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  1. Well the first thing is that I'm sure it has been said by now BUT the imperial player had initiative and would have won the game if nothing happened so he didn't bother to try and attack the corner. Richard came out to kill a tie to win the game. This is no worse than Paul Heaver flying in circles and talking about how he needs to win on time. People play around the rules they are given and there is nothing wrong here. The worst is a stalling player or an opponent who runs and wins on time. I don't see the controversy since purposeful bumping is done all the time. Also why does no one talk about how many time Richard did this all day? No one has mentioned if he did this every single game or only on this one. Paul Heaver beat Richard at Gencon because rounds were shorter and he ran away. Why wasn't Paul crucified? Looks like a mountain out of a mole hill to me. Wasn't unfair or game breaking.
  2. VandorDM, why are you so combative/condescending against every point I am trying to make on this? You even go as far as saying there can’t be precedence for this, because the dials haven’t existed. Obviously thank you for that comment which does nothing but attack me and is not constructive. I stated that there is precedence compared to rulings on OTHER subjects which you have also summarily dismissed. Yes every opposing player can be an A-Hole and force me to use cardboard tokens and range rulers, and so could the TO. BUT that’s not FFG. FFG has allowed it knowing the players WANT them at the discretion of A-Hole Players and TOs that are trolls. FFG could change a ruling based on feedback and this seems like what would be a community wide request. LIKE using custom tokens and templates. All I am saying is that logically the dials ARE generic items referencing specific ships. Ship bases are visual representations that affect gameplay and could confuse players, so YES you need the right base. Thus the ruling for bases is consistent even if there was no earlier precedent directly. Dials are ship specific and the maneuvers are shared so aspect of gameplay or unfairness could occur. So the answer to my original question is that one of the main FFG peeps said the dials are faction specific and need to match. OK, so before that is in print we can all make the case that the decision is silly and explain why. Yes FFG could tell us tough and live with it OR they could agree that we are right and we want it and we buy lots of plastic and cardboard from them so they love us and want all of us to have plenty of Headhunters to fly around! Does anyone feel like this ruling absolutely needs to be this way and actually prefers it?? I am heading to Worlds tomorrow and if I happen to get anyone ear that matters I will definitely be mentioning this point. I was just hoping I won’t be the only one…This isn't just one guy complaining. I want to get people to have a voice on this subject since it isn't as cut and dry as "correct components", because I will argue I DO have a Headhunter maneuver dial that functions identical to the other one. I just think this could be something where a unified voice could make a difference.
  3. Just to address several topics that have been brought up/countered: 1. I agree with every ruling FFG has made in regards to proxies, correct bases that visually show correct info, etc..BUT I agree, because they are logical and sometimes game impacting rulings consistent with competitively played games. Casual games are no holds barred, whatever everyone agrees to, so none of this convo really matters for the sake of casual. 2. I bring up third party tokens and templates being allowed, because they are allowed as long as they don’t impact gameplay. Which is the same reason the Dials should be allowed. The only difference of the dials is the art of Scum VS the art of Rebel/Imp, which does not affect gameplay. 3. My further point of evidence is the painting or covering of dials for protective and identification purposes, which is legal and would allow me to, if I wanted to, paint all my dials from all 3 factions bright green for example. This NEVER mattered or would have been questioned, but now my dials will be scrutinized to see if they are the right faction? I am not crying to get what I want, I am pointing out a very strange ruling that is inconsistent with the way FFG runs things. That also happens to really upset me, because I don’t want to own 8 Headhunters so I can have 4 for Rebel and 4 for Scum, but in reality I may as well eat 4 of the ships, because I can only field 4 at a time. The purpose of maneuver dials is to reveal movement and is specific to the ship types. So 2 things: Third Party maneuver dials could be allowed AND these Scum and Rebel dials shouldn’t be “scum” and “rebel” dials, but rather just treated as SHIP Maneuver dials, which is the intention of the game. This would be consistent with the way FFG runs things which is why the ruling is surprising to me. Oh and this: "I want an oompa loompah, daddy, and I want it now!" is absolutely true! If enough people ask or push for logical change, FFG would consider it, and this is the type of thing that could be influenced to change for the better. So yes I am in fact crying for my oompa loopah, but it also doesn’t have to be in vain if we all ask FFG for our oompa loompahs together!
  4. Why would I need a dial from the right faction? The only thing different about it is the color...I understand from a sales perspective, but it is a very shady ruling. I understand no proxies, but you are allowed to use thrid party tokens and range rulers in "official play" AND paint your ships. Can I not paint my dials??? I can mark my dials, that's in the rules.So what is to stop me from painting my dials a solid color covering everything except the manuver? Which is why I expected this ruling to go the other way. So like I said, I understand the sales side of things, but this ruling seems insane and illogical. Ready for the biggest argument? So FFG is selling me two headhunters that can ONLY be used for scum and a Y Wing that can ONLY be used for Scum? So it helps nothing that they have re-used old ships that I already have. They should have just given me dials like they are for the HWK and Firespray. I don't need more models of ships that I can't fly. They are litteraly missing the point of re-using existing ships. And now this leads to problem number two...they are giving ONE firespray and HWK dial so if I want to use more than one Scum of them I need to buy 2 Most Wnted packs! I would be very disapointed in FFG if the dials aren't interchangable since the "Scum" part of them is just for show and doesn't affect the dials.
  5. Now that there has been a second exciting update for Most Wanted I am very curious if anyone has seen any official ruling on Manuever dials? It is very clear that the Ywing, Firespray, HWK, and Headhunter dials will remain unchanged from their Rebel or Imperial versions so my question is will I be able to use the Scum dials when I am using the ships as Rebel or Imperial?? This question arises, because i own 2 headhunters and would like to fly 3 or 4 in a rebel squad. After my Most Wanted purchase i will have the ships, but only 2 "Rebel" manuver dials. I wouldn't think there would be an issue with using 2 scum dials and 2 rebel dials, BUT Fantasy Flight sometimes makes odd ruling to encourgae additional purchases. Has there been any official word on this subject? This would be the difference between me pre-ordering 2 Most Wanted expansions and/or buying another headhunter expansion now.
  6. It seems like the rulebook is "accurate" from everything I have read, which was one of my concerns since I figured there have been changes, but I guess not in this case. My assumptions on timing mostly came from other games like Magic soit will defintley take time getting used to WHEN I need to play an event. The biggest example was the Icetromper which we didn't understand when he had to be used and if the unit got a focus token or could attck something else...So how does the Icetromper timing work??? Also with commiting units to the force we would actually commit a unit and then play a card to kill it, thus making you lose the force struggle, BUT obviously that is NOT a legal play from what has been described to me since the action windows are after combat and AFTER Force struggle has been decided.
  7. Thanks everyone, I decided to order 2 cores and one of each expansion for now...I'll just buy extra expansions later if I realize it actually become a necessity for whatever I end up running at Worlds...Assuming I can even play and the event isn't overlapping with another event..:/
  8. Yeah I already bought the $40 "item", not quite sure if that is a physical pass I would get in the mail or something. Well the events being free means I can continue to plan to play in as many different games as possible. I just wish I knew if events overlapped. I have seen complaints about some overlapping in the past, but there's obviously no official word yet.
  9. I have been sort of confused on exact timings. Any recomendations for videos or written explanations of how card timing works? The examples of my confusion are: If we finish edge battle and I am the winner and declare Luke to strike can the opponent kill him with a card now? OR When I announced Luke will use his Unit damage to Kill a unit, NOW I kill Luke, does he still deal damage? Can I even do that?? Is the rulebook defintions of player action windows truly accurate??
  10. I was hoping to be able to field a competitive side, so is there much demand in the meta for playing 3 of those large units? For example in X-Wing, Tie Swarms are popular so letting me know I may want to buy 2 cores and 2 Tie expansions to field a viable meta fleet is good knowledge. Is there anything that is meta-viable or important today that would really demand more than one copy of expansions? For the time being I think I'll do two cores and one of each expansion, but I am just curious of what to expect.
  11. Has anyone played at Worlds last year to know how it works or the cost? I was wanting to go, but I am unsure if I can play mulitple games or the cost per event etc... I can't find any info on this year, so I was hoping to get a break-down of at least last year..
  12. Hi, I was hoping to get into this so I can possibly play at Worlds. How many of the Core set or expansions do I have to buy to have "everything" For example is there a number of units I can play max that would consitute a need to buy 2 of an expansion to have that "max" number? I was planning on buying 2 cores because most people inferred there was benefit, but I wanted to get everything at once if possible.
  13. Thanks, I was surprised that I couldn't find that answer anywhere...luckily that is how I have been treating it.
  14. Awesome, thanks for the update. I have had better success with me actually playing with shielding rules and the new navy trooper build, but the best I did was get the dial to 9 before I got beat. Some forward progress though.
  15. Quick question regarding any unit that is treated as if it is committed to the force without actually having one of your 3 force cards committing it. Do these cards also add to the force struggle and get two focus tokens if they strike or is their commitment only extend to cards effects that look for committed units? Doesn't seem like anyone has asked this and it is assumed. I am just looking for any clarification, official if possible. Thanks all!
  16. Thanks Groggygolem, I totally missed that shielding can prevent a focus token. I have played with a bunch of people and this never came up, but defintley changes some of the games. Mara Jade was always shielded for example and so were some star destroyers. That fact alone could help with some of the aggravation we were facing regarding a tactics being too good. Yes sorry about the post title, I was just frustrated. As far as edge battles, it really felt like the dark side cards had less edge value and when it was an opponents turn they had more cards in hand since they just filled their hand. I think it has been due to us not playing quite defensively enough as dark side. Also as I look at the deck builds I had, I do question some of the card decisions. I am going to try the sith deck suggested above as it seems to be much more synergistic than the deck I had built and I also switched my navy for a trooper/walker deck with shielding. I'll see how it goes! I would love more dark side deck ideas from decks that have been actually play tested and proven. So many of the decklists are just theory and that's the trap I have been falling into as well. Also does anyone know what the ideal build for the super fast tie fighter deck is? I was looking at objectives, but I can't quite get 10 that make sense for the speed that I have heard about... Thanks everyone!
  17. I will put together the Sith as you have it built and see if I can make a dent. When playing we try to play slow and defnesivley with the Sith, but it just can't win Edge battles and then all my units get focus tokens from Tactics and can't defend anyway. Any other Navy ideas? What is the best Tie Fighter swarm build? I heard there was a Tie Fighter deck from mostly core that would win by turn 3, but I haven't seem how that is possible... Any other feedback? I really want to love this game, but it's just not fun to play due to the imbalance I am experiencing and it's hard to think I can be competitive when I will only be able to win as Light Side..
  18. What was your Darkside deck @dbmeboy? Did you actually beat the Lightside Gamor Run decks?
  19. Well I did call it terrible to get someone to respond and look at the post. I can't understand how anyone can "love" a game with complete imbalance. There is no strategy or deck building to change. I am asking what the Dark Side can do to win. I ahve built decks that have won regionals or are purposely built to beat the meta-light side deck, but they just don't do anything. Should the dark side attack? Stay back and defend? Their objectives are weak and don't provide the crazy boosts that the light side have and all it takes is tactics to exhaust dark Side blockers. I will post my actual decklists below, but having run a mono-scrum deck, a sith control build, and a Navy Star destroyer ramp deck, none of the 3 had any chance. The big star destoyers would get tactic wrecked and they could never win edge battles. Even Sith control built to win force struggle couldn't even do that. The light side deck I have been using is: 2x A Hero's Journey 2x The Secret of Yavin 4 2x Along the Gamor Run 2x May the Force be with you 1x Watchers in the Wasteland 1x Asteroid Sanctuary Dark Side Decks getting crushed: NAVY(Probably not the best build) 2x Kuat Reinforcements 2x Imperial Command 2x Deploy the Fleet 1x Imperial Blockade 1x Victory or Death 1x Repair and Refurbish 1x Endless Reserves SCUM 2x Jabba's Reach 2x Lucrative Contract 2x The Findman's Intuition 2x The Bespin Exchange 1x Hive of Scum and Villany 1x Trandosian Terror SITH (Running SCUM affiliation) 2x The Emperor's Web 2x The Executor Arrives 2x Agent of the Emperor 2x The Slave Trade 1x The Killing Cold 1x The Tatooine Crash And bear in mind I straight built the Sith deck from someone who attested it was built to shut down the exact light side deck I am running. That is starting to feel like lunacy... Any ideas or tips for Dark Side and logic behind it?
  20. I have been playing quite a bit and have built most of the "competitive decks" that I see do well and the Dark Side NEVER wins. EVER. If the light side is running either a control Jedi/Gamor Run deck, or the Freeholders and their Bounce all units objective deck the dark side is hopeless. My friend and I who play magic competitively switch off and the Light always crushes the dark. The highest I have seen the Dial get to is 6. Is this the recent meta-shift due to new releases? Either way I am getting increasing angry that there seems to be no balance in the game at all. Is anyone else experiencing this or have answers?
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