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  1. Zz Top 36:22:36


    OT: I want them to include a verdict on this whole segmented movement templates thing, just to shut people up about it.


    Actually I DON'T want them to, because it will nullify almost every acrylic template I own or actually like. No one in person has ever raised any complaints about the templates, but the rule already exists since it’s up to an opponent to allow use of 3rd party templates. If someone is really concerned they can disallow the use of the templates.


    On a side note I still think the segmented movement argument is lunacy from people who don’t actually play the game very often. As soon as you have played a good number of games you learn the distances and the idea you need to “cheat by premeasuring by moving a different ship” is insane.


    I have more of a problem with people cheating by acquiring target locks so they can take the range ruler and test the ranges of other ships by eyeballing it over the table while they measure for target lock with a different ship. This is especially shady when it’s clear the target lock was going to be impossible!! Grrrrrr!


    Now off my soap box. Fly casual! ;)

  2. Well they never seem to care about stacking Star Wars like that..There are 3 in a row on the home page at the bottom...I am not even asking for a Star Wars update...ANY update...so I know they are alive!! :) It's weird for there to be 2 days with no news at all on the home page....I wish I was out there in the void with the updates and Scum in my hands!!! :)

  3. I just think it's extra weird that there are no updates ar all! The "Lay of the battlefield" was from Friday. Even if it's not X-Wing related, I am wonderimng where any update is..lol


    And yes I agree I want the updated XWing FAQ and it has to be dropping soooooon!!

  4. I am getting all excited over an impending X-Wing news update on the main FFG page, but there hasn't been an update yesterday or today of any kind! Yesterday i chalked it up to being a holiday, but there is usually 1 or 2 news items a day on the FFG main page during the week days so what gives??


    I just had to shout it out, because I am tired of refreshing and wanted to share my pain! :)

  5. So can someone then show how they store these boxes? Couldn't they still get smashed in these boxes?


    I guess my question is how are these saving space if now i have a bunch of little boxes. Currently I can fit like 3 or 4 awings in one plano spot...this would require 4 little boxes? And how are poeple even printing these on cardboard? fancy printers at home???

  6. In every competitive game people will copy winning lists/decks/whatever. I play a Fat Han and have tried building it every way possible. It's annoying that I might get scoffs, but I'm not playing the game to get high fives for playing an original squad.

    I will try squads that have done well or modify them and anyone who has spent any time with one of the many squad building sites or apps has probably built almost every squad combination. I don't see any shame in copying something as long as you are owning it and enjoying it.

    If you just copy the last squad that did well and you lose with it every time, then yes that sucks, but it's your choice or that guys choice. I know I have weighed pros and cons and play tested a ton to come to my ideal current Fat Han which is in fact the same as Heaver's. I now have a more ideal wingmate than 3 Talas, because the meta changed. Players scoff at the Han, but not because it's a copied net build, but rather because it's a scary ship that they don't want to face. If you have fun trying to beat the scary ships then go for it. I have fun determining what the squad with the least weaknesses is and that is how I have fun.

  7. Here's a common one that should be added:

    Alpha Strike: Having a Focus and Target Lock when you attack.

    Also two other things that might not be immediately obvious:

    Dash's Donut Hole: in reference to a YT2400 with Outrider Title and HLC creating a range 1 safe zone which can't be attacked.

    Double Tap: in reference to Corran Horn's abilty to fire a second time at end of combat.

  8. Do we know for sure that the FFG shipments even come via the West Coast ports? I assume it's a quicker trip, but then again, that assumes where the printers really are and where they actually leave from. Unless the East Coast is also on strike and such, then it doesn't matter. :)

  9. The Meta “complaints” aren’t really fair. Anytime you are at tournaments there is a level of competition in which players will use whatever the most “broken” ships are, the reality is that you need to ask yourself why you are playing. If you care at all about winning then you need to “Metagame” which in this game is the simple act of factoring in how your squad will do against expected squads. The idea that you are playing “counter-meta” squads is the very essence of playing the Meta.


    There is always a Meta, it just might not be fully established or in flux. At this time there is a definite Meta and it has to do with what gets played heavily and what beats what. If there was a “counter-meta” it would NOT be “counter-meta”. It would be part of the Meta.


    For example 4 random rebel ships flying in formation could be in the Meta and it used to be. BUT “counter-meta” was a Whisper. Now Whisper isn’t a tech counter to the Meta, it simply becomes part of the Meta. The Meta is literally the competitive food chain, but it also isn’t the end all be all since you will see different builds win, their odds are just lower.


    I don’t get why people get upset and refuse to play Han Solo. Because he is imbalanced and basically unfair in comparison to other ships? If you get off on being the underdog and winning then yes fly your 4 TIE Advanced build and try to win, but this is in context of a tournament where the goal is trying to win, not have the most style or cool points. I play for fun in casual games and no I won’t use Han, but once I am putting money down and prizes are up for grabs, then hell yes I am going to use whichever squad I think has the best chance of winning.

  10. They actually made it sound like "Hard Counters" to turrets were coming. I hope there are more than auto-thrusters coming no matter what, because that's like taping a telephone book to your body and calling it bulletproof.


    I would more perfer a counter to Phantoms that destroy every single random build that doesn't include high pilot skill, turrets, or swarms of ships.


    Power Creep is here and it's real people! Scum and that TIE Advanced are going to lead us down a slippery slope unless we get more parity quick!

  11. I am wondering if they realize that Armada could poach XWing a bit. I want to play both, but it’s not realistic for a lot of players to be able to afford both at the same time at a competitive level, thus MAYBE there will be less releases…


    BUT it sure feels like a release a quarter isn’t out of the question for XWing. Wave 6 will be Q1ish (Probably March 4th-ish along with Armada Wave 1), Raider is already at the printer so it should fix the release schedule from all the delays and truly land in Q2 end of May, and we can probably expect Scum Aces for Q3 (August), with wave 7 impacting Worlds by releasing in early October. That schedule can and should happen.


    FFG’s releases have been plagued by the port/customs issues and that will eventually sort itself out. My biggest fear is that Armada and XWing may fall into similar release windows, but I am hoping that since no Armada wave 2 is imminent yet, that they will time wave 2 for June or July so they stagger themselves from XWing releases…


    Of course who knows…and I appreciate them not spoiling 2 releases ahead..we don’t even have Scum fully spoiled or in our hands so NO I don’t want to already drool over whatever is after the Raider. For all we know another Epic ship is coming. (Although I doubt it since the Raider hit the printer already as mentioned) J


    Though a friend of mine made top 8 with double sigmas and Carnor jax.


    I just thought of this combination today and thought it was super original, though I decided to wait for autothrustors for Carnor (given the turret meta). He'll be nasty if the sigmas are equipped with sensor jammer.


    As for the current meta, everyone I know has been playing turrets or something anti-turret. Given the popularity of two-ship builds I expect that Biggs with R4-D6 will be pretty useful, particularly against phantoms, HLC outriders and decimators w/expose+EI.



    What upgrades were on the Sigmas and Jax being discussed? I always love messing with Sigmas, but can't seem to find their happy place..

  13. The problem I see with this is that this is most likely true, in your meta but overall local meta varies quite a bit. I went to a SC that had mostly Han or Decimator with a few Dash builds and even a Tie Swarm. The final table was a 3 ship rebel vs double falcons I don't think anyone was thinking that would be the result but that's what happened. You must never underestimate a list no matter how much worse it might seem against yours.



    That's why I went out of my way to explain that this isn't MY Meta. everything is about YOUR meta of course, but the reality is that certain ships/pilots/squads do have advantages over others. It's always possible for the 3 ship rebel and the double falcon to win, but it is almost always based on individual match-ups in the tourney, MOV, and the skill of players. (60 minutes vs 75 also matters) Did the 3 rebel Ships face a Whisper for example? the 3 rebel ships probably wouldn't beat Whisper 75% of the time or more is all I am saying. Unless they ran a Roark or some High PS Turret of course, but that's what metagaming is all about.


    An inexperienced player with the tier 1 and 2 stuff isn't going to win probably ever...landing on rocks, not concentrating fire, etc...I based the Tiers off of my own test playing and the reported store championships I have been reading about, not my own Meta.


    You didn't mention BBBBZ, which has been doing quite well against all comers (at least in my area, plus anecdotal internet reports)



    I feel like the BBBBZ falls into the Rebel swarm category (I probably should have mentioned more than Zs) and technically is probably the most common high finishing Junk Rebel Swarm. (or just 4 Bs), which I wanted to list, but kinda fell into the Control category as well so I stayed away from getting too deep. I think this list could run another Tier deep, but since I havent tested with too many random builds I didn't want to speak to it as confidently.



    I pretty much completely disagree with that.  By your definition, if two equally skilled players met, and one had a Tier 1 squad, he should win every time.  That's clearly not the case, TIE swarms have been defeated plenty, as have Fat Hans.



    I wanted to stress that Tiers are not rock solid in terms of auto-wins. Tier 1 doesn't automatically win against all lower tiers, but their odds of winning and the advantages they have are much higher. the Tiers were based on Hard Counters and overall weaknesses assuming all player abilty/skill/luck is balanced.



    Is the Paul Heaver Fat Han build better than a Gunner Fat Han?  When the two match up, the PH will win, but what about against a Phantom?  The gunner is probably better.  So, does the PHFH deserve to be ranked above the GFH because it can beat it head to head?


    I didn't want to get into "exact builds", because that would be a Tiering system of it's own as you are describing. Yes there would be a way to rank them based on weaknesses vs strengths, but that's an entire other debate.



     I'd almost go and say that Corran is a counter to Fat han, the double tap gets rid of all of his defenses (including the R2D2 regeneration), while he himself is difficult to kill (especially if he's equipped with FCS or PTL so you can always evade 1 damage, and regen a second, and then potentially evade a 3rd... always in combination with R2D2).  


    Corran is strong against a Falcon/Han for the same reasons a swarm are. there are plenty of one off counters to specific ships, but they aren't a squad dominating deterrent the way Whisper is for a low PS Xwing or the way Whisper folds to any Higher than 9 PS turret. A fully pimped out Corran doesn’t make Han lose because Corran will die to the Han faster than Han will fall to Corran AND Han can arc dodge Corran (Unless Corran has VI, but now we are getting specific.)


    I guess the point I was trying to make was the feeling of helplessness you get when you play against certain squads and elements. I never have fear of being dominated when I see Corran on the other side, nor is that a usual result.


    YES I would have fit Corran as an amazing pilot on his own and he does impact the meta, but usually as a wingmate and not as a squad built around him.

  15. First off, I have never considered "Staying away from netlists" in a game like x-wing, because there are realistically limited options so almost anything you would build has been built and posted somewhere and thus basically everything is a "netlist" to a degree.


    I actually just posted my detailed take on the metagame..here's the link to it in the forums:




    The synopsis was bascially this though for those less inclined to click. I have full details on these squads in my other post:


    TIER 1: Squads with NO True Hard Counter


    • Fat Han w/any Wingmate(s)
    • Full TIE Swarm


    TIER 2: Squads with 1 True Weakness


    • Dash w/any Wingmate(s)
    • Whisper w/any Wingmate(s)
    • Fat Chiraneau w/any Wingmate(s)


    TIER 3: Basically everything else that struggles against the top 2 tiers in some combination and doesn’t beat each other


    Below are some Notable in this category (Please note that I don’t mean JUNK in a derogatory way, but rather the idea of it being made of different parts that are not usually together in the same way.):


    • Junk TIE Swarm
    • Junk Rebel Swarm
    • “Control Builds”
    • Dual Large Ships


    By other biggest point is that these are most likely flown by very experienced players that took advantage of holes in their local metagames. These squads can win and do well, BUT they need to be flown well and potentially get some lucky dice to overcome the odds.

  16. The current meta, which I will get into below, feels like this from results I have seen and the playtesting I have been doing. I will Tier them out based on counter squads. Basically when you go into a match-up and you know you are going to need a miracle to win you are probably facing you counter. Some squads have more things that can ruin their day than others. When I say Hard Counter, I am referring to the fact that some type of squad or build can just specifically beat you without you really having a chance.



    The current meta is still dependent on what shows up in your area. One tourney had 3 Double Phantom squads (Whisper & Echo) in the top 4. While others had no Phantoms in sight, BUT this still means you need to be ready for phantoms in some capacity and if you know there are more Phantoms than average in your area then be even more ready.



    The reality is that squads are more or less dangerous because of the players flying them. A Fat Han or TIE Swarm in the hands of someone who has flown them many times is going to do much better than someone who has very little experience with them, Han can get smoked quickly if flown poorly, while he seems un-killable and even un-hittable with someone good with large ships boosting for example.



    Now onto the Tiers that make up the current overall metagame in my opinion:


    TIER 1: Squads with NO True Hard Counter


    Fat Han w/any Wingmate(s)- Dominant and very hard to kill in 60 minutes, No true Hard Counter, but can get tore up if you fly into the teeth of a swarm or get blocked by a swarm.


    Full TIE Swarm - Usually true swarms of 7-8 TIEs, NO true Hard Counter, but has a tough time versus Whisper, yet makes up for that by taking out Whisper's support and then winning on time. Swarms are probably the most difficult squad to actually fly well, but when you see experienced swarm players you can bet they will always at least be near the top of the standings.


    TIER 2: Squads with 1 True Weakness


    Dash w/any Wingmate(s)- Hits very hard, but not as defensible as a Falcon. Biggest weakness is his range 1 “donut hole”, thus his Hard Counter is a high PS super maneuverable ship that can stay inside your “donut hole” and stay with you. Han, Whisper, Chiraneau are all night mares for Dash, BUT if you use Dash’s wingmates as “Hole Protectors” Dash is still very viable.


    Whisper w/any Wingmate(s)- Wreaks havoc on any Swarm or Junk build, and hates to see Turrets, but minds less if they are low PS Turrets. Hard Counter is similar to Dash, higher than his PS maneuverable ships or high PS turrets will wreck Whisper. The fact that Whisper will roll almost any random build makes her very viable.


    Fat Chiraneau w/any Wingmate(s)- Overall very hard to kill and hits quite hard. Biggest weakness is being swarmed, with the true hard counter being a full on 6-8 ship swarm build. Of course this is why He is paired with Whisper to great results since Whisper can mitigate his weakness very well.


    TIER 3: Basically everything else that struggles against the top 2 tiers in some combination and doesn’t beat each other


    There have been many squads that have done well in store championships, BUT they have not done well across the board. These squads ALL have more than one weakness and ALL of them hate to see most the TIER 1 and 2 squads.


    Once again these are most likely flown by very experienced players that took advantage of holes in their local metagames. These squads can win and do well, BUT they need to be flown well and potentially get some lucky dice to overcome the odds.


    Notable in this category (Please note that I don’t mean JUNK in a derogatory way, but rather the idea of it being made of different parts that are not usually together in the same way.):


    Junk TIE Swarms – A Swarm that includes or are made up entirely of Interceptors, Bombers, or Sigma Phantom. Could be just as competitive as a full on TIE swarm, but never seem to do well consistently as the 7-8 Full Swarm does and can be killed quicker due to having less ships, 5-7.


    Junk Rebel Swarm – Either full on 7-8 Z builds or slightly smaller swarms of 5-6 featuring different ships, the point is the same and similarly to the Junk TIE swarm, has the same weaknesses. Also note that TIEs reach Tier 1 status due to Howlrunner, 3 agility dice, and their dials, which is why 7 or 8 Zs is not in the elite tier even if it could win a tourney.


    “Control Builds” – Most typically featuring B wings with Tacticians and Ion Cannons on HWK or YWings. These builds are very difficult to fly, but can really do well against the Large base ships dominating the Meta. Unfortunately you are still very weak to Whisper and Swarms, but more importantly you aren’t necessarily a lock to beat other random builds.


    Dual Large Ships – 2 Falcons and 2 Decimators are the most common to see here, but the point is having 2 large resilient turrets. The biggest issue is the lack of upgrades that made these ships so good against the field of randoms, and yet you keep the same weaknesses AND gained some since lower PS means Whisper will also now punish you instead of the other way around. These builds have won in the past, but never at all consistently. 


    What does everyone else think? Am I totally off base and should there be a TIER 3 and 4 and 5..etc???

  17. First off I want to know the official ruling on Determination and Leebo.  Determination works with Chewie, because you choose which resolves first. Simple, because you choose to have determination discard the card BEFORE Chewie turns it face down. Chewie then goes to resolve and “FAILS” because there is no longer a card to turn facedown.




    MY issue with Leebo is that they also trigger at the same time and you would choose which resolves first the SAME as Chewie, BUT if you choose Leebo’s abilty first then you need to resolve it completely. Only then will Determination go to check for its resolution, however it would “FAIL” because there is no longer a pending card for it to discard since Leebo’s text told you to RESOLVE the card you chose.


    I want an official ruling on this, BUT I believe this means Determination is NOT going to let you look at two cards and chose the “Pilot” crit so Determination can discard it based on the wordings and the resolution of effects.


    Of course they can still FAQ clarify that Leebo’s “choose 1 to resolve” wording allows Determination a window to do its job.



    *Now on a side note to the “Infinite Loop” *


    Leebo is worded differently from Stele in order to prevent Leebo from causing  a loop unto himself.


    Stele’s wording is: “instead draw 3 Damage cards, choose 1 to deal, and discard the others.”

    Leebo’s wording is: “draw 1 additional Damage card, choose 1 to resolve and discard the other.”


    And of course Leebo triggers off: “When you are dealt a faceup Damage card” sooooo he isn’t being dealt the crit, but rather it is already resolving it, so “Resolve” doesn’t trigger his own “Dealt” trigger.


    Of course they need to clarify the exact meaning of “Resolve it” to clarify the original Leebo question above..lol

  18. I have 3 TIE Fighters for trade. Included with each are the non-unique pilot cards and dials.


    I am looking for offers of other ships with matching non-unique pilots and dials preferably. I am interested in basically anything except X and B wings.


    Upgrades I would be interested in would be R2-D2 Crew and C-3PO crew.


    I could also be potentially interested in other stuff like Alt Arts.


    Please let me know if anyone is interested. I am located in Arizona, US.

  19. From reading tourney reports it sounds like part of Paul Heavers success is his opponents fearing him. He isn't an intimidating guy in general and even by his set-up and the way he organizes his stuff, but knowing he is great at the game and is the world champ puts up a bit of pressure to the point where even his semi-final opponent stated "his heart wasn't in it" in his tourney report.


    I went to worlds and there was a certain intimidation factor when I played against someone who had all official acrylic tokens or templates and/or even would start talking about how high they finished at certain regional events etc.. as opposed to playing someone that looks like a newer player or has their stuff all disorganized. Playing against Paul has to get in the heads of players to some degree and plays into how he was able to repeat.


    And let’s not discount how huge match-ups are! Paul’s build was strong in general and against most of the more popular builds, but playing against a Wedge would have ruined Paul’s day. Imagine Richard Hsu’s squad going against Paul. We most likely would not have had a repeat champ.

  20. Well like I said before, I was asking if there was any indication of a ruling. I think the ruling not yet in writing is silly considering they are selling me two z95s that only work for scum.

    And in the same package are giving me 2 YWing dials to at least make use of a rebel ywing I already had among the firespray and hwk of course.

    So all game rules aside I would have liked the ship to NOT be a z95 headhunter at all since it gives the owners of rebel z95s zero versatility in using existing ships for scum. The intention of Most Wanted is to give the existing ships use as evident by the reusing of several of the ships I have already and supplementing with extras (like the one ywing model with 2 dials) so why isn't there at least a third z95 dial or at least my ability to use dials from any faction? That is what seemed weird to me.

    I understand they want to make that extra money, BUT then why have most wanted be the way it is in the first place? Just sell mini packs without models or something along those lines. Either way like it has been stated, this technically isn't rules related anymore or never really was and there isn't any concrete rule on this yet anyway. Until most wanted is closer and the FAQs and rules are updated this is at best now reduced to speculation and my apparent complaining which doesn't seem to be appriciated by the heavy posters of this forum.

    So in closing yes, you all win and I concede to everything must match and I will still buy it all, because I was going to anyway and then be sad at the 8 headhunter swarm that I can't fly competitively and never probably would have anyway. :) I am too busy staring at my shiny Decimators and Outriders to think about scum dials anymore! Now I need to get back on my high horse and get out of here to debate the Wellington square strategy! ;)

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