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  1. rexlar (defender) -x7, adaptability merek steel(defender) - x7, vet instincts Tomax bren (tie bomber) - tie shuttle, mkii ion engines, cool hand, fleet officer, system officer When preparing for a local small tourney managed to get pretty good with keeping tomax in range to fully buff rex and 8 out of 10 buff merek too, doing well enough to trigger rexs pilot ability at least once every game. Que the day of the the tourney, I'm doing great, then second last day I go up against a tie crack swarm, loose merek early but almost manage to claw back a draw, fail by 1 hull point to take out the last tie needed to do so. But hey it's still good I'm in contention for second as long as I win the final game, and it's against a triple t70 list so I am confident I stand a good chance. However first turn I manage to land merek and tomax on rocks, damaging merek, and forget t70's have 1 forwards so kturn rexlar a turn early right in front of all 3 t70's facing the wrong way, que merek dying in one salvo and rexlar loosing a shield. Next turn I clip another **** rock with rexlar loosing a second shield then being once again shot off the board, tomax sends the next 3 turns running away from 3 angry undamaged t70's, cliping another roid along the way doing that extra damage which allows them to kill him before time is called. I went from a solid chance at 2nd place to 3rd last in 1 stupid turn
  2. Finally saw Rogue one, Loved it on the whole. It felt a little chopped up and jumpy for the first 20mins but having the set up like that made it easier to set up the rest so worth it. The others I went with loved how they included leia and tarkin, I found them a little too shiny and verging on the uncanny valley but impressive, most impressive on the whole. I did however almost laugh out loud at one point as Vader 'minced' his way into the meeting with Kreinik! All in all a very nice addition to the star wars series with many fun nods to the fans out there.
  3. Well that was another good episode, I like the call back to ezras imperial uniform and helmet collection. Some nice reminiscing from chopper about his past as well as full a bit of maniacal cackling, I heart chopper he is awesome.
  4. I'm getting huge errors after the update. If playing vs computer it will stall out at higher ps on the non human side when executing maneuvers, alternatively it will every so often reorder the playing field, sending ships everywhere and larges flying off the table half way through resolving maneuvers. Either one of the above has happened every time I've tried to use it all of today. Apart from that love using this very handy.
  5. Well unlike a lot here I'm loving sabines tie, as it means I can straight swap out my second chardaan refit prototype in my phoenix squad list and have ALL the specters in one list <3<3 <3
  6. Very happy this weekend, first that ashoka panel now this awesome season 3 trailer, featuring THRAWN! Mmmm bestill my beating heart EDIT: How could I forget those Y-wing beauties!!!
  7. I'm liking the look of: Stramm- R3-A2, tactician, alliance overhaul, flechette torpedoes, munitions failsafe. Basically you hope for a failed attack with the torps BUT dish out 3 stress then get to do this again, it's low on damage but I'd like to see any ace get round that much stress and still be viable. If you want damage then just swap out the tactician and torps+munition failsafe for guner, less stress but hopefully good chance of dealing some nasty damage.
  8. I'm looking at Stramm- R2D6(rage ept), and Kannan crew. Not that expensive and 50% possibility of doing the rage EVERY turn you don't reveal a red maneuver or get outside stress. Yes it might not be the best but looks fun as all get out I'm also looking at the following 3 ARC list: Nora- PtL, R2D2, recon spec, title Bey- stay on target, targeting astromech, hera, title Thane- jan ors, title 100 on the nose However it might be a bit too reliant on subpar synergy, still tinkering with things.
  9. I run Serrisu in my 3 ship scum list with the following juke, title, mangler, stealth device (thinking about changing to extra hull). I keep her slightly back to provide some mid game support whilst Talon bane(predator, cloaking device, stygium accelerator) and a contracted scout(33pt torp carrier build) get aggressive, Then late game I use her 1 maneuvers to knife in for some crippling shots on already damaged ships. She does wonders as opponents either ignore her because 'sycks suck' or gun for her first and due to her set up take too long taking her out leaving talonbane to zoom in and eat them or the contracted scout to torp them under. HOWEVER It seems how I'd run fenn rau (whenever he comes out) is only 1 point more than my Serrisu build and my list has a 1 point initiative bid AND both serve a similar(ish) roll
  10. My Brath and Vessery list will love systems officer to go along with the fleet officer on their support tie shuttle. Brath with tie x7 and juke and some mrk2 engines, getting quite a few actions there!
  11. First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me - Martin Niemöller The above is a poem that I find has helped shaped my own personal consciousness, in I hope, a positive way. Now it may sound a tad melodramatic, but while people are busy griping and being petty, there are others out there suffering in silence, and if we don't help them, then how can we expect anyone to be there for us when we need it. If we can't find it within ourselves to care and help then who can? TLDR: Be excellent to each other.
  12. Very late to this thread but hey it's a VERY long read. Just want to add my thoughts, feelings and somewhat tangential anecdote. Anyway, firstly I have been a gamer since as long as I can remember and have always been in the presence of female gamers and have not directly come across anything like this in a gaming related capacity, just being with these same ladies in other situations has made it clear quite a lot of them are very rightfully concerned about this type of behaviour* in general. Now this is utterly gut wrenching for some one from a rather sheltered rural, locals all know each other and are generally friendly, upbringing. I feel this even more so after settling down and having a daughter, NO ONE should have to be so fearful about going around being who they are with seemingly very little official backup if bad things happen. That last bit hits me personally in a kinda related way, I have come across it a few times, firstly in the form of institutionalised bullying and abuse whilst at private school. Now any normal kid would think hey I'll tell my boarding house master they are the adult in charge and will help, NOPE they helped the abusers cover it all up. Not fun. Fast forward a lot of years and recently i have sadly found myself in a seemingly unending streak of unemployment, and stuck in welfare. I hate this and do all I can to do whatever workshop, seek any help I can to get round whatever it is that is getting me stuck where I am. I put in the work, volunteer, go on unpaid placements, probably spend too much suiting myself to help 'fit in' better with prospective employees. Anyway my point (sorry its a little meandering) Is that after all this I still get told the same thing, almost word for word 'we don't believe, your having an actual problem getting work as you aren't uncouth, ill kempt and track suit wearing or of low intelligence, and everyone knows that's the only thing people on welfare are like' This is from people whose job it is to HELP misfortunate people, actively justifying the issue as being solely the fault of the 'victim' via a laughable inaccurate stereotype, with contrary evidence conversing directly to them! So yes I can sadly see exactly why women have issues with the police when it comes to the reporting of harassment, assault and abuse . Truly saddening. Finally HurricaneMaanen thank you for carrying on with this thread in a level headed and engaging way, it is very good to hear about these things especially if ones direct experience has shielded them form it in person, this behaviour should be exposed and hopefully stopped wherever it crops up. *for reference being taught how to protect your drink bottle from being drugged and at one point having to help extricate a female friend from a club after some sicko spiked their drink.
  13. What I saw , was very cool, felt the saber copters were naff but loved that it was subverted for what happened to the third inquisitor My only complaint was the episode was far too badly lit, yes I get that the characters were traipsing through the gloom, but it got to the point that sometimes I could only see lightsabers and tiny bits of face, totally missed the aftermath of the vader/tano fight because of this too. Would it have really hurt to brighten things up a bit?
  14. Just seen this weeks episode, gives some nice character moments for Ezra, Kanan and ahsoka. Big lead up for future happenings too, also confirmation of the grand inquisitors identity which a lot of people have kind of guessed at already. Not to mention a personal moment of vindication for me over the state of the jedi order during the clone wars from yoda himself. Finally chopper it seems has a rather large sense of self preservation which fits him well
  15. Tease for next weeks episode looks great, a stranded Zeb and Agent Kallus, seems like it might be riffing on enemy mine. CANNOT wait!
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