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  1. CSI has a discount program that is similar if not better than the MM loyalty points.


    AND if you hit $100 at coolstuff the shipping is super fast.


    Less than a $100 and the shipping is more expensive with coolstuff.


    I had issue with MM holding my orders and NOT fulfilling preorders on time so I stopped using them. Coolstuff has always shipped all my preorders super fast and I never had any issues with them.


    Yes! That works perfect for a squad builder! Well not as many bells and whistles as I'd like and I see some mistakes on cards, but it works pretty well!


    Now where can I find all teh command cards?? IA Command has some cards wrong so now I don't even know what some cards do...:/

    What are you talking about? What command cards are wrong? Nothing has got reported to me.

    Edit I just went through all the A&V command cards there were 2 small typos. There were a few errors in the core that got fixed.



    I was using that site as my go to, until I found the card, Element of Surprise, didn't do what it said it did. So from then on I didn't know if I could trust anything until I got my real cards in the mail.


    I see now that Element of Surprise is accurate and so I am sure the other fixes mentioned resolved any other lingering issues. So I guess I will be back to IA Command! Thanks!!! :)


    Still wish I could find all these card images at least...squad and deck builder where are you??? lol

  3. Yes! That works perfect for a squad builder! Well not as many bells and whistles as I'd like and I see some mistakes on cards, but it works pretty well!


    Now where can I find all teh command cards?? IA Command has some cards wrong so now I don't even know what some cards do...:/

  4. Yeah I don't have the time or love necessary to get all the pics working on that thing...otherwise yes I suppose that would work..


    Anyone found anything new? I was at least assuming that a true squad builder for the army side would have been ready to go by now. Someone already built a functioning one for Armada...


    I wish I knew how to make this thing..I would have done a nice one by now..;( My skills are lacking..


    4. Armada again so I don't know enough.

    This ruling doesn't even really affect players since we don't provide the mats for the tournaments. Stores are going to enforce this, no one will be forced to buy these mats, things will continue on like they have been, and the sky isn't falling.



    Even without knowing Armada, you can understand the logic of the point. If XWing let you pre-measure every move then how are the playmats unfair? Armada lets you pre-measure.


    My point isn't the sky is falling, but rather the sky COULD start falling as evident by the guy who cancelled his Armada order, or the multiple other people upset about this OR acknowledging that they will be ignoring the rule...


    I think it's unfair that someone can go and memorize the two legal mats and use that to their advantage knowing they will be playing on them as opposed to the random seating at events. I have sent my e-mail and said my piece.


    FFG has so much momentum right now, but their OP department is basically brand new and they need to wake up before they destroy the fledgling empire they created with this upsetting decision.

  6. *Sigh*

    So has anyone emailed FFG about their concerns about the mat errata? It is the only loical thing to do and much better than freaking out and making everyone else angry too..

     Also yes we should flood the email box, BUT they also read the forums and seeing nerd rage back and forth in full bloom sometimes can speak more than e-mails that they might not read in detail or not be written clear enough to really open any eyes.

  7. Before I jump in too hard I want to point out that FFG has listened to united voices and some common sense (like the dials ruling) in the past so my hope is that even the casual player who this doesn't affect can still chip in and help overturn a rule that could sour this game's growing player base.


    I want to point out that the comments here are fairly divided between people feeling spit on and people not caring, because they fly casual. Even the most casual player has to realize this is a detrimental rule that could make the game and community lose steam. Players, TOs, stores, none of them are supporting this decision and every local store in my area has already said the rule will not be enforced there. BUT for anyone who wants to go to Regional's and above this becomes a very strange and clearly money driven hindrance.The fear of pre-measuring being the reason for this ruling is lunacy, because you can still pre-measure on their official surfaces (As supposedly Paul Heaver stated he did at World's last year, or so I've read in multiple places) or even the barren tabletop you will now be playing on potentially.


    Ok so some issues I have in general here. I have read the many different takes on this and here's a few key points:


    1. FFG could and most likely will NOT provide mats any longer at World's and Gencon moving forward AND the mats they provided were NOT the official FFG mats they are now selling.


    2. The Armada rulebook states you can use any surface such as felt, so where is the "This game needs to look awesome in pictures argument" when Armada is being played on cardboard or felt and XWings are flying around on white or brown tabletops surrounded by duct tape?


    3. FFG's Death Star mat is NOT tournament legal. SO only 1 of the 2 mats they released is actually tournament legal on top of all this news,


    Once again I already bought their official Death Star mat. Turns out I bought their illegal for tournament play option...I wish I wasn't so investing in this game or FFG's other products so I could better protest this, but wait the most obvious proof that this is lunacy and needs to be over-turned...


    4. Armada has pre-measuring and yet also states you need to use FFG official playmats for fairness.......(2 starfields makes a legal play surface as FFG points out.)


    Let that settle in and explain how this isn't a blatant cashgrab, with an insulting cover excuse of "fairness". This isn't fair to the loyal player community, stores, or the incoming players who have made this game and future games like Armada a success. Maybe fairness is the wrong word...did I mention how little the stores make on these over-priced playmats?


    Even if FAIR is the wrong word to describe what this is, there are no words to describe the feeling of being kicked, dragged through the mud, and spit on, while being kicked some more. Which is what FFG has done with their "Starfield Playmats" being the only legal playmats. The ONE playmat that wasn't selling out..


    Now can we please just use a common sense and unified voice to ensure the game we all love isn't negatively affected by this ruling that may or may not affect you, but invariably will affect someone.

  8. I felt the need to come over here and vent. The playmats being forced to be FFG brand is insane and it also applied to Armada. So now I need to buy 2 of their playmats? No.

    This is wrong and unprecedented. Really the kind of thing that should destroy the competitive player base or at least cause protest. It's not ok and is not a game balancing decision as stated by FFG.

    You are going to allow us to play on pieces of felt or material but not other companies playmats?

    I love Star Wars and FFG and the game, but this is the worst of bad decisions even if TOs don't enforce it, how does this impact Regionals, Nationals, Gencon, Worlds? Does FFG want their beautiful game played on felt or cardboard instead of nice playmats.

    Yes I bought a Death Star playmat and NO i do not want to have to drag it around for tournaments.

    I am posting this so in hopes that the forums are flooded by this topic to the point that FFG wakes up and realize this is an insane decision that threatens the amazing games and communities they have created.

  9. I purposely went out of my way to acquire the Ys for this nuild and I have run the 5 Ys with Autoblaster Turrets to some very strong results.


    The secret is flying the Ys very aggressively and blocking opponents. Flying through rocks and doing crazy red maneuvers constantly keeps the opponents from avoiding you too easily.


    I have flown it twice so far and beat a Fat Chiraneu with Soontir squad and a dual IG2000 squad. Both games I won at the 60 minute and 75 minute mark on points. This squad has the benefit of being very viable at both time limits since it's hard to kill in 60 and yet has the staying power to hang on through 75 and turn around a potential loss. Something that not all squads excel at.


    Yes it sucks rolling crits on the autoblaster shots, but the overall tankiness of the Ys keeps you in the game even with bad luck rolls. i had some issue tracking down quicker ships, BUT if you have all 5 Ys it is much easier to get shots on the arc dodgers. You need to go right at any dodgy ship right away with all 5 Ys before going against any slower targets to get best results.


    The biggest weakness I can forsee was the mentioned horrible match-up against any squad with multiple B Wings, especially 4 of them. Bs are great for the same tanky reasons and the autoblasters provide little benefit against them. It's not a totally lost cause though, but it would be a tricky match-up that I will need to formally play-test before I would commit to this as a tournament list.

  10. That link to the squad builder on BGG is the one I found, but it doesn't explain at all what the cards do or their abilities, it will work assuming you know what every card and figure does beforehand making it fairly unusable.


    Unless there's an update and/or I am missing something...

  11. Is there a good Army and Deck builder yet that will actually tell you what the cards do, figure abilities do, etc to aid in building Armies and your Command decks for Skirmish?


    There are several good ones for XWing, but I am surprised I can't find a decent one for IA yet. The few I found have no card images or descriptions of text so that doesn't help unless you already know what every card does and abilities are..etc..

  12. Thanks for the insights everyone! I very quickly remembered that I always play with my friend using all my stuff and ideally I will need second damage decks, objectives, commanders, etc...so the second core is a must purchase for me. Now the real problem..I barely had time for XWing, how am I going to make time for 3 Star Wars games with Imperial Assault Skirmish Tourneys finally starting and Armada finally dropping! AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGG! I need more time for Star Wars related activities...:(

  13. Has anyone found any leak as to the exact contents of the core set? I know there are some in the wild so I was expecting to see full spoilers by now...


    I am going to assume 2 Core Sets will be a smart purchase, BUT it might make more sense to spend that extra money on extra expansions instead so I was just wondering if anything has been spoiled yet.

  14. Yeah I originally created 1 card for each, but I instead made it so you can just double side. I just wanted the easiest to see option that still looked nice.


    I also included that alternate Rebel side that has a designed stripe on it, which maintains the sizing of each ship through-out for those of us with OCD of course. :)

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