down. I've really enjoyed this game and I wish you all the best! Good hunting! PS. Please feel free to use my character as an NPC if you wish to.
  8. Hey all, Firstly, I apologize for my lack of timely response. Life has been pretty crazy, and long story short, I haven't been able to devote the time and attention to this game that it (and you all) deserve. In light of this, I'm going to have to leave the game (all of my pbps, actually). With my current workload and family obligations, I just can't keep up and I don't want to be slowing y'all down. I've greatly enjoyed it, and I'm sorry to go. I wish you all the best. Good luck hunting down those pirates! PS. Please feel free to use my character as an NPC if you wish to.
  9. Shiny! Avg Underworld: 1eP+2eA+2eD 1 success, 1 Triumph
  10. Sorry, I've been busy as well, but I'm game to continue the story. I don't need to do anything else on the Ring (I've been mostly tagging along anyway).
  11. Corr looks down at the fallen Weequay who had thrown the grenade. His side is burning from the grenade wound, and for a second, his grip on his left pistol tightened. No. He holstered both of his pistols. May be a hunter but I'm no murderer. Besides... He kicked the Weequay in the head. Whatever his punishment for failing will probably be worse than a blaster bolt to the brain. "Of course," he turns to the two Sullustan brothers. As the sirens being blaring, he continues "That would be our cue. Please, follow me." While the other crewmembers load the skiff and Kr'owk starts preflight, Corr leads the brothers onto the ship. "Just in here, our guest quarters, you can stay here while we get you to Jabba." He walks slightly past and opens a hatch, revealing a darkened room. The two brothers walk in. "Wait... what is this?" One of the brothers starts to turn, but both of Corr's pistols are out and both brothers collapse after taking stun bolts at point blank range. "Oops, maybe this is the holding cell. My mistake. I always get so twisted around." Corr says as he seals the door. Now... he thinks as the Corellian Freighter leaps into the sky. Time to track down that medkit... /screenwipe
  12. I'm 100% on board with this. Do you want me to narrate a scene to close out the mos espa sequence?
  13. Good deal, my sheet is updated. 11-3 soak for 8 wounds. Quick question: What kind of check will it take up get the skiff upright and moving again. I assume we don't want to leave it here...
  14. @LaGouache the second guard is still up. Kr'owk's shot did 10 damage -4 soak means the guard is only 6/13 WT.
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